How to remotely control a Chromebook from another computer - About Chromebooks

How to remotely control a Chromebook from another computer – About Chromebooks

Chromebooks have long supported remote desktop access to other computers. just install the remote desktop chrome extension, follow the instructions and you’re good to go. but a common question I get, mostly for troubleshooting purposes, is: how do I remote control a chromebook from another computer?

chrome remote desktop is still part of the equation here. but so is a special url if you don’t have or don’t want to install the extension. technically i think the extension is a progressive web app that uses this url.

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simply go to using chrome browser from a computer and you will see a web version of the extension.

Here I am doing this on a windows pc. the person with a chromebook wants to replicate your steps here and see the same url.

Remote desktop site from Windows PC

PC view

You’re greeted with two menu options and you’d think you want Remote Access.

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Instead, choose remote support to see this screen. note that the remote chromebook must also perform this step.

PC view

See the “Connect to another computer” section?

that’s what you want on your chromebook. and the chromebook user wants to click the “share this screen” option, which generates a unique passcode on their chromebook, as shown in the image below.

Chromebook view

The code generated on the Chromebook is the key to the kingdom here.

the chromebook user must provide that code to the computer user, who then enters the code on the computer:

PC view
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Once the code is entered on the computer, click the Connect button.

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which will generate a request to the chromebook; once the access request is accepted on the chromebook, you will have remote control access.

Chromebook view

Either user can terminate remote control access at any time. And if a new session is required, the same steps apply. Of course, the access code will be different for each session.

Remotely control a Chromebook from a Windows PC

A PC on Wi-Fi controlling a Chromebook on an LTE connection

Note that I tested this between a Windows PC and a Chromebook that I was signed in with on Chrome and Chrome OS.

I also tried this with a chromebook my wife uses, which shows that you don’t have to have or share the same google account. additionally i tried with a chromebook connected via an lte hotspot and my computer on wi-fi.

worked perfectly in every situation and is a great way to troubleshoot chromebook remotely or educate chromeos users on how to use a chromebook.

One last thing to mention: I had occasional success using this method remotely controlling a chromebook from another chromebook. if that’s the problem you’re looking to solve, it may work for you. unfortunately my success rate was 50-50 so please let me know if you get better results.

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