How to Connect a Beats Pill to an iPhone in 4 Steps

How to Connect a Beats Pill to an iPhone in 4 Steps

  • you can easily connect a beats pill to your iphone to play music, either music from your device or through other apps like spotify and youtube.
  • beats pill is a bluetooth speaker. that you can connect to your iphone, ipad and apple watch.
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There are many bluetooth speakers available to buy, including one from beats electronics called the beats pill.

This product allows users to play their favorite songs using Bluetooth connectivity to connect the speaker to a variety of Android or Apple devices, such as iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and most importantly iPhone.

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Whether you’re listening to your shower playlist on spotify or listening to a new album you bought from the itunes store, here’s how to connect your beats pill to your iphone.

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iphone 11 (from $699.99 best buy)

how to connect a beats pickup to an iphone

1. Make sure your beats pill is charged, if not, please connect the charging cable to the device and turn on the speaker.

2. On beats pill, make sure the “b” button located in the center of beats pill is in discover mode, this will allow you to pair the device. If the button doesn’t press, please press and hold the “B” button for 3 seconds to allow your Beats Pill to pair with your iPhone.

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3. take your iphone and unlock it. Open the Settings app and tap “Bluetooth” to make sure your iPhone has Bluetooth connectivity enabled on the “Bluetooth” switch at the top of the page.

4. Once beats pill finds your iphone, tap “beats pill” in the list on the discoverable bluetooth devices page (or your custom beats pill name). Please note that your phone must be within a reasonable range to connect to the speaker.

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