Mobile Devices and WiFi | University of Houston-Clear Lake

Mobile Devices and WiFi | University of Houston-Clear Lake

uhcl’s private network is available only to students, faculty, and staff. this is an encrypted and authenticated network that requires the use of your uhcl network login to access. use your domainuserid and password combination to login to the uhclprivate wireless network.

faculty and staff domain:– uhcl (eg uhcluserid)

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student domain: – pclab (eg pclabuserid)

uhcl private wifi settings

ssid: uhclprivate

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authentication method: wpa or wpa2-enterprise (depending on availability on your Wi-Fi enabled device)

data encryption: tkip or aes (aes preferred)

other settings: uncheck the box to validate the server certificate and do not authenticate using the windows login account or as a guest.

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