Connecting to Eero pro through web interface. - Questions & answers - eero Community

Connecting to Eero pro through web interface. – Questions & answers – eero Community

after moving from an asus rt-ac3100 and ac86u that can’t connect reliably or maintain a stable connection, it’s refreshing to have the eero pro’s.

For those with connection issues, try resetting them to factory settings and reconnecting to eero. this was needed for my kasa and belkin switches, 1/3 nest hubs, and an ecobee. luckily the other google home, doorbell, and (no surprises) echo and echo show all worked fine after a simple wifi switch.

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On my fairly slow 150mbps connection (in the outer suburbs) I average 135mbps, while I was getting a max of 73mbps on any previous router be it my surface pro, ipad/iphone or tab a.

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At first, I missed having a web UI, especially when it came to troubleshooting connection issues, I felt like I was in a box. but after all the issues were resolved and the devices were rebooted or reconnected to eero, I was still a bit annoyed, but not mad about not having a UI.

For techies hoping eero will offer a web UI, here’s a weird story…

My co-worker mods cars as a hobby and never keeps a car for more than a year or two. instead of buying a single reliable car, he imports from japan “awesome used cars that are “cheap” (15-20k) with an xyz turbo that doesn’t exist in n/a models, etc.” then every week he tells me about the problems he has and why he couldn’t get to work on time. having poured a ton of cash into a modified and mostly functional car, he flips it at a loss, then repeats.

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has “modder itch” and I think that applies here as well. after years of slow connections and drops from almost any brand and price range, I am at the point of being happy with a fast and reliable connection much more than having a web UI. in fact, now that everything is working, i just use the app to check the bandwidth graphs for each device and see if there are any unknown devices connected.

If you absolutely can’t live without a web UI, you should definitely return eero and get one that has one. and here’s my reasoning (from experience with other products): this is going to be a sticking point that won’t go away until i turn it off because eero is marketed towards simplicity the same way iphones are locked down with a “garden” app walled”. store while android is open.

No amount of user feedback is going to change the way Apple runs its app store, and that’s probably the case with eero. In other words, don’t wait for something that won’t happen and settle for second best: a user interface at least as high or higher in priority than fast, reliable connections, so get your money back while still performing the value. window/resale price is high and get something that has everything you want.

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