How to Join Yarn Together the Invisible Way (Russian Join) - Sheep and Stitch

How to Join Yarn Together the Invisible Way (Russian Join) – Sheep and Stitch

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

Today, I’m going to show you my favorite way to join threads for knitting.

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This method has been very useful to me over the years. Not a single joint has ever been undone (knock on wood!)

why do you need to join the thread?

everything that has a beginning has an end. and the same goes for the thread.

skeins inevitably run out, and when that happens, you’ll have to join new thread to your work.

There are many ways to join the ends of the yarn. some involve knots while others involve weaving in the ends.

however, two join methods stand out above the rest. they do not require knots or weaves.

They are the Russian join and the spit splice.

In this post I will show you how to work the Russian combination, the most versatile of the two combinations.

joining thread with the Russian union

With the Russian joint, you can join any type of yarn fiber.

animal, cellulose, and synthetic fibers work with the Russian bond, making it a perfect all-purpose bond.

types of fibers that can be used with the Russian Join

The Russian Join can be used to join all kinds of fibres, including animal, natural and synthetic yarns.

The Russian Join doesn’t discriminate. Yarns of any fibre, weight, colours and creed can be joined together. It’s a truly inclusive yarn join!

what you will need for the Russian union:

  • tapestry needle (the sharper the better)
  • scissors
  • two strands of thread to join

joining video tutorial in Russian

For a detailed tutorial on how to work the Russian Union from start to finish, watch the video above.

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Russian union step by step

This photo guide will walk you through the entire Russian union process.

1. weave the two threads together

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

hook the two threads you would like to join, intertwining them.

2. thread the needle

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how to join yarn in knitting russian join

thread one end of the yarn with the tapestry needle

3. place the tapestry needle

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

gently push the tapestry needle into the thread, starting at the point where the two threads meet

4. start digging into the thread

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

carefully bury the tapestry needle in the center of the thread. imagine that your needle is a tunneling squirrel on the thread. try to insert the needle in the middle so that it is completely embedded inside.

make sure you catch the thread. slightly untwisting the thread can make the digging process easier.

5. pile up the thread


Once you’ve dug in about 3 inches of thread, there will be some bunching on the needle. this is excellent. grouping is good.

6. pull the string


Pull the needle through the thread. hold the other end of the yarn to maintain stability as you pull.

7. pull the longer end of the thread

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

pull on the longest piece of yarn to distribute the bundle evenly along the strand of yarn.

8. trim and fix the thread


trim off the short end of the yarn sticking out. give the wool a few good tugs to level it out.

9. repeat on the other side

how to join yarn in knitting russian join

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repeat steps 2-8 on the other side of the yarn. in this example, start the same steps with the pink thread.

common errors and fixes with the Russian union

sometimes your slip will be baggy and loose. instead of a tight joint, you will see a gap or hole. this is not good.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this.

Take the shortest strand and pull it so it bunches up to the seam. then grab the longest string and pull it down so the bundle is spread evenly across.

As if by magic, the grouping has moved towards the joint, making it firm and secure. problem solved!

what are alternative thread joins?

Just as there is more than one way to break an egg, there are many ways to join threads.

if you are looking for the fastest way to join thread, the best option is to use the overlap method as described here.

with the overlapping method, the working yarn is overlapped with the new one and the following stitches are knitted with both yarns joined.

then drop the old thread and continue weaving with the new thread. later, weave the ends into the join and voila. easy!

The only downside to the overlapping method is that with thicker threads, the join can sometimes feel a bit bulky as two strands of thread are held together.

For the most elegant and versatile combination, my choice remains the Russian combination.

now it’s your turn:

Will you use the Russian join to join a new ball of yarn?

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or will you choose split splice or overlap method?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Joining Yarn together photos

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