Illusion Connect Equipment Guide: Our Recommended Gears to Boost the Efficiency of Each Partner - Level Winner

Illusion Connect Equipment Guide: Our Recommended Gears to Boost the Efficiency of Each Partner – Level Winner

Illusion Connect Equipment Guide: Our Recommended Gears to Boost the Efficiency of Each Partner – Level Winner

Illusion connect how to equip gear

Since its global launch 4 months ago, superprism’s illusion connect technology continues to appeal to strategy RPG gamers and anime fans alike, maintaining its near-perfect average user review rating on both the apple app store like in google play store. Despite the plethora of vaguely similar games on the mobile gaming market, illusion connect expands its fan base and following with its ever-growing world and endless supply of events for old and new gamers alike.

If you’re just starting to dive into the world of dreams within illusion connect and want to kickstart your adventure, we recommend reading our detailed beginner’s guide. Our guide provides all the tools you need to ensure a firm understanding of the game’s mechanics and features, as well as helpful tips and strategies to speed up the elimination of the nightmares that stand in your way.

Whether or not you pick to re-pick the best radiants to partner with you on your journey, our illusion connect tier list can give you a solid idea on our picks for the best partners in the game. As always, our tier list is subjective and will no doubt differ from other tier lists, but at the very least it should be a good source of points to consider, especially for players just beginning their adventure.

With over 60 radiants to collect and upgrade, in conjunction with the maximum number of 10 partners on a team, the illusion connection sets players up for nearly endless possibilities when it comes to team composition. Since each character has different skill sets and classes, it can be an overwhelming experience choosing from your growing number of recruits which ones to consider as members of your team. If you’re having a hard time choosing between some of the radiants in your collection, our illusion connect team guide can give you some ideas on how to create a balanced and synergistic team roster for various game modes in the world of dreams.

illusion connect best equipment

Investing in the right partners, as well as having the right ones blended well enough into a team, are steps in the right direction. As effective as your radiant list may be when considering both tiers and team builds, it may still be a ways from the perfect setup, as the equipment you can equip on each companion contributes a lot to their performance in combat.

As such, our focus for this guide is on gears or teams for each partner you may have. For starters, it can be a challenge to have great gear for each Radiant you use on your team. eventually, though, you’ll get better gears to choose from. Just like the partners themselves, gears are covered by a rarity system. while ssr-grade items are expected to have superior stats and effects, sr-grade equivalents will often do the job just fine. however, for grade r gears, they will almost certainly be replaced soon enough and won’t be worth the investment.

To keep it simple, we’ll provide our gear recommendations in units per class. While we’ll naturally be keeping an eye on specific radiants in the discussion, be sure to keep an open mind about how each recommended piece of equipment will be equally suited to other radiants not mentioned in the guide.

attackers – raw damage

[weapon – butterfly catcher, armor – butterfly wicker shirt, boots – falling butterfly, accessory – fire shawl]

attackers raw damage illusion connect

Attackers have a vital role in the illusion connection considering most of them are trusted to be the boss killers. attackers generally specialize in dealing high damage to a single target, so they are usually deployed to attack important targets. Since attackers don’t have much defense either, timing their deployment can be essential to their utilization, but there are also several ways to keep them on the field.

Basically, what you would want from your designated attacker(s) is to boost their offense as much as you can. gears that provide a direct boost to the attack should be the priority. As simple and straightforward as it sounds, ensuring your attacker unleashes as much damage as he can is the top priority.

Butterfly Hunter is the perfect weapon for attackers built to deal pure damage. comes with the usual 1-8% attack bonus plus 1-8% bonus damage to the enemy leader, depending on upgrade level. while sakura yukata and scarlet cuirass are equally suitable, we prefer the butterfly rattan shirt which increases damage resistance when at full health. sakura rain and scarlet warboots are excellent boots for attackers, though at a higher gear level we chose to go with the flying butterfly and its 5-35% chance to restore 100 rage. Finally, the burning shawl’s attack increase and critical damage increase after killing an enemy is our top pick for the accessory. heartfelt prayer and the rocking wine glass are also viable options.

kasumi, maki, hersey, saya and gigi are the most suitable attackers for this build.

attackers: critical rate

[Weapon – Dragon’s Howl, Armor – Sakura Yukata, Boots – Keystone of Victory, Accessory – Fire Shawl]

attackers critical rate illusion connect

While some radiants in illusion connect have more raw attack power than others within their class, some have intrinsic abilities or abilities that make them glow brighter the higher their critical rating and critical damage. While compounding critical rates and damage naturally still depends on chance and chance, there are plenty of gears to increase a teammate’s critical rate and effectively increase the chances of a critical hit.

