What are Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners (ACs)? | | Resource Centre by Reliance Digital

What are Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners (ACs)? | | Resource Centre by Reliance Digital

We all know how unforgiving Indian summers can be. scorching heat and humidity can make it even worse! While an air conditioner can be a lifesaver, coming home, turning it on, and waiting for it to cool down your room can be irritating. did you know you can come home to a cool room using a wi-fi enabled air conditioner?

The wi-fi feature of air conditioners (ac) can really change the way we use them. you can turn on your air conditioner even before you get home. If this doesn’t impress you, do you know you can even save on electricity bills by creating custom power schedules for your AC? Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners are much more flexible than traditional air conditioners. If you’re planning to buy a new air conditioner, here are things to know that you can only do on a Wi-Fi enabled air conditioner.

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control your air conditioning from anywhere and at any time

wi-fi acs use your home wi-fi connection to connect to the internet. you can remotely control your air conditioner from your smartphone or tablet, using an app. If you have multiple Wi-Fi ACs at home or in the office, you can conveniently control them just by using a mobile device.

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control your air conditioner with a much simpler user interface

AC remote controls often have a small screen that shows very little information. Wi-Fi ACs can now be controlled with your phone, so you’ll never need the AC remote. These apps have a much simpler user interface that allows you to set timers, control fan speeds, and even set temperatures based on outside weather conditions. select models even support voice commands.

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reduce your electricity bills

with wi-fi enabled DHW, you can create your personal DHW energy schedules. These ACs can be scheduled to turn on and off at your convenience. Some of these models also have a smart analytics feature, which allows you to track energy usage, trends, and also set monthly consumption limits.

There are other reasons why electricity bills are high and it can be due to poorly maintained air conditioners. If you’ve been using one and want to lower your energy bills, don’t forget to read our article on AC maintenance.

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how to set up wi-fi enabled ac

wifi-enabled acs are pretty easy to set up, but before you start, make sure your phone is connected to the same wifi router you want to connect your ac to. Once connected, you can follow these steps. Please note that instructions may differ from brand to brand and model to model.

  • download the ac app to your phone or tablet. If you have trouble finding the right app, check your air conditioner’s user manual or visit the brand’s official website.
  • Once you download the app, you will need an ID and password to log in. if you don’t have one, create one within the app.
  • enter your login credentials and you will be prompted to select your ca model.
  • the application will link the phone with the air conditioner through the wi-fi router.
  • the app will display your ca in the device list from where you can control your ca settings.
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While most acs have direct internet support, some entry-level models may only support local wi-fi. this means that you can control such acs only when you are connected to the same wifi network, so before making a decision, narrow down the features you really need.

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