6 Ways To Connect With Yourself Everyday (And Why You Need To) — Mud Coaching

6 Ways To Connect With Yourself Everyday (And Why You Need To) — Mud Coaching

6 Ways To Connect With Yourself Everyday (And Why You Need To) — Mud Coaching

How to connect with yourself again

there is no relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. why? because how connected you are to yourself will determine how truly right for you each big and small decision you make will be. the further you are from yourself, the further your life will be from the one for which you were born. Knowing you means you know what to do, where to go, and who to be with.

“who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, wakes up”. —carl gustav jung

what does it mean to be connected with yourself?

being connected to yourself means being attentive and in tune with what is happening inside you and knowing who you are.

At the macro level, this means understanding your own structure, being aware of the various dimensions that make up your being. most people’s view of themselves is too small and their inner focus too narrow. being connected with yourself is knowing that there is a whole universe within you, and constantly discovering new aspects of that inner universe.

At the micro level, it requires attunement to the emotions, images, sensations, impulses, thoughts and other responses and stimuli that arise from within. it is knowing and understanding your own personality, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, knowing what you need and what you want, as well as what scares you and what stops you. it is to know what makes you be you; what sets you apart.

“each of us is gifted in a unique and important way. it is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.” —mary dunbar

why is it important to connect with yourself?

If you want to live your life in a way that makes sense to you, if you want to live your own journey, then you need to be connected to yourself. By putting the connection with yourself first, you will make the decisions that will keep you on your path, you will enjoy more confidence, feel more at peace, receive more information, have better relationships and, perhaps best of all, believe and trust. on yourself.

how do you know if you are disconnected from yourself?

Some common signs that you are disconnected from yourself and that your relationship with yourself needs attention are chronic self-doubt, low self-confidence, a harsh inner voice, a negative self-image, a pattern of dysfunctional relationships, lack of purpose in life, constant anxiety (whether underlying or burning), unhealthy lifestyle, and emotional instability.

In a world where we are encouraged to focus on the life we ​​create “out there” while neglecting the world “in here”, many of us are left isolated from our inner world and from our deepest being. the consequence is a continuous feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration, because even when we achieve and acquire, we still feel empty and dissatisfied.

This challenges our sense of worth, as our self-esteem wrongly depends on external achievement, validation, and recognition. but your self-esteem does not depend on doing or having anything other than a connection with yourself. self love is unconditional and comes with its own belief system, which is that I am worthy.

Being connected to yourself allows you to go out into the world with an embodied awareness of your own inherent worth. no energy is expended seeking external sources of inner value. no energy is wasted trying to win your own love.

The truth is that how far you go in the right direction in the outer world is directly proportional to how deeply connected you are in the inner world. Are you ready to dig deeper and discover what is possible?

“you are very powerful, as long as you know how powerful you are.” —yogi bhajan

You must choose a relationship with yourself, so that’s the first step. make a conscious choice (yes, right now!) to begin nurturing your relationship with yourself. make a solid commitment to set aside time each day for self-connection. whether that means putting yourself on your calendar, setting an alarm, or typing ‘me!’ On your to-do list, make a decision to spend inward-focused time each day.

1. start each day with self-monitoring

start each day optimally by spending a few minutes observing how your body feels, what emotions are present, what mood you are in, what your mood is like, how rested you feel, and then focus on practicing a grounding meditation or more just taking a few deep breaths.

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