How to Use AdSense for YouTube[2021]

How to Use AdSense for YouTube[2021]

How to Use AdSense for YouTube[2021]

How to connect youtube to adsense

Now, since your youtube channel has a large number of subscribers and views, you start thinking about making money using youtube adsense. However, do you really know youtube adsense very well? or even, do you know what it is exactly? So that you can understand it better and make money, we have rounded up all the information here to explain the basics of Adsense to you. keep reading to learn more!

  • part 1: what is adsense
  • part 2: how to link a youtube account to adsense
  • part 3: how to use adsense for youtube

part 1: what is adsense?

You may have noticed various ads displayed on videos on various social platforms. adsense is a part of google that is responsible for placing such ads on videos. you can login directly from youtube account.

When you want to place an ad, you can post it to various mediums through adsense. As an advertiser, you can publish anything in videos, images or texts on the websites and pay per impression or per click or per conversion.

Having a youtube adsense account or your website connected to an adsense account can help you earn money when google places ads on your channel.

Don’t worry, creating a google adsense account is free and when you create one, your youtube channel or website gets free eligibility for google ads. you just need to copy some code and paste it to get started. Adsense returns calculation is based on pay per click or pay per impression. however, if you want to get paid, you must first set up an adsense account.

part 2: how to link a youtube account to adsense

step 1: link youtube account to adsense

    • click configure youtube adsense or from the monetization option, click configure adsense option for your channel. press next. you will be directed to the adsense sign up page.
    • select your email account you want to sign up with. you can also register with an existing id or create a new one

    adsense sign up

      • in case you are using your existing email then login to youtube adsense with the same id. once you have registered, fill in the personal data form with information such as address, name, etc.
      • while filling in your beneficiary name, be very careful and fill in exactly as in the name of your bank account .

      adsense fill form

      • submit the form. Your application is reviewed and can be processed from 2-3 hours to a few days depending on the quality of your channel and google adsense.

      step 2: enable monetization

        • click my channel from the menu option. then click monetization to monetize your videos
        • from monetization, click the monetize videos option to select the type of ads to monetize the video content or your channel.

        adsense monetization

          • You can also monetize videos individually by selecting the one you like from the video manager segment if you don’t want to monetize all videos at once.
          • click monetize from the action dropdown menu. select the type of ad according to your desire. press the monetize button.

          adsense video type

          • if you need to change the monetization settings for a specific video, please edit it from the video manager or click the dollar icon.
          • to edit, click the monetization option and select monetize with ads. select the ad format to monetize the particular video. save the changes made.

          part 3: how to use adsense for youtube

          1. find your money on adsense

          Intuitively, many youtube creators think that the first thing they see when they open adsense should be their daily earnings. This is not the case. In addition to how much money you’ve made, Adsense keeps track of a lot of things that the average YouTuber won’t find useful. Getting to a report on your daily earnings actually requires a bit of navigation.

          first, click on the performance report near the top of your screen in adsense. on the next page there will be a drop down menu that says days. click on that menu and change it to products.

          under products, scroll down until you get to a chart where there are two options: hosted adsense for content and adsense for content. adsense for content relates to a personal website. to get information about your youtube channel, click on hosted adsense for content.

          adsense performance report

          The next page is a report of how much money you have earned by monetizing your youtube channel. your earnings will be organized by date. The money you see in this report has already had the 45% youtube commission deducted.

          2. How are my earnings determined?

          The amount of money you earn through adsense depends on your cpms and epms. cpm is an acronym for “cost per thousand” and indicates how much money an advertiser is paying for 1,000 impressions of an ad. rpm is your revenue per 1000 impressions.

          many youtubers new to adsense assume that “per thousand impressions” means “per thousand views”, and that is incorrect. aside from the fact that not all views are monetized, impressions are not views. are ad clicks. For long, skippable video ads, an “impression” is when a viewer watches the ad through to the end instead of skipping it.

          cpms vary depending on the type of ad, where it’s running, and current advertising trends. Advertisers pay more for certain types of ads or for ad space on more popular videos. Beware of MCN scams that claim they can guarantee you a certain CPM; they can not. YouTube’s system automatically determines which ads are shown on your videos and depends on factors like how you’ve categorized your videos and how many views they have.

          3. how do i get paid?

          There are five different ways to get paid through AdSense: Check, Western Union Quick Cash, Bank Transfer, Quick or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Adsense will usually begin the process of paying out your monthly earnings on the 21st of the following month. how long it takes to receive your money after that depends on your payment method.

          Using western union fast cash you can pick up your cash at your western union branch the same day.

          efts will receive your money within seven business days after the 21st.

          checks can take two to four weeks to arrive in the mail.

          bank transfers and fast transfers can take up to 15 days each.

          adsense payment

          To get paid, you’ll need to earn enough to meet the payout threshold, which is $100. So if you only make $5 in a month, you shouldn’t expect to get paid for that month. you will receive your first payment after earning $100.


          make money with youtube adsense is one of the best means that is reliable, easy to use and better than any other way to generate money. With Adsense, you can create various sizes and types of ad units to add to your website. Google fills those ad slots with content and traffic relevant to your site. there are also some youtubers influencer marketing platforms like influenex which allows youtubers to learn about their own channels, their competitors’ channels and join the platform to build relationship with brands.

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