How to find your spirit guide group and use each in your life | WellGood

How to find your spirit guide group and use each in your life | WellGood

Rebecca Campbell, spiritual teacher and author of Light is the New Black, describes spirit guides as beings chosen specifically for you. their number one purpose is to support and guide you. “Many have had lifetimes here on earth,” Campbell says, adding that there is a wide spectrum of spirit guide types (angels, ancestors, gods, goddesses, and spirit animals, for example), each offering their own unique mix. of skills and wisdom to share.

Wondering how to find your spirit guide? The good thing here is that you don’t need to have any special powers or possess any other prior spiritual abilities to find your spirit guide. “I believe that we are all intuitive and that we can all receive guidance,” says Campbell. “it’s simply about relaxing your conscious mind and getting out of your own way so that connection can happen.”

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Most people, he adds, have an entourage of about six guides, each useful in different ways and called upon for different purposes. For example, you may have a spirit guide who protects you, another who brings healing, and another who supports you in achieving a goal. you can also play new guides with specific specialties according to your needs.

Ready to chat with your group of spirit guides? Below, Campbell shares his simple two-step process on how to find and connect with your team of spirit guides.

how to find your team of spirit guides

1. summon your guides

Start by setting the spiritual scene, Campbell says. you can light a candle, say a prayer, surround yourself with crystals or perform some kind of sacred ritual that helps you connect with the spiritual realm.

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once you’re connected, be sure to protect yourself and invite only high vibe spirits. “affirm that you are only calling genuine guides from the higher realms for the benefit of all.” Campbell suggests not connecting with any earthly spirits.

2. put your request

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Your spirit guides respect your boundaries, so to receive their loving support, first ask for it as a way to give them the green light to intervene. Once that happens, Campbell says your spirit guides can help you with anything in your life, task big or small.

need help finding your keys? ask your spirit guides for some clues. Not sure what your life purpose is? Ask your spirit guides for guidance. Do you want to call your soulmate? your spirit guides can also help you with that. Actually, whatever you need, they theoretically have your back.

If you’ve made your request but aren’t sure if your spirit guides heard you loud and clear, Campbell recommends asking for a sign as verification. choose a specific element or symbol to represent your sign. this could be anything: a sunflower, an emoji, a matcha latte. then wait for it to appear on your path as a sign that your spirit guides have heard you and are with you.

but really, how do you know for sure if you’ve connected with your spirit guides?

campbell recommends not pushing yourself to have some sort of otherworldly experience when it comes to summoning your spirit guides. “We feel like if we don’t see a vision appear to us in our living room or hear a booming voice speak to us, like in the movies, then it somehow doesn’t count,” she says. “Of course, this is not true. .”

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While some people may have a movie-like experience, most will only receive guidance in a more subtle way, Campbell says. He might see a billboard emblazoned with the answer to a question he just asked, or he might be matched with the right person who can help him with a problem at hand.

“In many cases, communication will only come as an insider knowledge. If the guidance you receive doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s usually a sign that it’s genuine.” —rebecca campbell, spiritual teacher

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“In many cases, communication will only come as an insider knowledge,” says Campbell. “This inner knowing is your indication that the communication is real and not just your imagination. If the guidance you receive doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s usually a sign that it’s genuine.”

So, if you’re debating whether or not to indulge in a beach vacation this summer, and feel like a resounding yes washes over you, there’s your guide.

some additional tips on how to find your spirit guide group.

1. make time for your spirit guides

Just like learning to tap into your intuition, connecting with your spirit guides takes practice. “What will make it easier to connect is to create a regular time, I call it soul time, where you listen to the whispers of your soul,” Campbell says. “Spirit guides are like other relationships in your life. The more time you spend with your guides, the deeper the connection and the more easily you will recognize them when they communicate with you.”

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2. practice intuitive writing

If nothing seems to be happening, despite your requests, Campbell suggests doing intuitive writing to strengthen the connection. “You’ll need two pens,” she says. “One for you and one for your spirit guides to respond to. Start by writing down a question you have for your spirit guides. then pick up the second pen and let her hand intuitively move across the page.”

3. ask your spirit guides for their names

While you don’t need to know the names of your spirit guides to connect with them and request their help, asking their names can help you build a relationship with them. “When a guide shares their name with you, the purpose is really just to help strengthen your connection by grounding your experience with them,” Campbell says. “If you don’t get a name for your guide, you can choose one to use with them for now. Sharing a name is really just for our benefit.”

Are you looking for other ways to connect with the world beyond? here’s how to communicate with spirits, according to one medium. and here’s how to get rid of the negative energy attached to you.

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