How to Enable 2.4 Ghz on WiFi Router | Green Feathers Help

How to Enable 2.4 Ghz on WiFi Router | Green Feathers Help

Wireless internet, or Wi-Fi, works by using a specific “band” of frequencies to send information to and from your devices. the 2.4ghz band is useful for connecting to the router from a long distance or through many walls and obstructions. The 5GHz band allows for a much faster internet connection. most modern routers simply combine both signals into one wifi network. this is usually a good thing, but when you’re connecting a device that can only use 2.4ghz, the “dual-band” wifi network can confuse the device.

green feather wifi cameras, most ‘smart’ devices and devices like sonos and alexa use 2.4ghz signals which can cause connection issues for some users.

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This guide shows you how to resolve this issue and how to connect your camera to your device. there are 3 solutions to try:

1. move away from the router

Move away from the router when setting up the camera, but not so that you are out of Wi-Fi range. This increases the chance of your mobile phone or tablet picking up the 2.4GHz signal as it can penetrate walls and obstructions more effectively than the 5GHz signal. It may also be worth using something to physically block the 5ghz signal coming from the internet router, like putting pillows on it. none of these suggestions are guaranteed to work, but some customers have confirmed that they are effective.

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2. change your router settings*

If you’re a bit technical or willing to try, try logging into your router and changing the settings. it may help to search online for “how to enable 2.4ghz on [your router model]”.

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Usually you enter the ip address of your router in your pc or mac browser and that allows you to log in to the router. Look on the back of your router for the ip address or search online using your router’s model number, then follow the instructions to log in.

once you’re logged in, find the setting to change the ‘wireless band’ or ‘enable split band’ on your router. this is usually in the advanced settings tab. now change the wireless band to 2.4ghz, or disable 5ghz and click save.

then finish setting up your camera. then you can go back to your router settings and change it back to the original dual band settings.

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* For most routers, this will not be a very difficult process, but if you try it yourself, we cannot be held responsible for any connection issues.

3. contact your internet service provider (isp)

contact your isp and ask them to help you set up your router to temporarily work with a 2.4ghz signal while you set up your camera. this might be your best option if you don’t feel confident about trying option 2.

Please note that some routers do not support splitting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, such as the BT Smart Hub 2. If this is the case, you may be able to disable the network. 5ghz temporarily or connect the camera to a wifi extender. If neither of those options work, it’s worth contacting your ISP to see if they can replace the router for you. click here for instructions on how to disable the 5ghz network on a bt smart hub 2. if you have a different router, try searching for “[router name/model] how to disable 5ghz”.

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