8 Solutions To Reconnect Govee Lights To Bluetooth. - Smart Home Generation

8 Solutions To Reconnect Govee Lights To Bluetooth. – Smart Home Generation

govee provides various connected home devices including lighting such as smart led bulbs and led strip lights. these two products offer too many features like the ability to change color and adjust brightness, remote control from mobile app, automation and also. lower power consumption.

some bulbs and govee strips only work with bluetooth, so it will be a headache when the lights don’t connect to bluetooth, which can happen frequently and the user will lose the ability to remote control, and access the lights from the application be impossible.

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There are many reasons that can cause your govee lights to disconnect from bluetooth, such as the distance between your mobile phone and the lamp, interference from another device, the phone battery is too low, or there is a problem in the bulb or strip.

troubleshoot a govee light not connecting to bluetooth.

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so our main topic in the following sections is how to troubleshoot your lamp or govee strip not connecting to bluetooth and how to reconnect it to your smartphone.

  • check the battery of your mobile: the first thing you should do when you are controlling the bulbs or govee strips from your smartphone and the bluetooth does not connect is to check the battery of the phone, as battery power runs out, bluetooth stops working, so you need to recharge the battery to restore the connection.
  • stay in bluetooth range: the range of the bluetooth connection is about 30 feet (10 meters) and this distance will vary depending on the obstacles (person, metal, wall, etc.), so make sure the control device (phone or tablet) is not too far away from govee lamps.
  • eliminate causes of interference: when govee lamps communicate with “govee home app” via bluetooth communication protocol, they should be far away from interfering devices that they can be on the same spectrum as microwave ovens, wi-fi wireless speakers, neighboring bluetooth devices.
  • restart your smartphone or tablet: if you are checking your govee bulbs and strips from a mobile phone or tablet and you are facing bluetooth connectivity issues, please try to restart them as the problem may come from the internal hardware.

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