How to Play YouTube in Car Audio System: Music & Video

How to Play YouTube in Car Audio System: Music & Video

playing youtube on car stereo is reasonably easy for music, but tricky for videos. for music all you need is youtube music app. but for videos, you will usually need to download third-party apps.

how to play youtube on car stereo?

playing youtube through your car stereo will depend on if you just want to listen to music or if you want to watch full videos.

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as we have discussed, it is much easier to play music from youtube on your car stereo than videos, so we have divided this article into these two options.

Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but it is recommended that you do not watch youtube videos while driving. It’s not only dangerous, but it could get you into legal trouble.

how to play youtube on car audio system – music only

Playing music in your car through the car audio system is easy. it would be better if it had the following:

  • internet connection (unless you use youtube premium)
  • a smartphone
  • the youtube music app (not the normal youtube app )
  • a way to connect your phone via: usb, aux, bluetooth or wirelessly.

To download the youtube music app, visit the apple app store or google play store, depending on your smartphone device.

  1. once you have the youtube music app, log in and follow the instructions until you get to the music player home screen.
  2. connect your device to your stereo auto via the usual method. this could be via aux, usb, bluetooth. if it is wireless carplay / andriod auto, you will need to have youtube premium.
  3. play the desired music and enjoy, although you may have to deal with the odd ad.
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playing youtube in car - iphone lock screen

playing youtube in car – iphone lock screen

While we don’t recommend this if you’re concerned about data usage or advertisements, you could use a YouTube video downloader and listen to music that way rather than via the YouTube music app.

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one of the best apps for iphone is video saver pro+. similar apps are available for android.

play youtube music on carplay or andriod auto

YouTube Music CarPlay (and Android Auto) app is only available if you are a YouTube Premium subscriber. (currently $11.99 per month).

then if you want to be able to play with this method, you will have to pay. there are other carplay music apps available if you decide not to. A similar app is Amazon Music CarPlay.

Other devices that are restricted to youtube premium members include:

  • sonos wireless speakers
  • android watch
  • streaming to audio-only devices
  • waze app
  • google maps

how to play youtube through bluetooth car stereo

playing youtube via bluetooth in a car is very similar to the process described above, except you will be connecting via bluetooth on your phone and stereo.

how to play youtube on car audio system: video

It’s more game-changing to play youtube videos through your car stereo, and it’s probably better to watch them on your mobile phone instead of the head unit.

especially for iphone users!

but if you want to do that, you’ll need the following:

  • internet connection (unless youtube premium)
  • smartphone
  • youtube app
  • android car stereo or android head unit
  • auxiliary cable, usb or bluetooth
  • auto android app or car stream app
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you have to install android auto app downloader (aaad), which allows you to install more apps like carstream, fermata, screen2auto. These apps will allow you to mirror your device to the car’s infotainment system.

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you can see the process below:


for ios users (aka iphone users), it’s more challenging, but the top 4 options include:

  • installing an andriod head unit/stereo
  • using a web link
  • using a screen mirroring adapter (aftermarket stereo).
  • using a jailbroken iphone

The process is a bit more complicated, but it is described in the following video:

If you have a factory head unit, it will be difficult to follow any of the suggestions.

There are options to jailbreak your iphone, which will allow you to watch youtube, but this is not recommended for most people due to the complexity and it could void your phone’s warranty.

stereo without head unit

2009 Mazda 6 dash

2009 Mazda 6 dash

Using a basic car stereo with no screen will obviously not allow you to watch YouTube videos through it. However, if you connect using USB, AUX or Bluetooth, you should still be able to listen to the YouTube video.

if you don’t have youtube premium or the youtube music app, your phone will need to be constantly connected to the internet and with the screen on (possibly by adjusting your lock settings); otherwise the sound will be muted when the phone locks.

final thoughts

if you have an android or iphone and your car has some kind of stereo, you can play audio from youtube on your car stereo.

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It can be more complicated to physically view youtube videos through your stereo, but it is often possible with the right technical knowledge.

hopefully now you can enjoy youtube videos on the go. when stopped, of course.

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