New Way To Save Money with Fetch Rewards App - Happy Deal - Happy Day!

New Way To Save Money with Fetch Rewards App – Happy Deal – Happy Day!

New Way To Save Money with Fetch Rewards App – Happy Deal – Happy Day!

How to connect walmart to fetch

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Fetch rewards App

what is the app to get rewards?

the fetch app is a free mobile application that offers you refunds for purchases at specific stores. go to your app store and download it on your smartphone. if it asks for a referral code, type uw6rt and you’ll start with $2 in recovery points right away.

Today I will show you what the fetch app special offers are and show you how the rewards work. This money saving app is great for scanning receipts from your local shopping trip, getting cash back on online purchases, and now it’s great for Walmart grocery pickup shoppers too!

how does the search app work?

This money-saving shopping app is similar to ibotta, but the good thing is that you don’t have to select the offers before you buy them. it’s just a one-step way to get a refund by scanning only your purchase receipts. if you have a long receipt for a long shopping list from that trip, you’ll need to take enough photos to capture it all and then upload it. when you do, the app automatically finds all the offers on your receipt that you qualify for. you don’t have to pre-select the offers you want, the app itself will find the offers you qualify for automatically! Scan receipts from supermarkets, pharmacies, club stores, gas stations, superstores, convenience stores, or any other major retailer. then when you do, the points will automatically be added to your account, and my friends, it equals extra easy money! (note: you cannot scan receipts that are older than 4 weeks; they will not be accepted).

You don’t need to connect your credit card to this app as it’s just based on awarding you points by uploading receipts or scanning your e-receipts into your email. however, you will need to connect your email account to your search application account to get the benefits of the electronic receipt.

When you sign up, use this earn rewards referral code: uw6rt and you’ll automatically earn 2,000 bonus points just for signing up (which equals $2). sometimes they post specific offers where you will earn $3 just for signing up.

Fetch Rewards App

One of my favorite parts of the fetch rewards app is that you can now use it for electronic receipts (also known as electronic receipts). Simply plug your email address into the app and Get Rewards will scan your email for digital receipts. the store i use it the most is at walmart as i use walmart grocery pickup and the rewards app will find my walmart receipt in my email. After I know there’s an e-receipt in my inbox, I just quickly tap the blue circle with an “e” on the receipt, and the app finds all the specific products I bought at Walmart that will give me points! I’ve also been earning 25 points for every amazon account purchase I’ve made! (These two offers are not permanent and the offers change in the app from time to time).

watch the video below on how to use the search app:

what is the best way to use your amount of points?

In my opinion, the easiest way to spend your rewards points is on free gift cards. once you have enough points to reach $3 (3,000 points), you can start converting them into digital gift cards. Amazon gift cards start at $3, and they have great gift card rewards starting at just $5! I am currently saving my points for gift cards that I can use for Christmas gifts. When Christmas is over, I’ll save my points to use on a restaurant gift card so my husband and I can have an extra date night.

Other things on the rewards page you can use your rewards points on are sweepstakes entries, magazine subscriptions, and gift cards for travel deals.

Fetch Rewards App

app review get rewards:

earning rewards turns your shopping receipts into savings. I love that there are no clipped coupons, chasing deals that expire, or missing out on savings. Unlike cash back and refund apps that require you to unlock coupons before you shop, causing you to lose your savings, Find Rewards gives you savings every time you purchase a participating product. simply scan your sales receipt after you shop and earn points in seconds. You don’t have to search and clip grocery coupons to save on your bill because Search Rewards delivers those savings every day with a quick and easy scan of your receipt. the more you scan, the more you save. this is one of my 3 favorite cashback apps (with drop and dosh as my other favorites).

the fetch rewards app brings everyday savings into your life with a quick and easy mobile app that rewards you for the purchases you already make. With Find Rewards, simply snap a quick photo of any purchase receipt and within seconds we’ll deliver points to your account on thousands of popular products. you’ll earn points with every receipt you scan.

Fetch Rewards App

don’t forget:

When you sign up, use this earning rewards referral code: uw6rt and you’ll automatically earn 2,000 points just for signing up (which equals $2).

Happy shopping and happy saving while you’re at it!

Fetch App Rewards

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