Welded Wire Fencing Installation and Tips

Welded Wire Fencing Installation and Tips

Installing a welded wire fence is a quick and easy way to keep dogs and children out of yards. Welded wire fences can range in size from 3 feet tall to 6 feet tall. welded wire is usually made of a material that will not rust, rot, or burn. Welded wire fences are less susceptible to wind damage, since the wind flows through the fence links.

before installation, remember:

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  • measure and plan the area.
  • clear the fence path of obstructions.
  • book your tool rental if necessary.
  • buy quickly and receive delivery.
  • unpack the material and take an inventory.

tools and materials you will need:

  • post hole digger.
  • shovel.
  • level.
  • hacksaw.
  • tape measure .
  • electric screwdriver.
  • hammer.
  • string line.
  • wheelbarrow.
  • quikrete.
  • ground stakes.
  • gravel.

step 1 determine how tall you want your fence to be. if the fence will be 4 feet high, the steel posts will need to be 6 feet high. Posts should be at least 2 feet taller than the fence.

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Step 2 To make sure your area is square, choose a starting point and measure from there. Mark each corner with a wooden stake. Once you’ve marked the corners, measure diagonally to make sure your area is square (that is, your area is a true square or rectangle). their diagonal measurements must be the same. adjust the wooden stakes as needed to achieve the correct angles.

step 3 measure each side of the fence from corner to corner. add each side. this will be the amount of welded wire you will need. welded wire comes in 25 to 100 foot coils. smaller rolls are easier to handle, but larger rolls generally cost less.

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step 4 you will need one post for each corner. you generally want your posts to be 7-10 feet apart. Divide the length of each side by 7 to 10 feet to calculate how many posts you’ll need per side. Add the posts on each side and the corners.

step 5 place the corner t-posts. remove your wood marking stake. Instead, tap your t-post 2 feet into the ground with a hammer or steel post driver. hit the posts in a straight line.

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step 6 once all the corner posts are nailed down, tie a string to each post near the top. attach a line level to the chain to ensure your posts are consistent. the chain will also help you keep each post in a straight line.

step 7 measure the distance from the corner to the first post you want to place. drive the pole into the ground. Repeat with the remaining posts, trying to keep the posts at a 90-degree angle to the ground. removes the string.

step 8 Starting at one corner, attach the end of your coil of welded wire. use the baling wire or metal ties to tie the wire to the post at the top, center, and bottom. Once the roll is in place, carefully unroll and stretch the wire to the next post. tie the cable to the post. continue to the corner. once you get to the corner, carefully stretch the cable around the corner and continue to the next post. go back and secure the cable to the corner. continue uncoiling the cable and connecting it to the posts until you’re done.

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step 9 if you finish a coil of wire before you finish the fence, you will need to join two coils together. the best way to do this is to end the first coil of wire on one post and start the new coil on the same post. use wire cutters to remove excess wire after attaching coil to guide.

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