How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network on an Android Device

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network on an Android Device

  • You can connect to wi-fi on an android device through the “connections” (or “network and internet”) menu, found in your settings app.</ li
  • if you try to connect to a wi-fi network that is blocked, you will need its password. some networks may also require you to sign in through your internet browser.
  • once your android phone or tablet has connected to a wi-fi network, it will become automatically connect to that network whenever it’s in range.
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If you have a limit on the amount of mobile data you can use, you need to know how to connect your android phone to a Wi-Fi network. Using Wi-Fi won’t cost you anything, won’t count toward your data limit, and will often give you faster internet speeds.

Connecting your android phone or tablet to wi-fi is a quick and easy process. and once your android recognizes a network, it will store the password of that network and automatically reconnect whenever it is in range.

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here’s how to connect.

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how to connect to wifi on an android device

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1. Open the android settings app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and selecting it.

2. tap the word “connections”.

3. in the new menu, tap “wi-fi” and then look under the “available networks” heading.

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4. select the Wi-Fi network you want by touching it. if it is locked, enter your password and then tap “connect”.

if you try to connect to the wi-fi network in certain public places (this includes sports stadiums, airports, libraries and more), you may also have to accept the terms and conditions of the network. You can usually do this by opening your internet browser and trying to load a new page, where you will be automatically redirected to the Wi-Fi login page.

To disconnect from a Wi-Fi network, tap the name of the network you’re currently connected to on the screen shown above and tap “forget”.

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