How to Initiate Connection with Your Spirit… | Spirituality & Health

How to Initiate Connection with Your Spirit… | Spirituality & Health

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Connecting with your spirit guide is a relatively simple process but can be confusing for those new to meditation and spirituality. Let’s go over some ways you can connect with your spirit guide quickly and easily, as well as how to communicate with them more clearly. By learning about your spirit guides, you can work with them on psychic ability training to heighten and open up your abilities.

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What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are entities designed to help and advise you on this physical plane of existence. your guides, they all have more than one, they were given to you before you became flesh. they are non-corporeal beings, assigned by the universal mind to travel with you while you exist on this earth. they are responsible for helping you navigate through life, expand your realization of your higher self, and make your journey easier. spirit guides advise, nudge, comfort, and of course guide. its purpose is not to do things for you or make your decisions; they are there only to guide and inform. they are kind entities, specifically concerned for your good, nothing more.

There are spirits of the dead, like loved ones who have passed away, dedicated to helping and guiding, but they are not spirit guides. spirit guides are different and should not be confused with guardian angels or angels of any kind. the best explanation for spirit guides is to say that they are entities, made up of energy, that have no substance and are often directed at helping your higher self.

spiritual guides are the only ones capable of helping where intuition is not. this is because spirit guides know everything that has happened and is happening now in your life. they are entities that may or may not work in conjunction with other guides on your behalf. they may appear to have masculine or feminine characteristics, but they are neither masculine nor feminine. those features are there to aid your human understanding and give you something you can easily relate to.

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different types of spirit guides

best friends guide

your best friend guide will be your main guide. it will be the one he will spend most of his time with and will have most of his interaction with. this guide is similar to a friend. she behaves like a companion, providing comfort, laughter and joy. he is there to remind you to handle situations with kindness and diplomacy. it’s there to remind you to take a breather when things go wrong and to be patient with things that are hard to change. this guide advises when the choices involve his happiness. this guide is believed to have lived a human life; Due to this, he understands everything that he is experiencing and what the results of decisions can be.

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If you need a little push to balance your day or to rekindle your clarity of thought, your best friend’s guidance is the one to go. if you find yourself feeling a bit down, wait for your best friend’s guidance to appear and ask you to reconsider your situation. she will remind you to laugh.

remember: your guide to best friends is always there.

Guardian’s Guide

The job of your guardian guide is to keep you informed, warned and safe. this guide often comes with caution and warning messages. think of the guardian guide as your main protector. if you feel it warning you, it is likely your guardian guide, telling you to be careful.

wisdom guide or scholar

wisdom or learned guide is the teacher. if he were a living being on earth, he could take the form of a wise old man with profound insights. he could be a person with incomparable wisdom, whom you find easy to trust. if you have questions about learning, education or philosophy, this is the guide that will assist you. he is the spiritual guru, versed in education and learning.

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body balance guide

We only have one physical body, and it is sacred. The Body Balance Guide addresses your health and wellness: your diet, exercise, and health care. If you hear a voice warning you, “That’s not a good fit for your body,” listen. is your body balance guide that gives you a boost.

short guides

it is possible to ask the universe for short-term guides to help you. these are guides with a particular skill or information. If you’re writing a book, you may want to call in an expert guide in that area. If you are preparing for an exam, you may need a guide who is experienced in that particular field of study.

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how to communicate with spirit guides

Spirit guides also communicate in a unique way. they come through thoughts, strong thoughts. they send messages in the same way that messages are sent to interacting spirits (mediums). know that your connection with humans is always smooth. you should think of it as receiving a message as opposed to intuition or mental perception. it is stronger and more directed than that. The best way to think of spirit guide connections is to think of them as messages related to direction.

relationships with spirit guides are also unique. They are relationships that you must cultivate like any other significant and important relationship that requires care and affection. a spirit guide relationship needs the same level of commitment and time that any meaningful relationship requires. The more time and attention you spend cultivating open lines of communication with your guide, the stronger your relationship will become.

To make the first contact with your spirit guide, find a quiet area and sit in a relaxed position. this is necessary to achieve the meditative state that you and your spirit guide will first meet.

At this point, you will say a prayer to invite your spirit guide to communicate with you. an example would be something like “spiritual guide, I invite you to my space. I would like to establish an open and clear communication dialogue with you.”

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once you have sent the invitation, you must listen and trust that your spirit guide will communicate with you. remember, you must be patient. this is a high vibrational relationship and communication may not be clear at first. the key is not to overexert yourself and let the messages and guidance come naturally.

My clients often ask me how I can find out the name of my spirit guide. To find out the name of your spirit guide, simply ask during mediation and trust the first name that comes up. Keep in mind that knowing the name of your spirit guide is not always important and some people communicate with their guide throughout their lives without knowing their name.

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All kinds of spirit guides, as helpful as they may be, cannot and will not make decisions for you. they are available only to help you. there is a conundrum about the effectiveness of the guides. Because we have deep, intuitive knowledge about what is right for us and the right thing to do, we don’t always need a voice outside of ourselves (spirits, spirit guides, or anyone else) to tell us what to do. but because human beings tend not to obey those things they know to be right, other entities often need to step in to reinforce the need to do what is right. uncertainty about a decision may not be valid. dig deep within yourself, and the choice will always be clear. just remember to make decisions that mesh with your own goals and needs, not the goals and needs of others. The good news is that if you think you need the advice of a guide, you can have one whenever you want.

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