Top 3 Ways to Record Adobe Connect Session Without Hassles

Top 3 Ways to Record Adobe Connect Session Without Hassles

record adobe connect sessionAdobe Connect is software from Adobe used for creating presentations. Also, it can be used for online training materials, web conferencing, and share your desktop with other users. It is built based on Adobe Flash. It has become a popular software among many for its excellent options to provide unlimited meeting rooms to hold video and audio conferences. But it is always good to have your online meetings and presentations recorded to share with your company members or for later viewing. For this purpose, we will offer the best solutions to record Adobe Connect webinar video sessions. You can find the answers to all your questions about capturing Adobe Connect meetings below.

record adobe connect using screen grabber premium

if you want to record adobe connect sessions with high quality, use acethinker screen grabber pro. It is one of the great screen recorders where you can record all your activities on your computer screen with ease and even record Netflix movies. in addition, you can get the audio from the system or from the microphone. With that, you don’t have to worry if the audio will be recorded. When you use your microphone, you will interact with other members in the saved Adobe Connect recording session. Apart from that, it supports many file formats like mp4, avi, wmv and more. To understand how to use it, follow the simple steps below.

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step 1 download and install the premium screen grabber on your computer

First, install acethinker screen grabber premium on your pc by clicking one of the “download” buttons provided above. Start the installation wizard and follow the instructions to complete the installation on your computer. after that, open it to see its interface.

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sgpremium interface

step 2 configure settings

then configure your settings by clicking the “three lines” at the top right of the interface. then select “preferences”. from here, you can see all the settings of the tool. you can change your recording settings according to your preferences: press “ok” to save the changes.

sgpremium set up settings

step 3 start recording video

once configured, press the “video recorder” button and then choose the desired recording mode, either full screen or custom. also, make sure “system sound” and “microphone” are turned on. press the “rec” button to start recording.

sgpremium record adobe

step 4 stop recording

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Once you have finished recording, press the “stop” button to stop the recording. a preview window will appear. from here, click the “save” button to save it to your computer.

sgpremium save adoberecording

record session with adobe connect built-in recorder

one of the best solutions for capturing video conferences and adobe connect sessions is adobe connect. It comes loaded with a built-in recorder. allows you to record all your online courses, online presentations or meetings without the need for additional software. Once you’ve completed the Adobe Connect to MP4 recording, you can give your meeting URL an easy-to-remember name, for example. you can save a meeting with the vice president of the company in June 2017 as “meeting-with-vice-president-jun17”. You can also share the meeting url with other team members. via email to view the meeting and get the necessary information or register where they belong. adobe connect record meeting is also available on your pc for future viewing.

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step 1 start adobe connect meeting

To start an adobe connect meeting, go to the adobe connect url. make sure you have a working internet connection and double check if your microphone is working; click meeting to start a meeting and add the necessary members for the meeting.

adobe connect step1

step 2 record adobe connect meeting

provide a name and description for the meeting. once the meeting starts, click the “record meeting” button to record the whole process. Once the meeting is complete, click the “stop recording” button to complete the recording process. change the meeting url to a more meaningful name. you can also save the video to your computer. To edit or change the video to cut out unnecessary parts, please press the “edit video” button.

adobe connect step2

record adobe connect meetings online for free

Last but not least, you can also opt for acethinker free online screen recorder. can provide you with a quick and easy solution to record any activity. As a result of using Adobe Connect Sessions, you can have a complete recording and download the recording software. this solution is well suited for you as it can be visited online and put to use right there. therefore it is compatible with both mac and windows os holders as the official website detects and adapts to the user’s tool. are you interested? then refer to the guides below.

step 1 open the acethinker page to record

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at first, you should start adobe connect. The window will appear where the session will take place and, therefore, will form the basis of the recording process. once you have adobe in front of you, visit the official free online screen recording website and click the “start recording” button.

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launch free screen recorder online

step 2 set all capture preferences

Before you start the actual burning, you should choose the options that best suit this type of burning process. in capture mode, you need to select regional recording. you can decide the frame that encompasses the adobe tool window, so everything that is done there will be captured. Also, in the audio settings, you need to choose a microphone that you want to include a voice comment or the system sound if you want to play a youtube video as background music during recording.

choose audio input

step 3 capture video from adobe connect

after the preferences you can start the recording and highlight the adobe tool window as mentioned. then all you need to do is the actual recording. you can make any annotations you want, with highlights and other notes to make it easier for you to remember the key points of the session. then once done, complete the capture and save the created video.



As you can see, there are many tools available that can be great partners for your need to record an Adobe Connect session. it’s up to you to choose a more flexible and expert tool or decide on a more comprehensive approach. In addition, you can have the offline acethinker tool with a multitude of valuable tool features at your fingertips.

free music recorder

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