Create a 3 part Instagram Post for Increased Engagement - Ivory Mix

Create a 3 part Instagram Post for Increased Engagement – Ivory Mix

Create a 3 part Instagram Post for Increased Engagement – Ivory Mix

How to make instagram posts connect

How to create a 3 part sliced instagram theme on your grid.Create 3 part Instagram post a grid collage your can use for your layout to create more engagement and interest. This is just one way to create a Grid Layout you can use now to make your Instagram Theme.

instagram is quickly becoming my favorite social media platform to engage with our audience. One of my favorite things to engage people, start conversations, and get people interested in the ivory mix is ​​to create a 3 part instagram post that spans the width of my instagram feed. Ever since I uploaded my first set of 3 photos, I’ve been getting messages and comments asking exactly how I do this. so i’ve decided to create a quick tutorial on how you can create a 3 part instagram post that will get people interested in your creativity and engaging with you.

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apps you can use to create a 3 part instagram post:

giant square app (iphone)

giant square is the first app that allows you to create big images, panoramic images and banners on instagram! Giant Square is also the first app that allows you to easily create great collages on Twitter! It also allows you to avoid cropping your images on instagram with our square editor that allows you to avoid cropping panoramic images when you upload them to instagram.

main features: 1) allows you to work with multiple images at the same time 2) is completely free to use all our features 3) has a unique tag maker to help number your images in your gallery 4) It gives you an advanced collage editor for instagram, twitter and facebook 5) It has a square editor!

create 3 part instagram post

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installations (android)

grids for instagram with this app you can crop your images into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids and directly upload them to instagram. main features: ★ crop any image into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids ★ high resolution images ★ post images directly to instagram ★ save to sd card ★ very simple and easy to use

create 3 part instagram post

photo grid (iphone)

photogrids app allows you to split(crop) your big rectangular photos into multiple square photos and upload them to instagram and impress your friends and profile page visitors.


1. You can make 5 types of grids: 3×5, 3×4, 3×3, 3×2 and 3×12. The app allows you to add fun overlays and different grid styles. 3. You can also apply different colors in overlays and grid styles. 4. zoom or move your photo 5. the app will suggest you to order so you can easily upload one by one image. 6. create big images and banner images on instagram. 7. photo grid is the quick and easy giant square maker

download now and have fun!

9square (android)

Main Features: ★ Crop any image into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids ★ High resolution images ★ Post images directly to Instagram ★ Save to SD card ★ Very simple and easy to use

tip: use the 9squareapp + canva to create a puzzle grid

Another cool option is to use two apps together to create those puzzle instagram grids you may have seen. I go deeper into how to do this here with a full tutorial.

want to make a 3 part grid without an app?

try this free desktop software:

photoscape or photoscapex (mac/win10)

The main feature you’ll want is called “splitter”: it helps you split a photo into several parts

desktop tools needed to create a 3 part instagram post:

  • camera or graphics software like
  • laptop or desktop
  • image editing software (I use a free tool called photoscape or photoscape x)
  • access to email on your laptop & on your smartphone
  • smartphone
  • instagram app

here is a video showing how the divider works in photoscape:

Step 1: Choose an image that looks good cropped at a 3 x 1 ratio:

Using your camera or, take or create an image you want to post on instagram. The image you choose should look good in a 3 x 1 ratio. This means it will be 3 times as wide as it is tall.

Step 2: Crop the image 3 x 1 and save a copy:

Using photo editing software on your laptop or desktop, you’ll want to crop the image to a 3 x 1 ratio. I’ve been using photoshop for at least 5 years to edit all my photos. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just discovered that your software has many of the tools I need to add filters, crop, retouch and more.

3 part instagram post

The 3 x 1 ratio I used each time is 1000 pixels by 333 pixels. see the screenshot image below to see what I mean.


step 3: use the image splitter to divide the newly cropped image into 3 equal parts:

I’m not sure about any other software and if they have the ability to split, but photoscape has a specific splitting tool for this function.

3 part instagram post

once the splitter is open, you’ll want to add the photo you just cropped to a 3 x 1 ratio. then tell the split tool that you want this image to be split into 3 different images widthwise and only 1 image high. see the screenshot below to see more about what I mean.

3 part instagram post

step 4: save your images in the order you will upload them

the trick with the 3 part instagram post is to make sure you upload the 3 images in reverse order. once you’ve saved the individual split images to your computer, you’ll want to rename them in the order you’ll load them to reduce any confusion when you go to load them. If you’re the kind of person who schedules your instagram posts a few days in advance, then renaming your image files in the order you want to upload them will come in handy so you don’t forget.

3 part instagram post

Step 5: Email your images to yourself with the caption and any hashtags you want to use.

I’ve tried using instagram scheduling apps, but haven’t found one that I’m very happy with yet. That said, you can always email your images and post captions with your hashtags, and reference the email whenever you want (using your email app on your phone) on the day you want to upload them to Instagram. if I’m scheduling my posts for the week, it might send me 7 emails.

3 part instagram post

Step 6: Download the images and copy/paste the text.

When it’s time to upload your 3 part instagram post, you’ll simply download the images from your email and copy and paste the text for immediate use.

3 part instagram post

start uploading your images in the correct order. you’ll want to post them consecutively (one right after the other). don’t forget to use the text you copied from your email to post with each image. I like to encourage people to view my profile for the full picture. this helps people access your entire instagram feed and from there they are more likely to click the follow button and like or comment on more images from your feed.

3 part instagram post

Step 7: See how your followers, likes, and comments come in long after you’ve posted

one of the best reasons to make a 3 part instagram post every few days is because it shows the interest of new followers when they look at your feed. people seem to feel something when they see them and will keep commenting and liking your old 3-part posts long after you post them.

have fun with this! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

need design help with this?

tget this free template and theme created for you on canva.

Download 2 free puzzle grid canva templates for instagram theme

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