Quick setup and troubleshooting guide for the UPPOON WiFi extender

Quick setup and troubleshooting guide for the UPPOON WiFi extender

Quick setup and troubleshooting guide for the UPPOON WiFi extender

How to connect uppoon wifi extender

the uppoon wifi extender is a modern device that advances network coverage with 4*3dbi high gain outdoor antennas. the coverage it expands is about 5000 square feet. it can effortlessly support up to 35 devices in real time. the wall does not affect the extender signal. It will penetrate through walls effectively and thus eliminate dead spots in your office or home. A dual band repeater can deliver around 1200 Mbps throughput and reduces transmission rate crash. Create a stable high-speed network and transfer large files, HD videos and games. except for the extender, it will function as both a router and an access point.

connect any device, such as a 4k TV, desktop, printer, xbox or more, using the ethernet cable. experience streaming and gaming with a high-speed network. Easily supports Wi-Fi network with 802.11ac, 802.11b, 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11a standards. One button setup with WPS brings a relief to install it. modern security encryption of wpa/wpa2-psk protects the network from malicious activities and evades illegal access. the key features of the uppoon wireless extender are as follows.

uppoon dual band repeater functions

uppoon wifi repeater is equipped with a set of functions. the striking feature of the extender is as follows.

  • The speed and coverage it offers are superior. get around 1200mbps speed with uppoon dual band repeater. it’s capable of increasing the range up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • experience gaming and streaming even over wired connectivity. ports on the bottom offer 4k tv, desktop, printer, xbox connectivity.
  • easy to set up with wps button. Except for wps setup, it also offers you to complete the setup by web admin page. It only takes two to three minutes to establish the Wi-Fi network.
  • The built-in high-performance chip allows you to connect 35 devices in real time. Also, connect Alexa to control via voice commands. the wifi extender is very easy to install. Here are the simple steps that will guide you to install it.

uppoon wifi repeater installation

The repeater installation steps are as follows.

  • Open the upper unit case and remove the device, manual and other things. lay the extender on a flat place and remove the plastic strips.
  • now plug the extender into the wall outlet carefully. adjust the four outdoor high-gain antennas later.
  • make sure your router is turned on and you can access the internet. the position of your router should be close to the uppoon device.
  • you can configure the extender using two methods. it is by wps method and web interface method. it is simple and easy to set up. just follow the below guide to do it with wps method.

guide to configure uppoon wifi extender with wps method

wps setup allows you to do one button setup. This method is applicable only if your router has a WPS button. follow the instructions to do so.

  • press the wps button on the router for about two to five seconds.
  • now, force the wps button for two seconds on the uppoon extender as well.
  • take your smart device and search for Wi-Fi network. after waiting about thirty-five to forty seconds, you will see a router network name with _ext.
  • tap or click on it. will require a passphrase. write there the password of the router network. that’s it, the extender binds with the router securely.
  • now, place your uppoon in the middle of the router and dead center to experience the strongest internet connection.
  • Also, move closer to the extender while using the internet. must be in the coverage of the router’s network. To configure via the web interface, carefully follow the instructions below.

uppoon wifi repeater website setup steps

The other way to configure uppoon is through the web interface. this method is very useful if your router doesn’t have a wps button. follow these simple steps to do it.

  • get your smart device or computer and search for wifi network. after waiting around thirty-five to forty seconds, you will see a router network name with _ext. you can also connect ethernet cable from uppoon lan port to computer usb port.
  • start a browser like chrome, opera, safari, internet explorer etc.
  • now type a machine the uppoon wifi extender default ip address in the browse box. choose your language.
  • now enter password of uppoon wifi extender as administrator. then press login.
  • ap admin page reveals. choose repeater mode. then scan and choose the router you want to extend. click save settings after typing the password.
  • stay for about forty-five seconds and reconnect to a new network. You need to connect the network name with xxx-2g or xxx-5g by visiting the wifi settings of the device. again, type the password to do the uppoon web configuration. the login steps for the repeater are as follows.

when wifi extender login

These steps are applicable if you have already configured the repeater.

  • Launch a web browser from your PC or mobile phone.
  • Then type uppoon’s default ip address in the search box. choose the language you want.
  • now type the password of uppoon wifi repeater as administrator. then press login to access the administration page. troubleshooting guide for upppoon wifi extender is as follows.

uppoon dual band repeater manual

uppoon user manual consists of a table of contents. there is a complete detail of the installation as well as the configuration. you can configure the repeater using wps method and web interface method. troubleshooting guide along with frequently asked questions are also there. the product description with technical specifications can be seen at the beginning. it is suggested to keep the user manual in a safe place for later use.

uppoon wifi extender troubleshooting guidance

While using the repeater, you may face many problems. Some problems of uppoon wifi repeater that most users face are discussed below.

uppoon wifi extender reset

The reset operation will convert all your existing settings to factory settings. it will solve many problems. the steps to reset the repeater are as follows.

  • thumb down or insert other sharp objects into the reset hole for about three seconds.
  • release the object when the spoon extender lights up randomly.
  • the light became stable after a few seconds. it means the repeater has been restarted successfully.
any wifi extender doesn’t work

If the uppoon wifi repeater is not working, here are the steps to fix it.

  • verify that the wifi repeater is within range of the router. should be placed in the middle of the device and the router.
  • make sure you are entering the correct password.
  • you should have set up the extender perfectly.
  • make sure you have connected the repeater to the AC outlet it works.
  • if a web page can be crawled, go to settings and check the internet connection status.
  • try a connection by cable using the ethernet cable and check if it works.
  • perform the upponn wifi repeater reset operation and set it up again.
what’s wrong with wifi extender login? fix it instantly

if you are trying to follow uppoon wi-fi repeater login page and you have a problem, here are the solutions that can help you fix it.

  • make sure mobile data is turned off. you need to connect to the network with uppoon 5g or uppoon 2g.
  • try chrome, safari or firefox browser to access uppoon web interface. clear your browser history and cache.
  • if you are logging in with a pc, check the default gateway and subnet mask. it should be set to get an ip address.
  • make sure you have entered the correct login details like ip address, password etc.
  • factory reset by pressing the button held object in the reset hole.
  • if you still can’t follow the page, please contact uppoon support team.

uppoon wifi extender review

I took advantage of this offer in the amazon new years sale. installed this device in a few minutes. just plug in the extender and do a one-touch setup. coverage and speed are excellent. The antennas offer much more stable internet connectivity compared to other extenders at this price. the uppoon wifi repeater page is simple and easy to understand. works great even through walls. the multimode function offers you to configure it as a repeater and a router. Easily connects with all standard routers. I haven’t seen that great signal before with any extender. totally satisfied with this product and I recommend you buy it.

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