11 Steps To Connect With Archangel Michael | Georgie G Deyn

11 Steps To Connect With Archangel Michael | Georgie G Deyn

11 Steps To Connect With Archangel Michael | Georgie G Deyn

How to connect with archangel michael

Would you like to feel the presence of Archangel Michael in your life? These are the steps I have personally used to connect with Archangel Michael for the past 20 years.

​you can watch the video below or read the post.

You may wish to use one of the steps (or a combination of them) to connect with Archangel Michael each day. feel free to change the order to suit your needs.

step 1 – invocation of the archangel michael

Invoke Archangel Michael to be with you at the beginning of your day. Archangel Michael loves being by your side, holding your hand and guiding you on your divine path.

try the following invocation:

I (insert your name) invoke the mighty archangel michael to be sent by the creator/god to be by my side. I ask with all my heart and from the angel within me to be blessed with the divine presence of Archangel Michael this day. please take my hand and guide me, may the presence of archangel miguel bless this day with strength, courage and support. Archangel Michael, please surround me now with your blue mantle of protection. bless you.

step 2 – prayers of archangel michael

morning prayer to the archangel migueldivine beloved creator god, I ask you to send me the powerful archangel miguel to be by my side, to guide me, giving me strength and courage, faith and trust. may his sword of light remove all blocks and obstacles in my way this day.

​afternoon prayer archangel miguel I give thanks and gratitude beloved divine; Today I felt the presence of the Archangel Michael. he has given me your strength, courage, faith and trust. all blocks and obstacles have been removed. thank you archangel miguel for being by my side.

step 3: play music written for the archangel michael

Playing music for Archangel Michael is the perfect way to subtly surround your home or car with Archangel Michael’s presence. there are 2 tracks i use personally, “hold my hand” by seraphisa and archangel michael throat chakra affirmations.

step 4 – meditate with archangel michael

​You may want to use this step after the morning invocation and prayer. meditation is quieting your mind and listening, allow yourself a quiet moment to connect with archangel michael in a place of peace and quiet. silence your mind, open your heart and listen, feel, enter and look with the light of your soul and recognize the presence of the archangel michael. Over time you may notice a particular sign that Archangel Michael is with you.

step 5: speak or sing affirmations that enhance your connection with archangel michael

Say this affirmation out loud: “I am Archangel Michael, I am the force, I hold the sword with Archangel Michael and we remove all blocks and obstacles in our path.”

step 6 – chant archangel michael

just sing out loud:

“mic-hael, mic-hael, mic-hael, everything is fine.”


“archangel mic-hael, I am you, you are me, we are one, blessed be you.”

step 7: look at a picture of the archangel michael

look at an image of the archangel michael and pray that you can feel his presence as you look into his eyes. connect with archangel michael at the soul level, remembering that you too are a divine being, affirm in your heart and mind.

“archangel michael, I am you, you are me, we are one, blessed be you.”

step 8 – light a blue candle for the presence of archangel michael

While lighting the candle, you can say the Archangel Michael invocation in step 1 or the Archangel Michael prayer in step 2.

step 9 – upload an object representing archangel michael

this is a subtle way to anchor michael’s presence so he’ll be with you in no time. choose an object that seems appropriate to you, perhaps a feather, a small pocket angel or a special coin. then dedicate the object to represent the presence of the archangel michael, while holding the object in your hand you can affirm or say:

“As I hold this in my hand, I hold the hand of Archangel Michael, he is with me now and always when I ask for his presence.”

step 10 – dedicate a crystal to archangel michael

I would suggest choosing a blue crystal such as lapis lazuli, angelite or blue chalcedony. Hold the crystal in your hand and dedicate the crystal to Archangel Michael announcing:

“I (say your name) call upon the mighty archangel michael to be sent by the creator/god and be by my side whenever I hold this crystal and think of archangel michael.”

step 11: use the color blue to represent the archangel michael

​while wearing the clothes you chose, indicate:

“I (your name) use this blue color to represent the mantle of Archangel Michael, may the protection and strength of Archangel Michael be with me today, it is a gift from heaven.”

I hope you found this interesting and useful, I’d love to hear your experiences, as you go through the steps. much love, georgie g deyn

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