There are numerous ways to create an attacker who excels at landing critical hits, and you can mix and match different gears based on the total rate of critical hits your radiant has racked up. Our top pick for the weapon is Dragon’s Howl as it provides an attack boost and a 2-15% critical rate increase in battle. bloodsucker is a secondary option, while the inverted blade increases critical damage. this means you can go for the latter if your critical rating is high enough.

sakura yukata increases defense and reduces damage from aoe attacks. we prefer to go with keystone of victory for boots with its 75% chance to increase crit rate with each action. again if the companion has a high enough crit rate then sakura rain will be the best option as it increases crit power. we prefer to go with a fiery shawl as an accessory for attack boost and increased critical rate from 2 to 15% after knocking down an enemy. if the accessory slot is your means of increasing crit rate to opt for alternate gears in other slots, then heartfelt prayer is the viable option. edward, pan, kasumi, and mei can all be built to have high critical rates.

attackers – lifesteal

[Weapon – Nightmare Hunter, Armor – Uniform of Justice, Boots – Rhythm March, Accessory – Rocking Wine Glass]

attackers lifesteal illusion connect

Since attackers generally don’t exhibit high defense stats, the importance of only deploying them to pick off valuable targets is because doing so a little early can cause them to die before they can claw their intended targets. while you’ll naturally have defenders and healers, a self-sufficient attacker can still be a decent play for extra defense. With this in mind, a life-stealing attacker can be seen as a suitable build.

Nightmare Hunter is the best choice for a lifestealer’s weapon, with its attack boost and 1-8% lifesteal in battle. For armor, we went with the Uniform of Justice, which increases defense by 2-15% when the partner’s hp exceeds 50% and changes the attack bonus if the hp drops below 50%. Rhythm March works the same way, granting a defense boost if HP is more than half, and switches to increased critical damage when it falls below 50%. the swinging wine glass is the only accessory that grants 1-8% lifesteal in battle and adds to the attack boost.

gemmy and yume are best suited for the life-stealing attacker build.

guardians – tank

[weapon – rose, armor – knight oath armor, boots – knight dress boots, accessory – jeweled crown]

guardians tank illusion connect

Having a strong defender in any team composition is vital to not only amplifying the survivability of the entire team, but especially keeping the leader alive. For the most part, defenders are deployed in the front row and take the majority of damage from enemy attacks. this basic strategy will often see the defender protecting most, if not all, teammates while he or she is on the field.

In this sense, it is also essential to consider going for more defense and hp and, at the same time, capitalize on blocking opportunities. while the sandstorm shirt is also viable armor for tanks, giving them a chance to stun whoever attacks them, consider knight oath armor with a 50% chance to increase damage resistance it’s a simpler and more effective approach overall.

As a full tank, defenders can’t fully rely on the improved defense stats. Being able to take damage down and not rely too heavily on healers is an important trait for any tank to have, and for this build blocking becomes an important skill.

Pink comes with a 1-8% defense boost and a 2-15% block in battle. We prefer Knight Oath armor for the tank with its 50% chance to increase damage resistance by 2-15% for 2 rounds after being attacked. the sandstorm shirt and blue armor are also decent considerations for armor, if you prefer defense plus stun chance or hp plus defense boost when attacked, respectively.

Knight Dress Boots increase maximum health from 1 to 8% and grant a block rate from 2 to 15%. Pharaoh’s Boots are also a viable alternative with their 75% chance to increase block rate by 2-15% stacking with each action. the jeweled crown grants the same amount of block rate and gives the tank a hp restore of 1-8% of max hp each time blocks are triggered.

angela, selena, annie, kiraya and victoria can be trained to become highly effective tanks.

guardians – reflected damage

[weapon – emerald heart, armor – knightly poise, boots – go, accessory – ghost lamp]

guardians damage reflect illusion connect

If your team is more solidly built and a defender can be allowed to contribute more to dealing damage to opponents, then going for a defender designed to reflect damage back to opponents is a feasible option for you.


