How to Keep Wedding and Engagement Rings Together

How to Keep Wedding and Engagement Rings Together

although wedding bands and engagement rings are delivered and received separately and are of course considered two separate rings. however, there are people who want to have both as a couple. most of the time, both rings look like one! many couples prefer to wear both rings separately on different fingers. however, there are some couples who want to wear both rings together so they can be worn as a pair.

If you also want to have two rings together on the same finger as one, here are some tips for keeping wedding and engagement rings together.

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here we go……

you can join the two

You can tie the two

however, it’s not a great solution to keep the two rings together, it still works! Tying two rings together works like a connector; however, temporary. you can get a rope to match the color of your rings. hold the two rings together and the rope, now tie the rope around the rings. remove the extra portion of string and use it on the same finger! intertwined like this will help you have the privilege of using them together and separately whenever you want. Let’s see if it works for you!

You may consider fixing your rings with a ring adjuster

You can consider fixing your rings with ring adjuster

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Believe it or not, but this little piece of plastic can really work wonders when it comes to wearing the two rings together as a pair. all you have to do is buy a flexible ring adjuster (a small coil made of clear plastic). Ring adjusters are easily available online and if you don’t get them there, then go to the jewelry store, you will surely get them there. The ring adjuster is specifically designed to fit around a ring band that is a little too big, they create a perfect fit. Some ring adjusters are flexible enough to wrap around two bands. all you have to do is hold the two rings together and work the spiral around the bottom of both rings, making sure they are properly locked together. These ring adjusters work well for larger rings.

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metal or plastic protections

Metal or plastic guards

another wonderful way is to buy plastic or metal protectors. These small plastic or metal protectors are inserted into the bottom of the rings, so that the rings fit perfectly and protect them from bumping into each other so they don’t move.

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make your rings fit perfectly

Make your rings fit snugly

another best way to put the two rings together is to make them fit perfectly on your finger. yes, adjust both rings so they can’t move and look like one. you can make your rings fit your jewelry box. Your jeweler can add a sizing band or beads to the large ring. these adjustments will make your ring more snug and fit properly on your fingers making them immovable around your fingers.

Consider soldering your rings

Metal or plastic guards

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Welding is the process where the metals of both rings are joined together to form one large ring. however, people make ring welds for various reasons, from a perfect fit to having a large ring. but those who want to have only one ring, consider soldering your rings. they simply put their rings together as one after their wedding.

The best part is the comfort of wearing a solid ring that is always in place. after the welding rings are perfectly centered with each other; however, the pleasure of playing disappears.

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buy a game

Buy a set

Finally, one of the easiest ways to be worry free later is to purchase a wedding ensemble. of course, that saves a lot of effort later. Depending on the shape of your engagement ring, your wedding ring can be molded to fit perfectly.

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to go well…

You can choose any of the ways to solve the problem; however, it would be best to go for the storms. as temporary solutions give you the privilege of wearing your wedding and engagement rings as a pair as well as separately.

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happy wedding…. ☺ ☺

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