Archangel Raziel - 5 Powerful Ways To Connect With The Angel of Mysteries

Archangel Raziel – 5 Powerful Ways To Connect With The Angel of Mysteries

Archangel Raziel – 5 Powerful Ways To Connect With The Angel of Mysteries

How to connect with archangel raziel

the archangel raziel is one of the most interesting archangels that exist. He is known as the angel of the mysteries, and this is because ancient texts say that he is the angel who receives the holy secrets of God.

Regardless of what religions we subscribe to, we can connect with the archangels in the universe. This is because they have appeared throughout history in different forms, in different religions, and under different names.

In this article, I want to see how we can recognize Archangel Raziel in the world around us and what we can do to connect with him.

who is the archangel raziel?

the angel of the mysteries. sounds great, right? I have always been very intrigued by Archangel Raziel because of his deep connection to the knowledge and secrets of the universe.

the archangel raziel is the archangel of all wisdom and knowledge in the world. he is there to help us understand the world around us and help us on our spiritual journey. he can help us understand the universal laws of the universe, including the law of attraction.

if you feel confused about your path in life and need enlightenment, turning to archangel raziel will help you. it allows you to see things clearly, helping you understand what the world means to you.

Because it reveals insight into the mysteries of the universe, we can work with Archangel Raziel whenever we want to develop our spiritual and psychic abilities. By connecting with Archangel Raziel, we can discover our personal magic and powers.

Archangel Raziel can also help us understand the secrets of our dreams and subconscious. he also possesses the knowledge of our akashic records, and we can access them when we work with him.

is also linked to creativity. many people have said that they know he is around when they get a rush of new creative ideas that inspire them. his presence allows you to gain new insights and enlightenment.

how to recognize the archangel raziel

the archangels in the universe exist in a higher vibrational frequency. this means that we will rarely see them in their true form, and it is up to us to pay attention to the world around us.

It is important to remember that the archangels are there for us at all times. in wanting to recognize them, we must be on the lookout for signs in the universe that suggest they are nearby.

All archangels are linked to specific angel colors, numbers and symbols. when we see these signs in the world around us, we know angels are there to help us.

so how can we recognize the archangel raziel?

archangel raziel symbol

Throughout history, Archangel Raziel is often depicted holding a scroll. these are the sacred scrolls of wisdom, and contain the secrets of the universe.

If you see images of scrolls in the world around you, Archangel Raziel may be nearby and ready to help you.

number of archangel raziel

according to numerology, everything in the universe can be broken down into numbers. This is because numbers have their own specific energy and meaning. we can look at numbers when we want to understand the universe.

You’ve probably heard of angel numbers and know that angels love to place sequences of numbers in the physical world for us to see. this is a common way to get our attention! but did you know that all archangels are linked to specific numbers? when we see these numbers in the world around us, we know that a certain archangel is near.

the archangel raziel is linked to the three master numbers. these numbers are 11, 22 and 33 and form the triangle of enlightenment.

  • the master number 11 reflects visions and higher wisdom. it has simultaneous energy of creation and destruction and opens us to higher levels of spiritual knowledge.
  • the master number 22 is known as “the master builder” as it contains potential energy.
  • the master number 33 is known as the master teacher as it reflects spiritual teachings and enlightenment.

Seeing these three numbers in the world around you suggests that Archangel Raziel is nearby.

archangel raziel color

the archangel raziel is linked to the color of the angel indigo. when it’s close to us, we usually see a glow of indigo light.

The color indigo also represents the third eye chakra. This chakra governs enlightenment and spiritual awakening and is located between the eyes on the forehead. opening and working with our third eye allows us to explore the hidden knowledge of the universe.

the archangel raziel is linked to this chakra, as it also allows us to develop our spiritual knowledge and understanding of the hidden depths of existence.

When I pray to Archangel Raziel, I often light an indigo candle. this allows me to connect with him and the energy he provides us.

how to connect with archangel raziel

just like all other archangels, archangel raziel is in the universe so we can connect. but, if you are new to archangels, it can be a bit confusing to know where to start.

however, we can connect with archangel raziel through meditation, prayer and actions. Let’s see the best ways to connect with Archangel Raziel.


Meditation is a great way to connect with Archangel Raziel. Through meditation, we are able to center ourselves and open our souls to the archangels.

let’s see a guided meditation to connect with the archangel raziel.