Unsurprisingly, your defender in this case won’t be as tough as one built to be a pure tank, but even small amounts of reflected damage can have their advantages in combat. emerald heart provides 1-8% damage reflection on top of max hp increase. knight bearing works exactly the same.

go provides increased hp as well as 0.5 to 4% hp regen. Alternatively, you can opt for divine boots, which restore double the hp whenever the guardian’s hp drops below the 50% mark. the ghost lamp completes the reflection equipment set with a damage reflection of 1 to 8%. the royal cloak and holy crown each provide an hp shield, which works well as substitutes.

camille, selena, kiraya, angela and victoria can be considered for this compilation.

healers – pure healing

[Weapon – Coffin of Protection, Armor – Holy Rose, Boots – Boots of Praise, Accessory – Silver Necklace]

healers pure heal illusion connect

The most efficient builds in each class in illusion connect, like many other strategy RPGs, stick to the basics. Allowing attackers to have that much of a boost in their attack stats and having guardians build up their defense are strong examples. For healers, you should primarily consider boosting the effects of their healing abilities.

Healers should also be deployed in combat strategically and often towards the back end of the round. in many cases, their initial healing ability should suffice as a testament to their usefulness, but if you manage to keep them around longer, the additional health replenishment is also appreciated. while you can create healers differently enough to increase their offensive or defensive strength, going for their primary role should be the basic way to do it.

While Wondrous Pocket Watch, White Vow, and Angel’s Song are also viable options for a Pure Healer build, we prefer to equip the Coffin of Protection. The Coffin of Protection grants a 1-10% increased healing rate and also increases healing effects by 1-8% on allies with the lowest hitpoints with each healing ability used. For armor, the holy rose comes with a defense boost and grants a 50% chance to increase healing rate by 1-10% after taking attacks.

Boots of Praise provide a 75% chance to self-heal for 0.5-4% of the healer’s maximum health. silver necklace, again, increases healing rate from 1 to 10%. alternatively, you can opt for the angel rose ring as an accessory, as it restores 1-8% of attack as hp to the leader with each action.

anna, ming, and polly are the most effective healers for this build.

healers – heal and harm

[weapon – myoo wings, armor – bloody shirt, boots – boots of praise, accessory – phoenix goggles]

healers heal and damage illusion connect

While everyone on the field can feel the benefits of having a healer on your team, the most important units to keep alive are the Guardians and the Leader. at the same time, some healers don’t necessarily benefit much or not at all from higher healing rates, in which case having them contribute to the offense becomes a viable option.

myoo’s wings grant an attack increase from 1 to 8% and also reduce the target’s attack by the same percentage for 2 rounds. You can also go for the holy banner as a weapon as it increases the damage dealt to enemies with less than 30% hp. for armor, the bloody shirt provides defense and leaves a 50% chance for incoming attacks to restore 20 to 140 rage. Bonecloth can be a more defensive alternative with 2-15% increased damage resistance as long as health is above 70%.

Boots of Praise let each action taken have a 75% chance to replenish 0.5-4% health. alternatively, the witch’s dancing boots increase maximum power by 1-8%, allowing each action a 5-35% chance to silence a random enemy. Phoenix Goggles provide a max hp boost and increase the chance to cast special abilities from 1 to 8%. the sapphire hairpin also comes with a hp boost and each time a special ability is used, it increases the cast rate of the next one by 1-8%.

both jasmine and diana can be built to heal while also dealing damage. naturally, they still won’t deal as much damage as other units, but they can still contribute in addition to healing allies.

types of light – damage

[weapon – myoo wings, armor – phoenix petticoat, boots – go, accessory – phoenix goggles]

light types damage illusion connect

Light-type units are a unique class in the illusion connection, often providing support abilities to allies, but can also contribute to dealing damage. going with either is a plausible option and should depend on your team composition and the challenge at hand.

As light-type units don’t usually enjoy top priority when it comes to equipment in your collection, you’ll be expected to make use of the remaining equipment after you’ve picked the best ones for your main units. there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing gears for your Light-type units, but be sure to see how each one will sync up with the build you have in mind.

