How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi | Setup Guide - Driver Easy

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi | Setup Guide – Driver Easy

New technologies have made your hp printer smarter than ever, making printing easy and convenient. From now on, you can print anything anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can print documents from your mobile devices. Are you looking for how to connect your hp printer to Wi-Fi? start from here and start a joyous journey of easy printing.

you have 4 options to connect your hp printer to wifi:

Reading: How to connect your hp printer

  1. hp auto wireless connect
  2. wireless setup wizard
  3. wps push button connect
  4. connect your hp printer without a router

method 1: hp auto wireless connection

hp auto wireless connect allows you to connect your printer to your wireless network automatically. you do not need to connect any cables or enter your wireless network settings, such as your network name or password.

To use this option, you must first install the software for your printer.

  • Go to the hp support page to download the software and enter your printer model. Please download the driver according to your operating system and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.
  • turn on your printer and run the software.
  • When prompted for the type of network connection (ethernet/wireless), choose wireless, and then click yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended). ).

wait for your printer to connect. this may take a few minutes. when you’re done, just click finish. now your hp printer is ready for a print job.

method 2: wireless setup wizard

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You can connect your hp printer to Wi-Fi using the Wireless Setup Wizard in your printer’s control panel. This method applies only to the hp graphic display printer.

  • turn on your printer.
  • disconnect all usb or ethernet cables from your printer.
  • From your printer’s control panel, tap the wireless icon or go to the network menu.
  • select wireless setup and then tap wireless setup wizard.
  • Browse your network and enter the wep or wpa key, then click ok.
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method 3: wps connection button

If both your router and hp printer support wps (wi-fi protected setup) push button mode, you can simply connect your printer to wi-fi just by pressing your printer and router in 2 minutes.

  • Step 1: Press the wps button on your printer.

WPS button on your printer

If there’s no physical push button on your printer, you can go to the control panel to start the WPS pushbutton mode. Tap the Wireless menu, then click Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. Select the WPS Button option. Then you’ll be prompted to press the WPS button on your router.

  • Step 2: Press the wps button on your router within 2 minutes.

Router WPS button

Method 4: Connect your HP Printer without a router

You don’t actually need an internet connection to finish your print job. wi-fi direct™ and hp wireless direct let you print documents directly from your smartphones, tablets, or computers. all you need to do is connect your device to the printer’s hp wifi like any other wireless network.

wi-fi direct or hp wireless direct?

Both features allow your devices to connect to your printer directly, but there are some differences between them. for example, wi-fi direct allows your devices to maintain an internet connection simultaneously. however, you cannot access the network with hp wireless direct.

how to connect to wi-fi direct or hp wireless direct?

  • Step 1: Turn on hp wireless direct or wi-fi direct from the printer control panel. From the printer control panel, touch the hp wireless direct icon, or go to the network settings or wireless settings menu and touch wireless direct >, and then turn on the connection.
  • Step 2: On your computer or mobile device, connect to wi-fi direct or hp wireless direct the same way you would any other wireless network .
  • step 3 – you will be prompted for a wpa2 password if you are using wi-fi direct or hp wireless direct in security.
  • Step 4: On your computer, open a document or photo on your computer or mobile device and click file> print.
  • for mobile devices, just tap print from an app menu. If the app doesn’t support printing, you’ll need to install the latest version of the hp printer service plug-in app.
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extra tip

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If your hp printer is having a connection problem or common printing problems like not printing, the first thing you can always try is to update your hp printer driver.

As a translator for your computer and printer, the drivers interact closely with each other. therefore, things can go wrong if the driver is outdated or corrupted.

option 1: Manually update your printer driver

To update your driver, you can go to hp support for software & driver download to get the latest and correct driver and install it manually.

option 2: Automatically update your printer driver

If you don’t have the time, patience, or computer skills to update your video and monitor drivers manually, you can do it automatically with driver easy: driver easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your exact hp wireless printer.

  • Step 1: download and install the driver easily.
  • step 2: run driver easy and click the scan now button. driver easy will then scan your computer and detect any problematic drivers.

Driver Easy Scan Now

  • Step 3: Click Update button next to the HP printer driver to automatically download the correct version of that driver, then you can manually install it (you can do this with the FREE version).
  • or click update all to automatically download and install the correct version of all missing or outdated drivers on your system. (This requires the pro version which comes with full support and a 30 day money back guarantee. You will be prompted to upgrade when you make click update all).
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Update HP printers with Driver Easy

  • Step 4: After updating the drivers, you’d better perform a restart for the changes to take effect.

Did you find the above methods useful? Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. ?

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