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Twinkly Support — Polygroup

Twinkly Support — Polygroup

How to connect twinkly to wifi

configuring twinkly for the first time

simply connect twinkly to power supply to turn it on.

The round button on the controller lets you swipe through a gallery of preset effects, but to turn on the magic and make your decor really smart, you need to download the twinkly app for tablets and smartphones.

That way you can twinkly connect to your smartphone, manage effects, design new ones, and much more!

Setting up twinklyTo set up twinkly for the first time, follow this guided procedure.

You don’t need to connect to the local wi-fi network to use twinkly, but it’s a good idea to do so, then you can use all the features that make twinkly really special.

Check that you have access to the mobile network and the local Wi-Fi network on your smartphone. (This is not strictly necessary to use twinkly, but is useful for accessing the full set of features.)

Make sure you have your local Wi-Fi network password handy.

download the mobile appthe app is available on the app store and the google play store. The minimum requirements to use the twinkly app are:

  • for ios devices: ios 10 or later

    for android devices: android 4.4 or later, please note that there is currently no version of the twinkly app available for windows devices. If you have already downloaded the Twinkly app, make sure you have the latest update! We update the app regularly to make your experience even more amazing!

    set up your lights and turn on your twinklyset up your twinkly however you like. Make sure most of your LED lights are visible to get the most out of your smart décor. connect it to the power supply and turn it on. A green and blue light will illuminate on the controller. this tells you that both lights are working. wait about 10 seconds for the green light to stay on permanently.

    Twinkly connect directly to your smartphone over your Wi-Fi networkEach Twinkly device can develop its own Wi-Fi signal that allows it to talk to your smartphone. check that wi-fi networks are activated on your smartphone. scroll down the list and select the network broadcast by your twinkly device, displayed as “twinkly_xxxxxx”.

    change the name of your twinklycongratulations! twinkly is now connected to your smartphone! To make things easier, you can rename your twinkly now. if you add others over time, you can easily identify them. To manage more than one twinkly from the same smartphone, you must link them to a local Wi-Fi network.

    connect your twinkly to your local wi-fi network.twinkly is now connected to your smartphone via its own wi-fi network. clicking “connect to your local network” means you can twinkly connect to your local network to make things easier for you (you can twinkly and access the network at the same time and you won’t have to repeat the network switching operations again). Wifi). Also, when Twinkly is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can create Twinkly groups and control Twinkly remotely using devices like Google Home.

    select deviceopen twinkly app, access menu > devices and select your twinkly. by clicking on “twinkly_xxxxxx”, you can see that your network is actually called “direct”. If you can’t see any twinkly in the list, check that you are directly connected to your twinkly network from your smartphone’s wi-fi settings menu.

    scan for available networks and connect to your favouriteclick “network: direct” the app will scan for available local wi-fi networks. select the one you want to connect your twinkly to .type the password and click: “connect”.

    Please note that this process may take up to 30 seconds.

    Congratulations! your twinkly is now connected to your local wi-fi network. a solid blue light will come on on the controller.

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