Although tyrfing seems much more fun for a light-type partner, with its ability to block fatal damage once and restore 3-22% hp, myoo’s wings are still our weapon of choice. the phoenix petticoat increases defense and also increases damage resistance rate by 2-15% when hp drops below the 50% mark. key protector is also an equally effective armor with a 1-10% recovery rate increase on top of the additional defense.

we prefer to go for the boots for the hp increase and additional hp regen per action. Pharaoh’s Boots can also be considered for their 75% chance to increase block rate by 2-15% after each action. Phoenix Goggles remain our choice of accessory, though Dark Tale may be a suitable alternative with its 75% chance to increase damage rate by 2-15% before an action.

phoebe and brooke are light type units that you can build to deal pure damage.

light types – support

[weapon – white queen, armor – knight oath armor, boots – pharaoh boots, accessory – holy cross]

light types support illusion connect

With the options to build your Light-type unit against either higher offensive strength or higher defensive capability, going with the latter becomes the obvious choice for a Light-type unit that stays on your team for its utility or support skills. if the chosen unit doesn’t really contribute much in terms of dealing damage or if their abilities greatly outweigh their damage, the best thing to do is make sure they stay on the field as long as possible.

For a light support build unit, the white queen stands as the best weapon, giving the companion a 2-15% block rate in combat. Knight’s Oath Armor is the chosen armor for the 50% chance to increase damage resistance. Pharaoh’s Boots increase block rate with a 75% chance. For the accessory, the holy cross is our go-to for the max hp increase and 5-35% chance to restore energy to allies.

alice and amon can be decent light-type units that can be built to be support types.

sorcerers – aoe damage

[weapon – staff of hope, armor – bloody shirt, boots – keystone of victory, accessory – phoenix goggles]

sorcerers aoe damage illusion connect

while attackers are the best units for dealing damage to single targets, casters are the best dps units in terms of overall damage since they have aoe damage. Just like the attackers and defenders on your roster, it’s important to prioritize casters in terms of equipment, regardless of how you build them.

While casters can exhibit control and support skills in addition to or in exchange for dealing more damage, you’ll generally want a simpler build and focus on damage. It can be a common feature of many teams to have more than 1 caster, but the main type is commonly built to deal damage over other builds.

The Staff of Hope is a simple weapon that grants an attack increase of 1-8%, as well as an area damage increase of 2-15%. staff of ceres is a cheaper alternative that only provides the aoe damage boost. the cursed sword also works well with an attack increase and rage reduction from 20 to 140 on enemies with more than 800 rage. defense and a 50% chance to gain 20 to 140 rage can sync well with the weapon and you can get it from a bloody shirt as armor. you can also opt for a bonecloth or nightmarish robe for additional defense.

For boots, Keystone of Victory gives you a 75% chance to increase your critical rate by 2-15% after each action. Phoenix Goggles come with a max hp boost and increase the cast rate of special abilities by 1-8%. For a more defensive alternative to the accessory, you can choose a swinging wine glass that grants 1-8% lifesteal on top of the bonus attack. .

yuffie, nicola, nina, rotania, rie, and fenebeth can be well suited to this setup.

sorcerers – crowd control

[weapon – now or never, armor – lava suit, boots – witch dance boots, accessory – phoenix goggles]

sorcerers crowd control illusion connect

While most casters in illusion connect specialize in dealing damage to groups of enemies, some of them naturally fall a bit behind in terms of damage output. Instead of equipping them with gears to increase their attacks and damage, another way to put them to good use is to use them for crowd control.

Equipping them with equipment that inflicts negative status effects on enemies will not decrease their value as damage dealers. instead, his area of ​​effect abilities will be used more with his damage along with the additional effects.

Now or Never comes with a 5-35% chance to silence a target for 1 round. alternatively, you can choose to equip the spear of ascalon for recovery rate reduction worth 2-15% in addition to the added attack. Our preferred armor is the Lava Suit, which increases defense by 1-8% and resistance to effects by 2-15% in battle. bloody shirt and bonecloth can serve as decent alternatives.

Witch’s Dance Boots provide a 5-35% chance to silence a random enemy with each action, which is a perfect complement to now or never. phoenix goggles are once again the accessory option.

fenebeth stands as the best choice for the crowd control caster build, though chiyo, rotania, mary, and yuffie are also decent considerations.

types of spells – damage

[weapon – staff of hope, armor – lava suit, boots – long crimson boots, accessory – phoenix goggles]

spell types damage illusion connect

Spell-type units work much like wizards, but they often have effects added to their attacks. while some spell-type companions also have high damage output, their attacks are generally lower than casters.

Investing in increasing the attack and area of ​​effect damage of spell types works well if they have high damage output to begin with. conversely, Spell-type units whose ability effects are much more valuable than the damage they deal are better suited for crowd control builds.

