TAGRY X08 True Wireless Earbuds User Manual - Manuals

TAGRY X08 True Wireless Earbuds User Manual – Manuals

TAGRY X08 True Wireless Earbuds User Manual – Manuals

How to connect tagry bluetooth headphones

tagry x08 true wireless earphones

packing list

Earbuds X2

Charging case X1

USB-C Charging CableX1

a pair of olives x 3

User Manual X 1

product overview


step 1: choose the comfortable eartipsstep 2: wear it on your ear and adjust it to a comfortable position (put the right and left earphones on the correct ear)


Auto Power On: Open the charging case, earbuds will power on automatically.

turn off

Method 1 Put both earbuds into the charging case, and close the case earbuds will power off automatically.

Method 2 Long tap on either earbud for 5s, light on earbud will flash red, then earbud power off.


stereo mode
  1. Open the charging case, earbuds will power on automatically, and then they will connect with each other, and waiting to pair with your phone.
  2. Trun on the bluetooth of your phone and search “X08”,choose “X08”, earbuds will connect with your phone.
single handset mode
  1. Take one earbud(Left/Right) out from the charging case and close the case.
  2. Trun on bluetooth of your phone and choose ” X08 “,earbud will pair with your phone successful.

control of telephone calls

Answer/end calls: Double-tap either earbud

reject calls: long touch either earphone for 2s

note: the headphones can be used individually or simultaneously.


pause/play: single tap on either earbud

Volume and Voice Assistant:Volume +: Long tap on right earbudVolume – : Long tap on left earbudVoice Assistant: Quick triple tap on right or left earbud

next/previous track: previous track: double tap on the left earphone

next track: double-tap the right earbud


earbuds charging put both earbuds into the charging case and close it, the earbuds are charging and the power led display on the case will move.

charging the case.method 1: use the usb c charging cable (included) to connect an adapter (not included) to your charging case.method 2 : place the charging case on the wireless charger (not included). keep the led power display up, the case can be charged automatically

Note: For method 2, place the charging case on the wireless charger until the power LED display flashes, indicating the case is charging.

safety instructions

  1. Using headphones at high to moderate volume for prolonged periods will cause permanent hearing damage. it is recommended to keep the volume levels moderate to low at times for your safety.
  2. do not use while driving a car, riding a bicycle, operating machinery, or performing other activities that require listening to surrounding sounds.
  3. do not use the earphones in stormy weather, the earphones may not work properly in the condition and increase the risk of being struck by lightning.
  4. the earphones may not work properly in high temperature or high humidity conditions. do not use any corrosive cleaner/oil to clean the headset.
  5. if the headset comes into contact with liquid, please wipe it off quickly.
  6. if submerged in water, do not turn the headset on until that it is completely dry. (tips: immersion in liquids voids the warranty).
  7. keep the headset and packaging out of the reach of children.
  8. use the original charging cable provided by the headset manufacturer headset to charge and choose the right adapter.

frequently asked questions

Q: Why these earphones can’t pair with my mobile phones?


  1. make sure the headset is fully charged and turned on.
  2. make sure your phone’s bluetooth is turned on.
  3. if the above 2 points have no problem , put the earphones back in the case and close the case, wait 1 minute, t

q: why does the music cut out or cut off?

a: Firstly, please do not allow the distance between this headset and your phone to exceed 33 feet (with no obstacles). If the distance is less than 33 feet, please note the following 2 tips:

  1. make sure there is no obstacle between the earphones and your device.
  2. make sure there is no microwave oven/wifi transmitter around you, which are more likely to cause interference electromagnetic waves and cause signal interruption.

Q: Why the earphones cannot be charged or disconnected with my phone, even the earphones are placed in the case and I have closed the case? >a : Please make sure the charging case is not in low battery, if the charging case is in low battery, the earbuds cannot be charged or disconnected even though they are in the case. so please use the type c cable to charge the case fully

Q: How to contact our customer service?A: We offer one year replacement warranty, if there is any problem with your earphones, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours and solve it 100%.

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