How To Attach Letters In Cricut (With Printable) Extraordinary Chaos

How To Attach Letters In Cricut (With Printable) Extraordinary Chaos

How To Attach Letters In Cricut (With Printable) Extraordinary Chaos

How to connect text on cricut

Have you ever worked on a cricut project and wondered how to attach letters in the cricut design space so they cut out in one piece? Or are you working with iron on vinyl and want it cut closer together to give a bonding effect? so it’s easier to add to a project.

I work with cricut maker or cricut joy, both of which are compatible with cricut design space. chopping up an entire word is much easier than trying to piece together individual letters that have been scrambled on the mat.

T shirt iron on with Cricut Easy Press

How To Attach Letters In Cricut Design Space?

This is actually a simple process. there are 2 ways to do it and also a very useful trick.

how to add letters in cricut design space?

cheat and choose your word or letters in pictures

well, it’s not really a trick! but if you have a word in mind, try typing it into the image search bar. You’ll be amazed at the number of words and letters available, ready to use or connected in a wide variety of styles.

Words in Cricut Design Space

This has also become my go to way of choosing letters. I prefer it because you can see how the image looks more clearly. Additionally there is a good choice available.

Choosing letters in design space uk

Use The Text Tool To Add Letters In Cricut Design Space

You can add your own words using the text tool. the text tool allows you to add words and edit those words, change the letters, spacing and curvy words.

When you click on the text bar in the left sidebar, a box will appear to type your text.

How to add text to you canvas-2

Click on the font tab along the top for a scroll down bar to drop down offering all the font options.

Different Types Of Text In Design Space

Once you have chosen your word and font you can now change the letter spacing to move your letters closer together. You cant do this once you have ungrouped the letters. See the image below, I have reduced my letter space here. However if you are not happy with the result you are also able to ungroup your letters by choosing the advanced option. Or clicking the button in the right hand corner.

Text options in Cricut Design Space

Drag The Letters Together To Join Them Up

if you want to join the letters? click ungroup and manually drag the letters together until you’re happy, then weld to keep them together.

How to join up letters in Cricut Design space

Should I Connect, Weld Or Group My Letters?

You can use any of these options, however, weld and join will keep the letters connected when cutting.

letters welded or attached to the cutting base

How to keep my letters together on the cutting mat

Whereas grouping will connect on the mat so you can move around on the mat for your project, but will disconnect during cutting to use the best available space on the cutting mat. More about grouping here.

grouped letters at the base of the cut

why do my letters scramble on the cutting mat

Is Welding Permanent?

yes the weld is permanent, you cannot undo this action in cricut design space. however, you can hit the back button in the top left corner if you’re quick enough before doing more.

why do my letters fill in when i pay in cricut?

Sometimes the inside of a round letter, like an o or a p, disappears when you solder it. this happens because there may be a slight overlap. to remedy it, expand the word and check that there are no overlaps.

How to join letters and work with text in cricut design space

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