How to Pair a Phone With Ford SYNC and Add Ford SYNC 3 Apps

How to Pair a Phone With Ford SYNC and Add Ford SYNC 3 Apps

SYNC 3 system in a 2018 Ford Fusion

the ford sync infotainment system not only adds convenient control over a variety of functions in your vehicle, but also enables safe and easy use of your phone while driving, especially when you need help getting to any of these restaurants mexicans in plainfield. . If you’ve been wondering how to sync your phone with Ford Sync, Riverview Ford is here to help! Following these simple steps will help you add your phone to sync in no time. We also help you connect to Ford Sync mobile apps, so you can easily explore Oswego and the surrounding area with your favorite navigation and entertainment apps!

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how to connect to ford sync

  • Step 1: Turn on your smartphone, your Ford vehicle, and the Ford Sync system.
  • Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone through the “settings” menu, and then the “connections” menu. make sure your device is set to “discoverable”.
  • step 3: Press the phone button to access the phone menu, then press add.
  • step 4: Search for devices on your phone until you find the sync.
  • step 5: Select sync on your phone, which will give you a six-digit pin.
  • step 6: Your phone will ask you to confirm that the six-digit pin on your phone matches the six-digit pin on your screen. pairing.
  • step 7: After confirming, the pairing screen will indicate that the pairing was successful.
  • step 8 : press the button “finish button ” — and voila!

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sometimes drivers come up to us and say, “my phone won’t connect to ford sync.” If the above process doesn’t work, you can contact our service center where one of our Ford Certified Technicians can help you fix the problem.

how to add sync apps 3

Now that you know how to connect to Ford Sync, let’s go over how to add apps. sync 3 offers a sync app link that lets you use voice commands and steering wheel buttons to control apps on your smartphone or other devices. With the Ford Sync mobile apps, you can make reservations at one of Oswego’s best restaurants using OpenTable, book tickets at Plainfield using, and more.

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Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Step 1: Make sure your phone is paired and connected to sync. iphones must be connected via usb cable
  • step 2: open the chosen application and make it run on your smartphone.
  • step 3: press the apps icon on the sync feature bar and select the app you want to use.
  • step 4: now you can use applink to control the app using the sync touchscreen or voice commands.

contact river view ford with your ford timing questions

if you’re having trouble connecting ford sync, or if things don’t seem to be working properly, contact river view ford in oswego, il. If you have any questions about your warranty in the event that any part of your Ford is not working as it should, we’ll be happy to help with that too! You can also find out if it’s possible to upgrade from Ford Sync to Ford Sync 3 inside your Ford Escape or Ford F-150!

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