How to Activate Tubi on your Smart TV: Easy Guide - Robot Powered Home

How to Activate Tubi on your Smart TV: Easy Guide – Robot Powered Home

How to Activate Tubi on your Smart TV: Easy Guide – Robot Powered Home

How to connect tubi to tv

I mainly used tubi to watch shows on channels I don’t watch too often and didn’t seem like the rest of the content was worth paying for.

When I upgraded my smart TV, I also had to install tubi, so I tried to figure out how I could activate the service on that TV.

I went to the tubi support website and asked on some user forums to understand the most direct method.

After being satisfied with my research, several hours later I successfully activated Tubi on my new TV using what I had learned.

This article will tell you exactly how I did it, and will also tell you how you can activate tubi on other devices you may have connected to your TV.

To activate tubi on your smart TV, enter the code you get when you launch the app on your TV at the tubi activation website. then log in to your tubi account on the website to start watching.

Read on to find out if your device is compatible with tubi and what is the easiest method to activate the service if it is.

what devices can run tubi?

Almost every smart device that can have apps installed has Tubi available for download from their app stores or the Tubi website itself.

in usa In the US, most devices are supported, but you can check the list below to see if your specific device is supported.

  • apple tv 4th generation.
  • apple iphone, ipad
  • amazon echo show
  • all android smartphones and tablets.
  • amazon fire tv, fire stick and fire stick 4k.
  • amazon fire tablets and fire phone.
  • chromecast and chromecast with google tv.
  • google nest hub
  • comcast xfinity x1, cox contour.
  • xbox one, series s and series x.
  • tivos
  • roku streaming devices and roku tv.
  • samsung and sony smart tv.
  • nvidia shield
  • sony ubp-x700; upp-x800; ubp-x1000es blu-ray players.
  • sony playstation 4 and 5.
  • most browsers on pc and mac.
  • vizio smartcast and others smart TVs.

If your device is listed, you can find the app in your device’s app store, and if your device isn’t listed, you can mirror a compatible device to the device you want to watch tubi on. , assuming both devices can connect to wi-fi.

creating an account on tubi

To use Tubi, you need to create an account with them, which is free to do.

once you have created and verified your account, you will be able to use this account on any tubi compatible device.

to create an account on tubi:

  1. go to
  2. click sign up in the upper right corner.
  3. select sign up via facebook or register by email.
  4. complete the form and follow the rest of the instructions to create your account.

after creating an account, you can proceed to pair and activate tubi on your smart TV.

log in with an activation code

Like most streaming service apps on smart TVs, tubi requires an activation code to link your smart TV to your tubi account.

a code is used because you won’t need to enter a password or email address using a tv remote, which can get quite tedious and cumbersome quickly.

When you launch the tubi app after installing it on your system, you will see the activation code you will need to get tubi on your device.

to finish activating tubi on your smart tv:

  1. write down the code displayed on the TV screen.
  2. go to the tubi activation page.
  3. enter the code you just wrote down.
  4. Sign in to your tubi account to start watching on your smart TV.

The activation method for almost all other tubi compatible devices follows this same method, especially with devices that have keyboards that are difficult to use.

activating on roku

Activating Tubi on a Roku device or Roku TV follows almost the same method that you followed with other smart TVs

  1. launch the roku channel store .
  2. find tubi channel using search.< /li
  3. select add channel to install it.
  4. start tubi and write down the code.
  5. go to tubi’s page activation.
  6. Enter the code you just wrote down.
  7. Sign in to your tubi account to start watching on your roku.

activation on game consoles

On consoles, Tubi offers you the choice to log in with your email address or use the code method that we had used before.

If you have a keyboard attached to the console, you can opt for the above method as you don’t have to go to another device to complete activation.

for xbox users who can use the email method:

  1. launch the tubi app.
  2. select sign in, then sign in by email.
  3. Enter your tubi account email and password combination.
  4. select sign in.

code method:

  1. launch the tubi app.
  2. select sign in, then sign in to the web.
  3. follow the console instructions and go to the tubi activation page.
  4. click sign in.
  5. enter your tubi account email and password combination.
  6. enter the code displayed by the xbox and press submit.
  7. go back to your xbox and check if you are logged in.

playstation users can only use the activation code method below:

  1. run the tubi app.
  2. select sign in in the top row of the app.
  3. select register or link account.
  4. an activation code will appear.
  5. go to the tubi activation page.
  6. enter the code i just wrote down.
  7. sign in to your tubi account to start watching on your playstation console.

final thoughts

tubi is free to use and always will be for the foreseeable future, as they are monetized through ads that run while you watch their content.

if someone asks you to pay for tubi, they are wrong, and recently there have been scams that make you pay to use tubi or roku, which is provably false.

If you ever have problems with the app, try restarting the app and the TV or other device you’re watching just in case to try to fix the problem.

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frequently asked questions

where do i enter my tubi activation code?

You will need to enter the activation code that the tubi app gives you on the tubi activation website on your phone or computer.

once you enter this code and log in to your tubi account, you can start watching on the device that showed you that code.

can i have tubi on my samsung smart tv?

tubi is available for download on samsung smart TVs.

check samsung app store under video category or use search function to find tubi app.

how do i log in to tubi on my tv?

Launch the tubi app on your TV to sign in to tubi.

then use the code on the tubi activation website and sign in to your tubi account to activate the service on your TV.

do you need a smart tv for tubi?

You’ll need a smart TV or streaming device connected to a regular TV to watch tubi.

This is because the tubi app needs to be connected to the internet to stream its content.

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