How To Pair Mpow Headphones And Earbuds To Bluetooth? [Easy Quick Guide]

How To Pair Mpow Headphones And Earbuds To Bluetooth? [Easy Quick Guide]

How To Pair Mpow Headphones And Earbuds To Bluetooth? [Easy Quick Guide]

How to connect to mpow headphones

There are many brands that make headphones and earphones, but only a few brands make the best of these devices.

One such brand is mpow, which makes some of the best headphones, earphones, and speakers with superior hi-fi stereo music. these easily connect to your bluetooth devices so you can enjoy using them anytime.

How To Pair Mpow Headphones And Earbuds To Bluetooth?

How To Pair Mpow Headphones And Earbuds To Bluetooth?

How to Pair Mpow Headphones to Bluetooth?

To pair mpow bluetooth earphones and headphones, you will need

  1. make sure your device and your bluetooth earphones or headphones are close to each other
  2. turn on your earphones or headphones by pressing the multifunction button for a few seconds
  3. the led on your bluetooth headphones/earphones will start flashing red and then start flashing blue alternately
  4. now open the device you want to connect your mpow headphones/earphones with, like phone, ipad, laptop
  5. turn on bluetooth on your device and let it search for your mpow headphones /headphones
  6. once both devices detect each other, you may receive a pairing request or pairing code
  7. enter 0000 (four zeros) which is a default code unless you have previously configured something
  8. this should end the pairing process
  9. once the devices are paired, you will see a blue indicator flashing. on some of the mpow models, you may also hear a voice prompt saying “your headset is connected”

Your bluetooth headphones/earphones are now successfully paired and ready to use. check and adjust the volume before you start playing your music. In case the pairing was unsuccessful, you will have to repeat all the steps from the beginning one more time.

After using your headphones/earphones, don’t forget to turn them off, because the next time you turn them on again, they will default to your last paired device.

how to pair mpow earphones with iphone/ipad/mac?

  1. keep your iphone and bluetooth headphones/earphones close to each other
  2. make sure your headphones/earphones are turned on, including your iphone
  3. now turn on bluetooth on your headphones or earphones mpow
  4. on your phone go to bluetooth settings menu and turn it on <

connecting mpow headphones/earphones to all your devices is quite simple and pretty much the same.

how to pair mpow headphones/earphones with bluetooth on windows computer?

in case you want to connect your bluetooth earphones/headphones to windows systems, here is what you need to follow

  • turn on your headset by pressing the multifunction/power/bluetooth button
  • now turn on your windows laptop
  • keep the laptop and your bluetooth headphones/earphones close to each other
  • open the system bluetooth settings menu in your windows
  • now click “bluetooth and other devices”
  • click show bluetooth devices
  • Once you see your device name listed, click on it and let both devices pair with each other

how to connect mpow headphones/earphones to your computer without bluetooth support?

to connect your mpow headset to a computer that does not have bluetooth capability

  • first, insert a bluetooth adapter into your computer. without an adapter, this process will not work
  • now install the bluetooth driver on your computer, eg ivt
  • a Once the bluetooth driver is installed, towards the top right corner of the screen you will see a bluetooth icon
  • click the icon to start a bluetooth connection on your computer
  • wait for the icon to turn blue. once the blue light is steady, right click on it to show the classic interface
  • now click find headphones near you
  • turn on your mpow headphones/earphones
  • once the computer can search for the headphones/earphones, right click once more and select “pair”
  • once the headphones have been successfully paired, select the high quality audio option on the screen to ensure good sound quality output

Most of mpow bluetooth headphone devices come with an excellent feature that allows your mpow devices to connect with two smartphones or two devices at the same time.

This means that if you’re working with two headsets at the same time, then you may not need to spend on buying an extra pair of bluetooth headsets for the second device.

how to connect your mpow bluetooth headset to two devices at the same time?

To connect your mpow headphones/earphones to two devices at the same time, you need to follow the given steps carefully

  • turn on your headphones/earphones and turn on bluetooth by continuously pressing the power button
  • turn on bluetooth on the first device you want to pair with your headphones/earphones
  • make sure you keep both devices close to each other
  • now select the mpow name of the headphones/earphones in your bluetooth list and start pairing the devices
  • once both devices are paired with each other, turn off the headphones/earphones and at the same time turn on turn off bluetooth on your first device
  • now turn on the second device you want to pair with your mpow headphones/earphones
  • turn on bluetooth on your second bluetooth headset
  • now pair your second device with the headset/headset following the same method as e before
  • once the device and earphones/headphones are paired with each other or another, turn on bluetooth on your first device once again and select mpow earphones/headphones from the bluetooth pairing list
  • headphones/earphones will now connect to both earphones at the same time

If you have any difficulty pairing your mpow bluetooth headset with any of your headsets even after following the steps above, you may need to troubleshoot your bluetooth connections.

Mpow Swift Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Swift Bluetooth Headphones

How to Troubleshoot your existing Bluetooth Connections?

The first thing to do while troubleshooting your bluetooth connections is

  • make sure your device and headphones are fully charged
  • clean the list of existing paired bluetooth devices from your bluetooth device list.< Please note that a mpow headphone/earphone storage chip can only memorize up to a maximum of 8 devices. if the earphones/earphones were connected to more devices than the indicated number before, then the earphones/earphones can no longer be searched
  • during such a situation, please reset the earphones/earphones to factory settings bluetooth to default
  • restart the pairing process from the beginning

If problems persist, you may need to restart the bluetooth headset device that you were trying to pair with your headphones/earphones. Once it’s done, start searching for the mpow earbuds/earbuds once again and continue the pairing process until both earbuds are paired.

alternative video: how to pair mpow bluetooth earphones and headphones?


It’s really fun to listen to high-quality audio with a good bluetooth earphone or headset, especially when the sound quality of the wireless headphones is excellent and managing them is also easy.

Headphones that work on wireless technology are prone to problems, but the main problem is incorrect pairing of bluetooth headphones. With this article, you will learn the proper method of headset pairing.

We really hope you enjoyed reading our article today and found it useful. If you ever get stuck connecting your mpow headphones/earphones in the future, we hope this article can guide you and fix the issues. Before you go, if you are facing issue with airpods blinking orange, here is a guide!

mpow headset and earphone pairing FAQ

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