How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App - Starlink Hardware

How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App – Starlink Hardware

How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App – Starlink Hardware

How to connect to starlink wifi

starlink users now have the ability to remotely connect to their starlink router from anywhere in the world. With a recent software update, users can now view their system statistics remotely.

You probably missed this feature in the app because starlink didn’t really make it obvious or easy to understand. that’s why we created this step-by-step guide to help you.

why would I want to connect remotely?

Before we start, I’ll give you an example where the ability to connect the app remotely would be useful:

Let’s say you have family or friends at home but you’re at work. you get a text message saying the internet is down. the kids need to do their homework, the wife needs to participate in a zoom meeting. being able to connect remotely to your starlink system allows you to troubleshoot some basic issues and get your internet back.

starlink remote connection: step by step guide

step 1: open the starlink app

make sure you are disconnected from your starlink wifi network. connect to mobile data or another Wi-Fi network. then open the starlink app.

step 2: tap the account profile icon

You will see disconnected in the app, which is normal. To start a remote connection, click on the account profile icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Step 3: Confirm that the app is trying to connect remotely

On the app’s account profile page, you’ll see your account details. just below the logout button, you should see connecting to your starlink remotely. if it does, proceed. if not confirm you are disconnected from starlink wifi. Also confirm that you have internet connectivity via cellular or another Wi-Fi network.

step 4: close account profile to control starlink remotely

Tap the x button at the top left to close the account profile settings. you should now see a status of online. if it does, you’re connected remotely! Also note the blue icon that appears on the account profile icon, indicating a remote connection.

are you still offline? go back to step 2. before proceeding to step 3, try waiting 10 seconds on the app account profile page. still not working? Please make sure your app is on the latest version and your starlink firmware is up to date.

speed test

The first thing you’ll notice is that the speed test icon is not available when connecting remotely. This is because your mobile device is not actually on the Starlink network for speed testing.

If you click the stats icon and try to speed test that way, it will fail. internet phone test will test your cellular speed, not starlink. the internet router speed test will not run in remote connection mode.


click the statistics icon to view network statistics, including uptime and usage.

devices, settings, etc.

When you’re remotely connected to your starlink, you’ll also have access to connected devices, settings, and support. you can do things like preheat your plate for an upcoming blizzard. or maybe you need to save the dish to reset the connection for troubleshooting. Most settings and features are available in remote connection mode.

Features like speed test or clog check will not be available when connecting remotely as they require your phone to be connected to the starlink wifi network.

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