  • First of all, find a space where you feel at peace. It is important to feel relaxed and safe before beginning the meditation, as this will allow you to truly open up to the universe. make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  • sit on your altar or on the floor and light a candle. The candle represents Archangel Raziel’s ability to illuminate the world around him, bringing light to places where there is darkness.
  • While watching the flame burn, take two fingers and place them on your forehead, between your eyes. this is where your third eye chakra is.
  • Now turn your attention to your breath. breathe in and out deeply, allowing the energy to flow through your body. keep looking at the candle as you do so, linking your energy with the flame.
  • when you feel centered, imagine a similar flame burning in your third eye. hold your fingers to your third eye, visualizing them touching the flame. imagine the flow of energy between the flame of your third eye and the flame in front of you.
  • When you feel ready, it’s time to appeal to Archangel Raziel. ask him to come to you and provide you with wisdom and enlightenment.
  • if you want to ask him something specific, now is the time.
  • Allow their knowledge and wisdom to flow through the candle and into your third eye.

Meditation takes time, so don’t worry if you don’t connect with Archangel Raziel right away! it gets easier with practice, so don’t give up! you will be able to connect with him in time.

work with your third eye

the archangel raziel is linked to the third eye. Like the third eye, it can help us develop our psychic abilities and discover new spiritual realms.

when we want to connect with the archangel raziel, we can work to open our third eye. this is usually a long process and will not happen right away. however, an active and open third eye can do amazing things for our spiritual and emotional well-being!

There are a variety of techniques we can use to open our third eye. Practicing intuition, performing visualization techniques, and working with your dreams can help you connect with and open your third eye.

With an active third eye, you are much more in tune with higher vibrational frequencies and therefore with the archangels. Because Archangel Raziel is linked to the third eye, he will notice that you work with him. this allows him to come into your life.


crystals have amazing healing and metaphysical properties and can be used to connect with archangels. Due to the specific energy of different gemstones, certain crystals are linked to certain Archangels. when we use them, the archangels will take notice and connect with us!

so what crystals should we use when we want to connect with the archangel raziel?

archangel raziel is linked to clear quartz. This amazing crystal is a bringer of light and amplifies the energy around it. her energy will bring clarity and understanding to those who work with her and is perfect when you want to see the world with fresh eyes.

archangel raziel is also linked to amethyst, which is another quartz. Amethyst is linked to spiritual enlightenment and the third eye. it can be used to connect with higher realms of existence and understanding.

Bringing these two crystals into your meditation practices can help you connect with Archangel Raziel.

be creative

Remember I said that Archangel Raziel helps people unlock new creative ideas? when it is close, it will send inspirational energy. so being creative is a great way to connect with him and feel his presence!

I have always thought that creativity is very important for spirituality and I love to paint, draw and create. I always feel more at peace when doing these activities and deeply connected to the universe around me.

When we are creative, we are inviting Archangel Raziel into our lives.

explore psychic abilities

the archangel of the mysteries reveals a vision of aspects of existence that we do not seem to really understand. something that helps us connect with him is exploring psychic abilities and working with the clair.

we all have the power within us to develop our psychic abilities. There are seven main psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and clairempathy. Through meditation, dream work, and other exercises, we can develop these skills.

When we are working with psychic abilities, our souls become more open to connecting with Archangel Raziel. he will notice that you are working on your skills and will come to help you on your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

archangel raziel prayer

When we pray to the archangels, we can directly ask them for advice and support in areas of our life that need help.

there are many ways that archangel raziel can help you, so let’s look at some prayers that allow him to enter our lives.

a prayer for clarity

we can turn to the archangel raziel when we seek direction in life. if we feel stuck and confused about where we are, he can help us see things more clearly.

dear archangel raziel, I turn to you for your wisdom and enlightenment. I need help to see things clearly and I want your knowledge to help me on my true path in life. that you guide me the way and allow me to discover the purpose of my life. I thank you for your wisdom and support.

a prayer for spiritual growth

Archangel Raziel can also help us on our spiritual journey in life. here is a prayer to connect with him and allow him to help us with spirituality.

dear archangel raziel. I address you and your profound knowledge of the universe. I wish to be one with my soul and the higher realms of existence. will you help me on my journey? I open my soul to you to guide and enlighten me.

a prayer for creativity

If you are experiencing a creative block, Archangel Raziel can help you unlock new ideas and inspiration. here is a prayer for creativity.

dear archangel raziel. please send your wonderful energy of creativity and inspiration. I need your wisdom and guidance for my creative project. Thank you for your support and insight.

connect with archangel raziel today

archangel raziel is a powerful angel who exists in the universe to help you gain clarity and understanding. by connecting with him, you can understand the depths of the universe and your own spiritual path in life.

but he is not the only archangel in the world who can guide us. Check out my detailed guide to all the archangels to find out everything the angels can do for you.

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