What is Google Doodle? Find Out Interesting Things You May Not Know

What is Google Doodle? Find Out Interesting Things You May Not Know

In this article, G-Suite Blog will help you learn more about Google Doodle and its main uses, and review some impressive Google Doodles that you probably didn’t know!

What is Google Doodle?

Google Doodles are stylized images and icons instead of the stereotypical Google logo. These drawings represent historical figures who have made great contributions to society or special occasions and events depending on the country. To hit the right day, Google will change the short-term logo with the meaning of honor and remembrance.

What is Google Doodle? Find Out Interesting Things You May Not Know

It must be said that the Google Doodle design team has made careful research when the images are varied in many genres. With just the first look, viewers can also somewhat imagine what that character did? How do they contribute? Or what that holiday day is about?

However, viewers inevitably feel curious to click on those images to see the real meaning. Google integrates it very well when it helps users to understand more about history, people and past things.

In particular, Google Doodles are getting more and more elaborate when you can directly interact with them. Thought these were just static images, but Google turned them into animations and even an impressive game, making viewers even more “passionate”.

How to review past Google Doodles

Because Google Doodle only replaces Google’s official logo for a short period of time, it is inevitable to feel “regret” for the experiencer. Fortunately, all Google Doodles have been archived. You can visit the website HERE to search and look again!

Let’s take a look at some impressive Google Doodles

In this article, I also want to introduce to you some Google Doodle, in the form of an impressive interactive game that you can try. Make sure that the game, although simple, is very “difficult”!

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Magic Cat Academy Doodle

You will be transformed into a magical cat, fighting against the forces of darkness by quickly drawing special symbols that appear with evil ghosts. The game is designed with many contexts and difficulty levels, so you’ll be instantly caught up in the game without even knowing it!

  • Play Magic Cat Academy Doodle HERE.

Coding Rabbit

With a simple but colorful design, the game Coding Rabbit will quickly attract your attention. You will need to arrange a path for the rabbit to eat all the carrots by “programming” steps left, right, straight, loop. Because the number of steps is limited, you also need to think and think carefully.

  • Play Coding Rabbit HERE.

Quick, Draw!

With “Quick, Draw!” I guarantee that your drawing level will improve quickly! The game will give you 1 keyword and you just have to draw according to this given keyword. Google will automatically guess what you are drawing until it matches the keyword. Although I say that Google will guess, but if you don’t draw the right picture, it will still not be accepted!

  • Play Quick, Draw! HERE.

Doodle Champion Island Games

On the occasion of the recent Olympic Games in Japan, Google did not miss the opportunity to celebrate with a Google Doodle game.
The game simulates 7 sports such as table tennis, archery, skateboarding, mountain climbing, etc. when playing the role of a ninja cat competing with 4 teams of Japanese mascots. The game is designed in a 16-bit Japanese cartoon style.

  • Play Doodle Champion Island Games HERE.

Through this article, I hope that you have understood and experienced the interesting Google Doodle games that I have just shared. If you like, please share with everyone one of the Google Doodle that you find most impressive!

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