Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum | yeedi app | Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum setup

Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum | yeedi app | Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum setup

reviewing the yeedi k650 vacuum cleaner

Today people are lonely, without friends, family and other relatives with whom they once shared their lives. so, to avoid that loneliness, they choose to have a pet that sticks with them for 10 or 15 years of their lives. But along with the purchase of a pet (mainly dogs and cats) it also comes with responsibilities. duty to clean them, the house and the home environment as well. To get your job done smoothly, the Yeedi K650 has arrived to deliver elite service. The wi-fi controlled smart robotic vacuum cleaner obeys all commands given by the owner on a daily basis.

even if they are not at home, yeedi does his job cleaning the whole house and every corner of it, where human hands cannot reach. The vacuum sucks up all the dust, pet hair, small plastics, debris, etc. inside the container, all over the house in no time. She moves around the house via the provided wheels, ignoring all the obstacles that get in her way. The K650 is controlled by app, you can also control it via “Alexa” voice command. order to start and pause the job at any time you want. even schedule the times of when, where and how many times you want me to clean the house completely.

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mobile application for yeedi k650 robot vacuum cleaner

stay connected to the wi-fi network and your mobile application together, do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s quite simple, if you are a busy person who has a pet in the house and you don’t have much time to clean all the time, you should buy it. The K650 vacuum cleaner reduces the cleaning load in your room on a daily basis. once tidy, the yeedi glides across floors, carpets and sucks up all the dirt around the house. you can see a clean environment once you enter the house from work.

For quick alternatives, look to the Okp Robot Vacuum & Mop, Thamtu G11, Kenmore 31510, Deekee DK600 Max, Tikom G7000, Okp Life 2, Experobot K5av, and Zoozee Z50. Regarding any kind of help, please refer to the customer service in the support section of the official site. chat with the technical department from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm cst Monday through Friday (every business day globally).

the installation procedure of the yeedi k650 pet hair vacuum cleaner.

  • visit play store or apple store to quickly download “yeedi” app. If you can’t find the app, please try to directly scan the qr code on the k650 to install it.
  • After downloading, please create a new account by registering. write down the username and password and be sure to memorize them. log in and turn on the power switch. connect the power base to the power supply. Charge the K650 cleaner by connecting the pins directly to the base. use it only after a full load.
  • allow all necessary permissions for the app and click “next” on the screen. Scan the QR code again to connect to your 2.4GHz home Wi-Fi network. If you see a quick blink on the Wi-Fi signal emitter, it means that the connection procedure has started. once the light stops, it results in a solid connection. although a slow flashing causes a problem of disconnection or stoppage of the wi-fi signal network. note: please keep your smartphone connected to wi-fi in advance.
  • you are all set to go, press the “start” button on the top of the k650 and it will randomly clean an area according to your settings default settings. use auto mode to resume its working status after stopping for a few minutes. Go through the app to view and write down all the work the robot is told to do. at the end of the day, the app logs all the work the robot has done. you can even tweak some cool features on the k650 just by commanding the app through alexa.
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yeedi k650 robot vacuum cleaner – frequently asked questions

how to maintain wifi robot cleaner k650?

maintaining yeedi is the most integral part after buying it. To ensure its performance, battery health, and task execution status, you should take responsibility for cleaning it thoroughly on a weekly basis. the k650 requires cleaning and replacements every few months. yeedi should be charged every month to prevent it from depleting battery health. Whenever yeedi isn’t cleaning, charge it so you never run out of battery.

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Wiper blades, bumpers, filters, wheels, bases and charging ports require weekly cleaning and dusting. the xl container should be recycled every day after the yeedi finishes 2-3 rounds of work on the house. empty the container twice a day if your household has more than one pet and is large. Lastly, replace both brushes and filters every 3 months. they break, tarnish and become dirty internally, making them unusable. buy the new accessories on the online websites or order them also from the base company.

how to reset yeedi vacuum cleaner?

To reset the vacuum, simply press the “reset” button located next to the body of the vacuum. resumes the job from the beginning if it is obstructed by an object. Instead of hard resetting it, press the reset button for a long time until the light flashes faster and stops instantly. it will indicate a factory reset and now the yeedi is back to its default settings. it usually fixes all the bugs and problems in the yeedi. doing this prolongs battery life and removes all junk files from the system. however, the update of the software and the functions of the application is entirely up to the company. if there is an update, you will get the notification in your app store. only if there is an additional function, then it is available; otherwise, no.

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wifi connectivity issue on yeedi k650 wifi robot cleaner?

The Wi-Fi connection between the robot and the home network is interrupted all the time. this is the most complained problem among all customers all over the world. the only thing they don’t know is that getting out of this problem is quite easy. The robot responds only to wifi network with 2.4ghz frequency bandwidth, if your router provides 5ghz frequency, it may not always respond.

provide the correct username and password, typing the login credentials incorrectly will result in no connection. range is also important if the wi-fi range is less in the house, the robot will respond slowly or may not respond at all. keep an extender handy in case you have a larger house. never try to configure the network before the robot is ready. Please follow the installation procedure step by step to ensure a healthy connection. In general, keep track of these possible causes of creating the problem to avoid future discrepancies.

how to solve yeedi k650 dot missing or repeated cleaning problem?

the yeedi robot may show this problem sometimes. it may have hit slippery watery floors or been permanently blocked by walls of any kind. To stay away from these kinds of problems, don’t release the robot until the floor has dried. make sure to use the physical barrier mode and preset your route avoiding obstructions beforehand. the interference of tiny objects can show the problem of repeated cleaning. If you don’t want to help the robot manually, remember to pick up unnecessary objects on the floor before it starts cleaning. These barriers that create problems are cables, toys, cans, remote controls, etc.

yeedi k650 troubleshooting

docking station return issue on yeedi k650 robot vacuum?

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bots tend to malfunction within your system at some intervals. we can’t understand your language, but we sure can suffer our creative mistakes. To prevent the automatic vacuum cleaner from repeating this problem, please note whether the charging station is well placed and connected or not. any problem in both can generate the disconnection with the cleaner and not return home. do not move the charging station while the dusting procedure is active, the robot only knows one way back to its center. moving the dock to another location will create fault management in your system. always remember to release yeedi for cleaning from your base station. if the k650 starts cleaning from an area other than the base, it will build up and create problems.

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how to solve k650 vacuum charging problem?

There are 4 possible reasons why this type of error usually occurs. Please check whether the robot is powered on or not, if not, please power it on. Also, note the connection to the charging station, the pins must remain properly connected to the charging contact. the charging station must also remain connected to the power supply source to generate a constant flow of charge. the battery may create a problem, if it is completely dysfunctional, please feel free to contact customer service or replace the battery with a new one, to ensure continuous work.

solve k650 work obstruction and noise creating problem?

Many times, the cleaner may stop working during cleaning or get stuck somewhere. it can be obstructed by a door, a bed or anything else. The solution to this problem is short and easy. preset physical barrier mode to avoid physical obstructions of any kind. this ensures that the robot does not hit any large objects in its path and clings to it. the infrared sensor automatically detects the barrier in advance and changes direction.

if that doesn’t work, help yeedi out of the stuck position and get back to work again. Noisy issues are still common in all other vacuum cleaners as well. This usually occurs from the blockage of waste materials that you hit during your work hours. don’t worry, cleaning the robot in time reduces the problem considerably. empty the dustbin from time to time after finishing the work. this creates more room for the k650 to handle more dust particles.

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