How To Connect Two Soundbars Together? Full Guide 2022 - Hooke Audio

How To Connect Two Soundbars Together? Full Guide 2022 – Hooke Audio

Sound bars were invented as an affordable, portable alternative to carrying around a large, heavy home theater.

You can add a lot of low end and fill the sound in small spaces, but what if you want to connect two separate soundbars to enhance your home theater experience? well, we can tell you how to connect two soundbars?

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steps to connect two soundbars

Home theater enthusiasts can connect two sound bars to listen to two different sound sources produced simultaneously by one sound system.

both soundbars must have at least one output and one input connector. these connectors are standard on most sound bar sound systems.

These are the steps to connect the soundbars.

1. find the sockets for both soundbars

To connect two sound bars, the first thing you need to do is locate the output connector of your first sound system. most home sound systems, fortunately, have these connectors. these will typically be soundbars located at the back of your system. manufacturers usually label it as output (or headphones).

It would also be helpful to look for the input jack on the second soundbar. it can be found on either side of the system, marked input and microphone.

2. connect the audio cables

The audio cable can be taken from one end and plugged into the output jack of the first sound bar. once you’re done, connect the other end of the audio cable to the microphone jack on the second soundbar.

Steps to Connect Two two separate audio feeds Together

3. turn on the soundbars

once you’ve reconnected the audio cables, turn on both sound systems. you can now switch soundbars from the first to the second.

The sound system settings may be adjusted differently depending on the model you are using. sometimes you will need to adjust the soundbars auxiliary, audio input or line input. then you can position the soundbars correctly.

will allow you to switch from the first sound system to the second.

4. set configuration

This is the last step in connecting two sound systems. adjust the volume and equalization settings of the first sound system.

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This will allow you to follow all applicable moderations for your system.

an equalizer set too high will result in poor sound quality coming from your sound bar. you must adjust the equalization and volume settings correctly on the remote. this will allow you to enjoy the full potential that your soundbars offer.

connect two soundbars? It’s possible!

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Two separate rooms are different and have different models and brands of televisions. some people wonder if they should buy a sound bar.

not sure if the sound bar will work together with your TV.

can you connect your soundbar’s sound system to a projector?

Projectors are often used as home theater screens. projectors can project a larger image than television screens.

There are also many sound systems. In general, sound bars are the only ones that offer many audio inputs and outputs, as well as convenience. therefore, it is ideal to connect your sound bars with your projector.

also soundbars or standalone projectors have 3.5mm trrs connectors and rca connectors as the main connection.

both are compatible. You can connect the projector’s 3.5mm output to your sound bars’ RCA inputs. you will need an adapter that fits your needs.

Can You Connect Your Soundbar Sound System to a Projector

First, turn off all sound bars and other devices before connecting them to the projector. then connect the left and right rca cables to the projector’s rca outputs. you can also connect a 3.5mm extension cable to the projector’s 3.5mm audio output.

You can also connect the other end of the optical audio cables to the respective inputs on your projector. connect input devices to your projector and then turn them on.

You can also set the sound output of the projector to analog. this step requires that you also configure the soundbar’s analog input.

tips for choosing a soundbar for your TV

You may be interested in upgrading your home theater audio system after all is said and done. A sound bar is the best option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space but can enhance your audio experience.

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Before you buy your soundbar, it’s essential to understand how to get the best unit.

the type of sound bar

Price is a critical factor in the differences between soundbars. this makes it more difficult to buy. it would be helpful if you asked questions to narrow down your choices.

Are you looking for a movie theater experience or better TV sound?

You can also use some sound bars to listen to music. It would be better if you look for a sound bar that supports music playback. the function can be wireless, bluetooth or built-in.

each requirement has its own model of sound bar. Before purchasing one, it is essential to fully understand its requirements.

dialog improvement

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A sound bar will make the sound on your TV louder, more powerful and more accurate. That’s why you will clearly hear human voices in series and movies.

Some people have trouble understanding dialogue if there are background sounds around them. some soundbars have a dialog enhancement feature. this feature enhances the volume and quality of voices over any other sound the TV is emitting.

Tips in Choosing a Soundbar for your Television

space consumption

Most sound bars on the market are small enough that they don’t block the TV when placed in front of it. you can still mount soundbars on the wall. make sure you get one with keyhole slots or brackets.

surround sound function

Natural surround sound systems have receivers that can decode sound signals from television, series, and movie soundtracks. the receiver will send different signals to each speaker.

A sound bar can also decode sound signals, similar to surround sound systems. most of these sounds are limited to 5.1 channel formats. sound bars distribute sound differently.

A sound bar can also have between two and thirteen small speakers, or even more. these speakers are often simply referred to as drivers.

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the drivers do not transmit discrete sound to different speakers. instead, the soundbar picks up the surround sound signal. the soundbar will split the signal between its onboard drivers.

frequently asked questions

can you daisy chain the sound bars?

technically, yes. however, it’s not clear whether you want to go quadraphonic (one soundbar behind and one in front for the 4.0), 5.1, or some other weird setup. you didn’t explain it in detail soundbars are usually paired with two wireless rear speakers that fill the rear channels.

Can you daisy chain sound bars

can two tvs use one soundbar?

as suggested, using an optical splitter is the best option. Two wireless subwoofers may not connect to the same soundbar at the same time, which could cause a pairing issue. you may not notice an increase in power.

If the second subwoofer is positioned correctly, it will provide smoother bass, better quality audio sounds and an additional 3db of volume.

can additional speakers be added to a soundbar?

The soundbar does not have audio or speaker outputs. hardware that can work independently without additional cables or speakers. you can’t connect additional speakers unless you redesign your soundbar.


Sound bars make great home theater equipment, but they’re often small and lack the kind of power some people want.

But when it comes to connecting two sound systems, there are ways around this problem, making it easy to pair with other wireless rear speakers. By connecting the sound source from one sound system to a second system, home audio addicts can listen to two separate audio sources through a single set of speakers at the same time.

If you can’t find your system here, check out our soundbar buying guide to make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs.

hooke audio I hope you enjoyed this article; please leave your comments below.

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