How to Connect an Xbox One Controller (When It&039s Not Syncing) - Driver Easy

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller (When It&039s Not Syncing) – Driver Easy

many xbox one users wonder how they can connect their xbox one controller. many of them want to know this because their controller is not syncing with the console. their controller just can’t connect and they can’t use it to play games.

It may bother you a lot when you come across this problem. your game console is totally unusable without your controller. and this prevents you from playing your games now. that’s horrible!

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but don’t worry. The following in this article will show you methods to fix your controller connection. They have helped many xbox one gamers to get rid of the problem and connect their controllers to their consoles. and they may be able to help you too.

  1. check the status of your controller
  2. resynchronize your controller
  3. power off and turn on your console
  4. update your controller software

method 1: check the status of your controller

You should check the basic status of your driver and see if there are any issues causing the problem.

1) Check the connection status of your controller: Make sure your wireless controller is close enough to the console. make sure there are no objects (such as a wireless router or microwave oven) or usb or wireless devices (such as headphones or a flash drive) that could interfere with the connection .

2) check the battery status of your controller: make sure the batteries are not running low. If your controller is running out of power, charge or replace the batteries and see if this resolves the issue.

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method 2: re-synchronize your controller

If you’re using a wireless controller, you can try syncing your xbox one controller back to the console to fix connection issues.

1) press the connect button on your console.

* on xbox one s, the connect button is a small circular button on the front of the console. on other versions of xbox one, it’s in the corner of the disc tray.

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2) press and hold the connect button on the back of the controller until the xbox button flashes. after a few seconds, you can see it go back to a steady light, which means it’s re-synchronized.

If this method works for you, the connection between your controller and your console will recover.

If you have a micro-usb cable, you can pair your xbox one controller and console with this cable.

1) plug the cable into a usb port on xbox and connect it with your controller.

2) press and hold the xbox button on the controller to pair them.

check whether your controller can connect to the console or not. you can unplug the cable after the whole process.

method 3: turn your console off and on

turning the console off and on means a complete restart of the console. can fix some corruption issues on your console as well as your controller connection. to restart the console:

1) press and hold the xbox button on the console until it turns off completely. (It may take about 10 seconds).

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2) Press the Xbox button to turn on your console.

3) check and see if your controller can connect to the console.

method 4: update your driver software

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The problem can occur if the driver software is incorrect or out of date. you can update your controller software to see if you can get your controller connection back. to do it:

1) connect your controller to the console with a usb cable.

2) sign in to xbox live.

3) press the menu button on your controller and then select settings.

4) Select Devices & accessories.

5) Select the controller you are using.

6) Select Update.

7) Select Continue.

8) Wait for the console to complete the updating process. After that, test your controller and see if the not syncing problem is fixed.

If none of the above methods can help you solve your problem, then there may be a hardware issue with your controller. It is recommended that you contact Microsoft Support for further assistance in resolving the issue.

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