How to Change Voice on Zoom with Voice Changer for Zoom

How to Change Voice on Zoom with Voice Changer for Zoom

How to Change Voice on Zoom with Voice Changer for Zoom

How to connect voicemod to zoom

If you are looking to get the best and widest zoom voice changer then you are on the right platform. Read this article to the end and find out.


Given this, this article will walk you through several of the best zoom voice changer apps along with their pros and cons and a step-by-step guide on how to change zoom voice.

voice zoom

6 best voice changers for zoom

These are the best and most complete apps to change voice with zoom that you can use.

1. robovox voice changer [android and ios | 32+ voices ]

If you love to modulate your voice to robotic themes on mobile phone, then robovox voice changer is an ideal choice. Equipped with an extensive collection of voice change styles that you can implement on a zoom call with a single click, it provides a quick and easy solution to disguise your voice on zoom.

rovovox also offers many other features, including integrated x/y control that allows users to play their voices in real time.

robovox voice changer

price: download is free, but offers in-app purchases

2. av voice changer [windows 10 | 47+ voices ]

This powerful software has established itself as one of the best voice changers for zoom, thanks to its flawless features and intuitive interface. With millions of downloads, AV Voice Changer offers a lot of unique and exciting voice effects that you can implement with just one click.

apart from zoom, it works perfectly fine with other audio and video chat applications

av voice changer

price: basic version $29.95, gold version $39.95

3. voice mod [ windows | 65+ voices ]

voicemod is one of the most requested zoom voice changer that comes preloaded with a range of exciting voice styles including baby, android, alien and chipmunk. don’t be confused by its simple interface as it packs all the flawless voice changer features you want from a quality tool. you can click to see how to use voicemod.

Also, you can record your voice and disguise it to surprise your friends.


Price: Free download but offers in-app purchase.

4. clownfish voice changer [windows | 14 voices ]

another very popular zoom voice changer that allows you to implement exciting zoom voice changer themes. Being exclusively compatible with the windows operating system, it comes with a user-friendly interface and a simple interface that make it an ideal choice for beginners.

It also supports vst plugins that allow users to generate new sound effects in high quality. the best thing about clownfish is that it works great with zoom and many other chat apps like discord, viber, steam, etc.


price: free and open source

5. nch voxal voice changer [mac and windows | more than 45 voices]

Being compatible with windows and mac, it is one of the best tools to change your voice on zoom. With over a million users, it’s popular for its flexibility and tons of fun voice effects.

nch voxal voice changer

price: offers a free trial, and after the free trial, you can pay for it with various purchase plans.

how to change your voice with magicmic voice changer on zoom

imyfone magicmic is totally worth your attention if you want to change every aspect of your voice in a more natural way. With just one click, you can convert your voice from male to female, monster, minions, demon, chipmunks, dragon, robot, alien, etc. for zoom and other platforms.

price: free but offers in-app purchase

how to change your voice with magicmic voice changer on zoom

1) Download, install a suitable voice changer on your device and go to its setting interface, finish the input and output settings.

try it for freetry it for free

2) Zoom in and at the top right click the settings radio button.

click on voice settings option on zoom

3) After the settings window opens, click on the “audio” tab.

click audio tab on zoom

4) For Microphone Select “Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device)” in the drop down.

5) Uncheck Automatically adjust volume.

6) Click the microphone test button and speak into your microphone and adjust the position of the microphone to your mouth until the bars show in the middle when you speak. you may need to adjust your actual microphone if it was not originally set. you can do this by selecting your real microphone and running “test mic” for it, then switch back to the magicmic virtual audio device. leave the microphone of the magicmic virtual audio device at 50%.

7) close the settings dialog.

record zoom meeting and change voice with imyfone filme

When it comes to the best screen recording, audio recording and voice changing software for zoom, imyfone filme stands out from other players on the market. comes preloaded with all the stellar features and fun voice effects that a premium zoom recording tool has to offer.

With its all-in-one features, users can record the zoom screen and edit the captured audio/video using the built-in professional editor. even novices find it extremely easy to install and use.


Watch this video to learn how to use film to change your voice:

text guide

here is how to use imyfone filme:

step 1

once installed, run imyfone filme on your computer.

try it for freetry it for free


step 2

Now, you need an audio track on the movie timeline. use the “+” sign to import and load an audio file into the movie timeline.

audio timeline filme

step 3

start zoom meeting. then click the microphone icon to continue.

filme record screen

step 4

In the popup tab, choose your microphone as the input device. here, you can select the voice changing theme you want.

select input device and voice changer

step 5

after that, click the play icon to start recording zoom.

begin recording

once recorded, you will see the output audio file on the timeline. you can apply dozens of sound effects to it.

step 6

finally click export to save the output file to your computer.



This article shows that the internet is full of zoom voice changer apps. All the tools mentioned above are efficient and reliable, and choosing one tool or another depends on your individual preferences and requirements.

let’s do a recap. Within the voice changers we have discussed, imyfone magic mic contains the most voice adjusters for zoom voice changer and clownfish contains the fewest voices.

try it for freetry it for free

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