How To Set Up Messenger Kids Parental Controls | Bark

How To Set Up Messenger Kids Parental Controls | Bark

How To Set Up Messenger Kids Parental Controls | Bark

How to connect to messenger kids

messenger kids is a free video calling and messaging app for smartphones and tablets. Parents control the contact list and kids have access to features like filters, stickers, and games. With Messenger Kids, you have the tools to manage your child’s online experience.

messenger parental controls guide for kids

each child’s messenger kids account is managed through their parent’s or guardian’s facebook account.

  • Supervised Friends: Parents manage the contact list and can monitor friends’ activity on the main dashboard.
  • Sleep Mode: Sleep mode allows parents to control what days and times your kids can use the app.
  • block and report: kids can block or report people at any time. doing so will notify parents so they can register.
  • download your child’s information: you can request a copy of your child’s messenger kids information including their contact list, messages, pictures and videos.
  • activity monitoring
    • recent contacts and chat history: see who your child is chatting with and how often in the last 30 days
    • log Images in chat: See the most recent photos and videos your child has sent and received. If you think an image or video is inappropriate, you can remove it from your child’s device and report it

    how to manage your child’s messenger account for kids

    You can manage your kid’s kids messenger account using the main panel.

    to access the main panel on an android or iphone:

    1. open the facebook app.
    2. tap , then scroll down and tap messenger kids.
    3. tap your child’s picture under messenger kids accounts .
    4. You will notice that your dashboard is organized into three tabs:

      • touch activity to see your child’s contacts, groups, reports, blocked contacts and recent pictures in chats.
      • touch contacts to add and remove contacts.
      • touch controls to access parental controls and add additional parents or guardians.

      note: your dashboard will only display information about current contacts.

      to access the main panel on a computer:

      1. Log in to your facebook account.
      2. From your news feed, navigate to the explore section on the left side of your home page.
      3. click messenger kids. (note: if you don’t see it, click see more… and scroll down to find it).
      4. click your child’s name on the left.

      note: some main panel features are only available on mobile devices at this time.

      how to use the supervised friendship function

      With supervised friendship, parents can choose to allow their children to also accept, reject, add or delete contacts, while maintaining the ability to override any new contact approval from the main panel. When a child performs a friend action, parents will be notified via messenger and can undo any new connections made by going to the main panel, where they will also be able to see a log of recent activities.

      You can choose how to monitor friendship by selecting one of the friendship controls:

      • my child can choose contacts: your child will be able to add and remove people in their contact list and will be notified each time. she will still be able to add and remove contacts through the main panel
      • only i can choose contacts: adding and deleting contacts can only be done from the main panel within facebook. if there is another parent/guardian managing her child’s account, she will also be able to edit her child’s contact list. learn how to add or remove another parent.

      to change how you monitor the friendship:

      1. from the facebook app, tap .
      2. tap messenger kids.
      3. under messenger kids accounts, tap your child’s name.
      4. touch controls .
      5. touch friendship.
      6. touch next to my child can choose contacts or only I can choose contacts.

      (note: when you change the way you monitor your child’s friendship, all parents on the account will be notified).

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