How To Connect Speakers To Xbox One | Planet Radio City

How To Connect Speakers To Xbox One | Planet Radio City

How To Connect Speakers To Xbox One | Planet Radio City

How to connect xbox to speakers

guide to connect a soundbar to xbox one

sound bars are the perfect speakers for xbox one. they are excellent sound equipment used to transmit various audio networks to bring you an enhanced audio experience. they make the best sound enhancement that will change the way you will play. Following is the step by step guide on how to connect a soundbar to xbox one:

Step 1. Gather all the necessary equipment. The first step is to prepare all the equipment you need. make sure you have purchased the best quality sound bar. aside from xbox one, check if you have a tv, hdmi arc cable and hdmi cable that will connect the xbox one to your tv.

step 2. connect the sound bar to the TV. To pair the sound bar with your TV, use an HDMI ARC cable. the shape of this cable is distinguishable, so it is easy to find the port. It is recommended to check all the ports located on the back of your TV for smooth and easy operation. When you find that your TV is not compatible with HDMI or ARC, you will need a converter or other types of receivers.

step 3. connect xbox one to tv. connect xbox one to your tv via hdmi cable. you will use another hdmi cable to connect the xbox to your tv. It’s a separate cable from the one you had when you connected the soundbar to your TV, so your TV must have two HDMI ports.

Your TV acts as an intermediary whose task is to transfer the audio and video signals from your source devices. That’s why it’s not a good idea to connect the xbox directly to the soundbar. what you’ll do instead is connect the soundbar and xbox one to the tv first. It is necessary to make sure that the soundbar is well connected for an exciting gaming experience.

step 4. safe power supplies for all equipment. Make sure your sound bar, TV, and Xbox One have power supplies to minimize troubleshooting efforts. When using a remote, make sure the batteries are charged. don’t forget this step while learning how to connect speakers to xbox one.

Step 5. Adjust your TV’s settings for soundbar audio streaming. When you’ve successfully connected all your equipment, it’s time to adjust your sandbar’s audio streaming settings. you need to change the settings to ensure that your TV streams through the soundbar and not your default built-in speaker. it is easy to adjust the television settings. To do this, go to the settings option and choose soundbar in the audio output option.

step 6. double check xbox one as media source. Finally, you are at the last step on how to connect speakers to xbox one. don’t forget and make sure your xbox one is the media source in settings. you can assume your gaming system defaults to streaming every time you turn on the TV, but it’s best to double-check to make sure all expectations are met.

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