How To Connect Yolo To Snapchat and Other Questions Answered

How To Connect Yolo To Snapchat and Other Questions Answered

How To Connect Yolo To Snapchat and Other Questions Answered

How to connect yolo to snapchat

There is a new app dominating the list of top free apps on the app store called yolo. The app is only a week old, but it has already become very popular with snapchat users who add yolo to their accounts.

Since the app was introduced to the app store on May 2, there have been some updates to fix bugs and allow users to update their bitmoji in the app as well. is an anonymous question app that allows users to share a link with their followers to ask questions anonymously. “share your link and let your friends tell you what they think. reply directly in your stories!” says the description of the application.

The application already has more than 50,000 reviews that culminated in a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the application store and is only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models, but not for Android.

what is yolo on snapchat?

yolo is an app that allows users to post questions on their snapchat and receive anonymous responses. Messages can come from online friends or from a broader audience, depending on users’ Snapchat privacy settings. is the first app built with snapkit, snapchat’s software creation platform.

how to connect yolo to snapchat:

Basically, the app allows users to log in with their snapchat account and then add stickers to their stories with questions people ask with the app. Once they’ve downloaded it, they can open the app and log in with their snapchat credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you can hit “continue” then “receive anonymous messages” and select to allow notifications, this will open snapchat and you can swipe up on the app and select your story. From there, they can open the Yolo app and start seeing the questions people are asking. when they hit “reply” it will open snapchat again and allow them to take a picture and post it to their story.

can you share yolo’s answers on snapchat?

yes. Answers to yolo questions posted to your snapchat story will appear in the yolo app. here you can write a reply and click “reply” or just click “reply”. this will open snapchat. There you can add a video or image to accompany your Yolo written response, or record a response on the Snapchat app. It’s very similar to the instagram “question” option in instagram stories.

what are yolo’s policies?

When users sign up for the app and connect it with their snapchat account, they must agree to the app’s policies that prohibit abusive behavior in the app.

“By using yolo, you agree to the terms of service (eula) and privacy policy. yolo does not tolerate objectionable content from abusive users. Any inappropriate use will be prohibited,” reads the notice that users must accept. before they can use the app.

some snapchat users already noticed that people were using the app with bad intentions, saying bad things or asking bad questions.

yolo is anonymous? share your identity?

some websites claim to show users who asked anonymous yolo questions, but they don’t actually work. online hacks and tricks do not end up revealing who asked the questions and users are simply exposed to being hacked or revealing personal information.

The quiz app keeps those who ask questions completely anonymous with no way around it starting a week after it was created.

is there a yolo app for android?

yolo app is not currently available for android.

some users loved the new addition to snapchat, while others didn’t like the idea.

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