How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? - Fixer Geek

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? – Fixer Geek

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? – Fixer Geek

How to connect switch to mac

The nintendo switch is an amazing console and it also offers some pretty exciting quality of gameplay. plus you get a lot of game titles to play which are really good too. If you are a Mac user, please note that you can connect your Nintendo Switch to your Mac system and start playing games on it. Connecting your Nintendo Switch to Mac system is definitely a lot of fun and will give you an edge over others in the gaming industry. So if you’ve been on edge thinking whether or not you should connect your Switch console to your Mac, delay no more, just follow the steps below to learn how to connect Nintendo Switch to Mac or MacBook:

We are all familiar with the Nintendo Switch. This is a famous video game console first released worldwide in 2017. It was developed by Nintendo company. nintendo switch is a great thing for the casual gamer as its software offers the ability to play online.

This video game console is versatile and better in graphics. Through this console, gamers can also play with their friends with local wireless connectivity.

you can play it on your mac, windows or tv.

This is a two-in-one video game console. you don’t need to buy a different console for home and handheld. both can be played with nintendo switch.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? - Fixer Geek

“nintendo switch video game console”

nintendo switch allows you to play and record games and stream them live at 60fps and 1080p on your mac. So if you are wondering how to do it, this guide is for you. i will show you how you can connect your nintendo switch to your mac device.

nintendo switch dock connection

To connect the nintendo switch to your mac, you need some tools. First of all, I want to talk about the base of the Nintendo Switch. you can see 3 ports at the base of the nintendo switch. they are;

• AC adapter


• hdmi output

to connect the nintendo switch with the help of the nintendo switch dock;

• open the base of your nintendo switch

• take an AC adapter cable and connect it to the AC adapter port

• take an hdmi cable and plug it into the hdmi out port

• close the base of the nintendo switch

no need to buy the nintendo dock. Comes with Nintendo Switch as an accessory. the main task of the nintendo dock is to connect the console with a larger screen device.

elgato game capture device

now, you need a game capture device. without a game capture device, you can’t finish the task. help enable hd format of games

elgato hd60 is recommended here. On the Elgato game capture device, you will see an HDMI input port and a USB Type-C port under the device. plug your hdmi cable into the hdmi input port. after that take a usb type cable and connect it to usb type c port. now it’s time to connect the game capture device with your mac.

that’s why;

• go to the back of your mac

• you’ll see several ports there. plug the other end of the usb type a cable into any port on your mac

elgato game capture software

now your game capture device is connected with your mac. now;

• download elgato game screenshot from the link

• now, install the app

• start the application

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? - Fixer Geek

“elgato game capture software interface”

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac? - Fixer Geek

“nintendo switch is connected to your mac”

When you have done all the connection processes, you will see the home screen of your nintendo switch on the main interface of elgato game capture software. you can see an option bar on the right side of the interface. if you want to generate some configuration, you can use the options bar. now, click full screen in the upper right corner of the window.

now you can play your favorite games on your mac. while playing with your nintendo switch, do not touch the mouse or keyboard of your mac.

summary: connect nintendo switch to mac

  • check your mac system requirements
  • set up mac
  • connect nintendo switch to internet via wi-fi
  • turn on nintendo switch
  • li>
  • launch system settings in nintendo switch
  • choose internet settings in system settings
  • launch a connection test and connect to wifi hotspot
  • close system settings on nintendo switch
  • open safari on your mac and navigate to, then close it again. if necessary, enter your wi-fi password and log in to the website.
  • close the window that appeared when you connected to the hotspot. (This is an example window, yours will look different.

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