For a spell-type partner with more damage outputs, our weapon of choice is the staff of hope, which increases both attack and area damage. Another great weapon to look out for is the Ama no Murakumo, which can boost attack by 0.5-4% per enemy teammate on the opposing team. this can also stack up to 5 times. the lava suit is once again regarded as the armor of choice with its added defense and resistance to effects.

Crimson Long Boots are the boots of choice to boost maximum power and damage reduction. once again, phoenix goggles are our top choice as an accessory.

miyuki, rikia, and beatrice can be built as spell-type units that focus on damage.

spell types – crowd control

[Weapon – Fortune Teller, Armor – Bone Cloth, Boots – Praise Boots, Accessory – Clever Headband]

spell types crowd control illusion connect

with the usual priority of caster gear over spell-type teammates on the team, there is potentially a wide variety of suitable gear that you can equip on spell-type radiants but are used by other characters. in this sense, what matters is that you can use other gears for them in such a way that they can still have value on the team with the damage increase out of the question.

Since some spell-type teammates have abilities built more for crowd control, or just aren’t up to the task when it comes to competing with others damage-wise, the most viable way to best utilize them is with gears that contribute to weakening enemies in groups at once.

For crowd control builds, the fortune caller stands as the best weapon to consider with its rage reduction from 10 to 80 in addition to attack boost. going with bonecloth can give the companion increased damage resistance worth 2-15% if hp is above 70%. Boots of Praise increases survivability with a 75% chance to replenish 0.4 to 4% health with each action. the smart headband increases the success rate of the effect between 2 and 15%.

Although miyuki can also work as a controller, it’s best to consider rikia and beatrice for the role, as miyuki is the best spell type that deals radiant damage on illusion connection.

summoners – attack

[weapon – dreamcatcher, armor – scarlet breastplate, boots – falling butterfly, accessory – bagua belt]

summoners attack illusion connect

Summoners in illusion connect are inherently a unique class in that each one plays differently from the others. If you’ve read our list of illusion connect tiers, you’ll notice that we can’t consider a summon type unit for tier s as long as there are representatives of all other classes. When it comes to team prioritization, summon-type units are, in most cases, among the least prioritized.

Summon-type radiants can primarily provide cannon fodder or fillers on an empty field, but each also offers different ability effects. since some can stray more into dealing damage to enemies, you can capitalize on that and build your summoner to be an offensive type.

Our weapon of choice for an offensive summoner is the dreamcatcher, which increases attack by 1-8% and slows the target by 2-15% for 2 rounds with its attacks. Lance of Ascalon can also be considered for its cooldown reduction effect on its targets. the scarlet breastplate is the best armor for this build because of its boost on attack after an incoming attack.

our pick for boots is the butterfly drop for the 5% to 35% chance each action will replenish 100 rage. the bagua belt is best for attack boost and 5-35% chance to restore 1 energy to each ally at the start of battle. you can also opt for a cheaper party skin to boost the attack.

ashwaya, gagaku, flora, and frantiva are all decent candidates to consider for this build type.

summoners – defense

[weapon – fairy tale doll, armor – distant memories, boots – falling butterfly, accessory – santa cruz]

summoners defense illusion connect

If your summon type partner provides more value for the buff it provides, then increasing survivability should be the tactic of choice. basically it’s about setting up your summoner to either contribute damage or stay on the field as long as possible, so if you choose the latter, then equip equipment that contributes to increased defense.

The Fairy Tale Doll grants an attack boost and also provides a 1-8% health increase to summoned creatures. Distant Memories provide a 1-8% defense boost and also increase block rate by 2-15%. for boots, the falling butterfly can grant the companion more hp and a 5-35% chance each action will generate 100 rage. The Holy Cross is our go-to accessory of choice, giving the wearer a 1-8% increased health and a 5-35% chance to restore allies’ energy upon death. In select situations, the divine crystal may be the best choice for the 1-8% hp shield it can cast on the leader upon the user’s death. ann, the enforcers, frantiva and flora can be considered for this build.

and this concludes our equipment guide for illusion connect. We hope you’ve picked up a lot of ideas from the sample builds we’ve shared, and more importantly, picked up tips on how to equip the rest of the radiants we didn’t cite as an example. illusion connect will most likely introduce more content in future updates, which may mean having new radiants and more gear. If you have a set of gear for your favorite partners or class creations you’d like to share, we’re very interested in hearing from you, so don’t panic and leave a comment below!

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