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How to connect Alexa to an iPhone – outspacehome

If you’re a fan of smart devices, you’re probably already familiar with Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers that connect to other devices via Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant.

Amazon Alexa supports a wide variety of streaming services on Amazon devices, both free and subscription-based. voice-activated software lets you modify almost every voice command you use with your speakers and intelligently keeps track of them for you.

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alexa enables convenient playback control throughout the home while streaming music and other media through any of your alexa devices. By associating your Alexa device with an Amazon account, you can also seamlessly access your Audible and Amazon music libraries, taking your home entertainment to a new level of convenience.

what if you live in a house with an iphone?

When it comes to pairing and connecting non-Apple devices and services, Apple devices and services are extremely demanding. As a result, you may notice that Apple iTunes and Amazon Alexa don’t work well together, which begs the question: Can my iPhone connect to an Amazon Echo device?

The answer is an unequivocal yes! therefore pull up a chair and sit down; we will demonstrate how it is done.

Because Echo devices are Bluetooth enabled, you can use Alexa to control audio playback on your smartphone. This means that if you use an iPhone for home entertainment, you’ll be able to play and control your Apple Music subscription through Amazon Smart Speakers.

connecting your iphone to alexa via bluetooth

Connecting an iPhone to an Amazon product via Bluetooth allows you to start streaming and manage audio on the following products:

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1.generation one or generation two amazon echo

2. second generation echo dot

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3. echo more

4.echo point

5. echo show

initial pairing

The first step is to link the two devices (your iPhone and the Amazon Echo device).

this requires pairing your iphone via bluetooth with your echo device. To get started, bring your iPhone closer to the Alexa device you want to pair. open the settings app on your iphone. open bluetooth by navigating to it.

“alexa, pair” activates amazon echo bluetooth pairing mode. alexa should provide audio confirmation that she’s searching and validate that your echo device is in pairing mode when you issue that command.

After that, you will get a notification on your iphone screen asking if you want to link or cancel the link request. tap “pair” to establish a bluetooth connection between the two devices.

Alexa should also provide audible confirmation that you have successfully connected to [your iphone name], noting that once paired, you can simply say “connect my phone” to restore the pairing.

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the echo will now appear as paired on your bluetooth screen. this is seen by scrolling down to other devices, where the specific echo device is displayed.

music streaming and more

After pairing your iPhone with Alexa, launch the Apple Music app and select the song or playlist you want to stream. after that, this selection should play on your echo speaker.

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You can listen to audio content from iTunes, Apple Music, Podcasts, and even Apple TV. Plus, you can play music from any third-party audio-enabled software, like AudioBox or Pandora.

control playback and additional features

Because alexa is a voice-activated app, you can control your playback simply by speaking to it while it plays.

You can tell the intelligent personal assistant to play, pause, adjust the volume, resume, and even move forward and backward through the content of the playlist.

However, you will not be able to ask Alexa to identify a song for you, nor will you be able to tell Alexa to play certain songs or other content from your iPhone. If you ask Alexa to play specific songs, it will simply log out of your iPhone and play music from the Amazon music source you have selected as your default, such as Amazon Music.

apple recommends that you use its own personal assistant, siri, for these types of instructions, so you’ll need to say “hey siri”.


If you’re an iPhone owner and an Alexa devotee, Bluetooth pairing is a great way to start using these amazing products together. Although it has some restrictions, it makes listening to music fun and easy.

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