Valheim server: how to set up a dedicated server for multiplayer | PCGamesN

Valheim server: how to set up a dedicated server for multiplayer | PCGamesN

do you want to set up a valheim server? Building majestic forts, killing Valheim bosses, and making jars of mead with your friends is all part of what makes Valheim such an addictive survival game, but it’s easy to go wrong with the way Valheim’s multiplayer works. You can create multiple characters, and their inventory and skill progression will transfer across multiple Valheim servers, allowing you to drop into a friend’s server and go on adventures together without having to start from scratch on a new map.

However, if you’re not interested in playing solo and your Viking journey has taken place exclusively on a game server hosted by someone else, you’ve probably run into some issues. valheim is still in early access, so in our experience the connection is not always stable, also if you want to play while the game host is offline, you’re out of luck.

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That’s where valheim dedicated servers come in. You can host a dedicated server on your PC for your friends to access even when you’re not playing, or you can pay for hosting. service to run one for you, 24/7. The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch in either case: we’ll walk you through transferring your save file to your new Valheim server.

how to set up a dedicated valheim server

To set up a dedicated server on valheim, you must first download the valheim dedicated server tool on steam; it can be accessed through your steam library by selecting ‘tools’ in the top right corner.

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Hovering over

Before you can run this server, you must edit some information. right click on the valheim dedicated server in your library then go to ‘manage’ and ‘browse local files’. this will open a folder called valheim dedicated server on your computer. make a duplicate of ‘start_headless_server.bat’ as a backup before you start messing with it.

right click on ‘start_headless_server.bat’ and click ‘edit’ to open the file in notepad. the line that starts with ‘valheim_server’ is where we can customize our server information.

  • -name “my server” – replace ‘my server’ with the name you want to appear in the list of servers.
  • -port 2456: This is the port that will access the internet. you must configure port forwarding on your router to allow the server to communicate with the internet in this way.
  • -world “dedicated” – this is the name of the world that will be hosted. If you already have a world you want to host on your PC, enter its name here; otherwise, a new one will be created.
  • -“secret” password – this is your server password. you probably want to change this, or else we can break in and steal your blueberries.
  • -savedir [path] – you can add this to tell valheim where to store its hosted worlds. default for windows is %userprofile%appdatalocallowirongatevalheim

save your file (and make a backup); now you are ready to start it. start the valheim dedicated server (you may need to allow it through your firewall) and when you see the message “game server connected” everything will be up and running.

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To stop the server, press ctrl + c in the command window. apparently, if you exit by closing the window, the server can keep going in the background, not what you want.

Connecting to a Valheim server using Steam

how to connect to a valheim server

Once your valheim server is up and running, you can bookmark it on steam and run valheim from there. at the top of the steam window, click ‘view’ then ‘servers’ – under the ‘favorites’ tab, click ‘add a server’ in the bottom right corner.

if you are hosting the server yourself, or are on the host’s home network, you will enter your internal ip address followed by a colon and the port you chose to use when configuring; it will be something like you can find your internal ip address by typing ipconfig at the command prompt.

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your friends on a different home network will need your external ip address, which you can find by typing “what’s my ip” into google. they will use it in combination with their port number.

if you paid for third party hosting, they will provide you with an ip address and password which you will enter into your steam bookmarks the same way.

if your valheim server is not responding, you can refresh the steam server page by switching tabs; you may need to wait a while for steam to register the server. As a server administrator, you can set permissions by adding steam identifiers to the following text files:

  • adminlist.txt – Grants admin privileges, including valheim console commands
  • bannedlist.txt
  • allowlist.txt
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A man stands over a cauldron, cooking, while a woman sits at a table in Valheim

how to transfer your valheim save to a server

if you and your viking friends have already made progress on a world of valheim and you want to upload it to your new server, good news: this is perfectly possible.

If you host a world you own, simply change the -world value in start_headless_server.bat to the name of that world.

If you want to host a friend’s world, ask them to send you the .db and .fwl files of their valheim worlds folder (which can be found in appdatalocallowirongatevalheimworlds) and then save them to your valheim worlds folder, then follow the instructions above.

if you want to upload your save to a third party server, you need to upload them using ftp software like filezilla. once you’re logged in with your server credentials, upload your local ‘worlds’ folder to the server’s ‘save’ folder.

if your friend sends you a world to host, you must first copy the .db and .fwl files to your valheim worlds folder, before uploading them to the server; it won’t work if you upload them directly from your downloads folder.

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hopefully your valheim dedicated server is now up and running and you can run around the desert with your friends looking for valheim bronze, forge powerful valheim weapons and bases with our valheim building guide. can you run it? see valheim system requirements

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