How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote in seconds - Robot Powered Home

How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote in seconds – Robot Powered Home

How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote in seconds – Robot Powered Home

How to connect tv without remote

Losing your remote is one of the most painful things you can go through in your TV viewing experience, but what if everything could get worse from there?

That’s exactly what happened last week when I lost my remote and my TV disconnected from Wi-Fi.

After losing internet, the TV stopped broadcasting what I was watching.

I had to connect my TV to Wi-Fi ASAP, and searching for the remote could wait.

so I jumped on the internet to find out if I could get my TV back on wifi without a remote and, if possible, how I could get it to work.

This guide is the result of that research to help you connect your TV to Wi-Fi without using a remote.

To connect your TV to Wi-Fi without a remote, connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV and use the mouse to go to the TV’s Wi-Fi settings to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

connect a usb mouse to your tv to control it

Most TVs nowadays have USB ports that you can find on either the sides of the TV or on the back.

They are usually included so you can connect your storage media, such as a hard drive or usb flash drive, and play the content on that media.

Some Smart TVs also support connecting a mouse and keyboard, which you can use to navigate the interface.

To find out if your TV allows you to do that, get a USB keyboard and mouse and plug them into the USB ports on the TV.

use the mouse and keyboard and see if the TV detects it.

If so, go to your TV’s Wi-Fi settings and connect it to your Wi-Fi.

connect your TV to your router using an ethernet cable

If you don’t have a USB keyboard or mouse lying around, you can try connecting the TV to your network with an ethernet cable.

First, check if your TV has an ethernet port; they’re pretty easy to spot, but use the image above for reference if you’re confused.

if you have one, get an ethernet cable long enough to reach the tv from your router.

If you don’t have one, I suggest you get the dbillionda cat8 ethernet cable.

get the longest one to be safe and connect one end to the router and the other end to the ethernet port on the TV.

Check if your TV has reconnected to the internet.

use the companion smartphone app to control the TV

Once you get your TV onto the internet, you can use your phone as a remote with the companion apps that most Smart TV brands have.

lg tv

Go to your phone’s app market, search for the lg tv plus app and install it.

open the app and select your TV.

proceed to device scan, make sure your TV and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

The app will automatically find your smart TV and complete the steps below to finish pairing the app with your TV.

samsung tv

You can only control Samsung TVs through your phone if you have a Smart Things Hub and the TV is added to your hub.

to start using your phone as a remote with your samsung tv:

  1. open smartthings app
  2. go to menu > all devices.
  3. select your TV.
  4. the remote will appear on your phone.

sony tv

Using your phone to control your Sony TV is pretty easy too; you just have to connect the tv and the phone to the same wifi network.

  1. search for the tv sideview app in your phone’s app market.
  2. download the app and open it.
  3. follow the instructions in the app to find the tv on your network and connect to it.

vizio tv

Download the tv remote control app for vizio tv from your phone’s app market.

Install and launch the app, but before you start pairing, make sure both devices are connected to the same network.

Follow the instructions in the app to sync with the TV.

roku tv

Install the roku mobile app from the play store or app store.

After making sure both devices are connected to the same network, proceed to pair the app with your Roku TV.

Follow the instructions in the app to pair your phone with your TV.

if your roku won’t connect to the wireless network, you can fix it by restarting your roku tv.

this should also take care of your roku connecting to wi-fi but still not working.

connect your TV to a mobile hotspot

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a regular WiFi connection at home.

Smart TVs can still use the Wi-Fi hotspot that your phone can provide to connect to the internet.

Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone’s settings screen.

connect your TV to the hotspot as you would any other Wi-Fi hotspot.

Note that smart TVs use a lot of data when streaming content, especially in 4k, so make sure your phone plan has enough data or try not to stream in high quality.

final thoughts

Smart TVs without internet are just as useful as regular TVs, which is why it is important for them to stay connected to the internet.

But smart TVs aren’t the only ones that can connect to your Wi-Fi.

you can connect your old non-smart tv to wi-fi by getting a fire tv stick or google chromecast, effectively turning a regular tv into a smart tv.

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frequently asked questions

how can i connect my phone to my tv without a remote?

You can connect your phone to your TV without a remote by installing the companion app for your TV.

First, make sure the TV and phone are on the same network, and then start pairing the TV with the phone.

how do i connect my phone with my tv?

Install the companion app for your phone and pair the phone with the TV.

make sure both devices are on the same network.

how can i connect my android phone to my non-smart tv?

To connect your android phone to your non-smart tv, get a streaming device like a chromecast or fire tv stick to make your tv “smarter”.

After that, you can connect your phone to your TV and stream content to it.

how can i make my phone mhl compatible?

unfortunately there is no way to make your phone mhl compatible as you need a special component in your phone for mhl to work.

how do i connect my phone to my tv via usb without hdmi?

For specific TV models, you can stream your phone to your TV via USB and not HDMI.

To make sure your TV can do this, check your TV’s manual.

once you identify that you can, connect the usb cable to your phone and tv.

change the usb settings on your phone for file transfers.

Open the media player on the TV and select media.

then select photo, video or music.

From the folders that appear, select the content you want to view.

To do this, you must have what you want to see on your phone.

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