How to Troubleshoot Etekcity Wi-Fi Outlet In Seconds - Robot Powered Home

How to Troubleshoot Etekcity Wi-Fi Outlet In Seconds – Robot Powered Home

the etekcity wi-fi plug is an ingenious device that allows you to control your devices wirelessly.

I’ve been enjoying my experience so far. however, it is not without some minor flaws.

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sometimes the device just won’t connect to my wi-fi network, which can be quite annoying, or it may not connect to my smart home device.

I’m using alexa right now, but I also had issues with my google assistant device.

Fortunately though, these problems have some easy solutions that are easy to fix.

Trying to find a solution for my problems with the etekcity smart plug, I realized that they are quite common.

I found several solutions on various forums, some worked for me, while others failed.

After some trial and error, I finally found the best possible solutions and selected them for you!

so how to fix etekcity wifi connection problems? Make sure your smart plug is within range of your Wi-Fi router and is configured correctly. A detailed explanation of various solutions is provided below.

etekcity wifi socket troubleshooting

The outlet being offline, or not connecting to the VeSync App are some common issues that you may face when using your Etekcity Smart outlet.

Although troubleshooting these issues is easy, it’s helpful to have detailed steps that can guide you through the process.

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Common problems and their solutions are discussed below so you can be back using your etekcity plug in minutes.

plug does not connect to vesync app

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One common problem that many users face when using Etekcity is their Wi-Fi outlet not connecting to the VeSync App.

Of course, if this happens to you, it can be quite frustrating as you won’t be able to wirelessly control your home appliances without connecting to the app.

However, solving this problem is quite simple. Before attempting to troubleshoot, make sure you are connected to a secure 2.4ghz network, with no more than 10 devices connected to the router.

If everything is in order, here’s what you can do to fix the problem yourself:

  • try to force close and then restart the app again.
  • clear the app cache
  • try to reset the wifi connection; to do so, simply unplug the outlet and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in.

find esp access point during setup

To ensure that your Etekcity Wi-Fi outlet offers smooth connectivity, you will need to find the ESP access point during the configuration. Here’s how you can access and connect to the ESP access point:

    view the esp hotspot in the list of available wi-fi networks
  • once you touch the esp hotspot to connect, you will see the led light will start to glow blue
  • > wait at least 5 minutes for the outlet to finish pairing with your phone

amazon alexa or google assistant can’t find your smart outlet

Before checking your Google Assistant or Alexa device, ensure that your outlet is not located too far away from your wi-fi router.

For the etekcity smart plug to work properly, it must be within a visible range of 50 meters from the wi-fi router.

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once you have verified that the smart outlet is plugged in correctly and within the required distance, check the settings on your google assistant or alexa device.

check if your google assistant or amazon alexa are working properly

Please note that before you can connect your etekcity smart plug to google assistant or amazon alexa, you will need to set up and authenticate your vesync account.

the point of sale is offline

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The outlet being offline is another common issue that most users face, so don’t panic if you see the same happening to you.

there are some simple ways to try to solve this problem. however, you must first make sure your wi-fi is working properly and your phone is connected to the network.

then follow these steps:

  • in your vesync app, remove or uninstall the smart plug offline
  • reset your smart plug by pressing the power button for 15 seconds, or until the led lights start flashing and the device turns off
  • reconfigure the outlet, following the instructions in the vesync app.
  • once the smart outlet is connected to your vesync app and is online, do Click on device settings and then select “update firmware” option.

what if all this doesn’t work?

In most cases, resetting the plug will fix whatever problem you’re having. If you’ve already reset your plug and it still doesn’t seem to work, make sure it’s not connected to another network.

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Please note that if you have a firewall or vpn enabled on your wi-fi router, it may cause problems when trying to connect your etekcity plug.

If all else fails, you can still contact etekcity customer support. maybe your problem needs professional help.

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frequently asked questions

how do i reset my etekcity smart plug?

To reset your etekcity smart plug, unplug the device and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in.

why can’t i connect my smart plug to wifi?

The problem may be with your phone’s settings or with the app you’re using. make sure your bluetooth, wi-fi and location settings are turned on.

how do i reset my wireless power outlet?

rest the plug by pressing and holding the power button for at least 15 seconds or until the lights on the device start flashing.

how do i reset my vesync output?

To restart your vesync output, press the power button for 15 seconds, the led light will start blinking for 10 seconds and then turn off.

how do you program an etekcity plug?

To program your etekcity plug, make sure it is plugged in and turned on; then press the programming button on the right side of the device until you see the indicator lights start flashing.

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