How to Connect an iPhone to Wi-Fi in 2 Different Ways

How to Connect an iPhone to Wi-Fi in 2 Different Ways

How to Connect an iPhone to Wi-Fi in 2 Different Ways

How to connect to iphone wifi

Video How to connect to iphone wifi
  • You can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi in a few simple steps, whether you’re connecting to a visible, listed, or hidden network.
  • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network can be done in an iPhone’s Settings app or in your Control Center, but you’ll need to review your settings to connect to a Wi-Fi network. network for the first time.
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Whether you’re a new iPhone user setting up your phone for the first time or need to connect to a new network, knowing how to find a connection to a specific Wi-Fi network is an essential step. Wi-Fi allows users to connect to the Internet through a router or network without using mobile data.

all generations of iphones have the ability to connect to wi-fi. Doing so is simple and can be done in a few steps, whether you’re trying to connect to a public, private, or hidden Wi-Fi network. here’s how to do it.

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how to connect your iphone to a visible wifi network

1. startup settings, shown here using an iphone x.

2. Scroll to find Wi-Fi in the settings menu and touch.

3. Make sure the Wi-Fi button is turned on first (if it is, the slider will turn green).

4. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to by touching the name.

5. enter the password of the selected Wi-Fi network.

6. Tap join in the top right corner.

how to connect your iphone to a hidden wi-fi network

1. Launch setup from your iphone home screen.

2. tap Wi-Fi.

3. scroll to the bottom of the listed networks and then tap “other…”

4. type the name of the network (it is case sensitive, so be sure to type it exactly).

5. Next, select the type of network security you entered.

6. After selecting the security type, touch “other network” to return to the previous screen.

7. type the password.

8. Tap “join” in the top right corner.

To tell if you’re connected, make sure there’s a blue checkmark next to the network name.

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