Learn How to Integrate Stripe with WooCommerce in 4 Steps

Learn How to Integrate Stripe with WooCommerce in 4 Steps

every online store needs reliable and viable payment solutions. Luckily, woocommerce gives you options to choose from.

stripe is a popular payment gateway for its ease of use and low transaction fees compared to other providers.

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In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to integrate woocommerce and stripe.

what is stripe and why use it in your ecommerce store?

Many online store owners want a workable payment gateway that supports different global currencies. stripe instantly enables your ecommerce store to start accepting payments online. enables secure card transactions safely and seamlessly handles all aspects of payment operations.

here are the reasons why you should use stripe with your ecommerce store:

  • easy integration and compatibility with cmses like wordpress and woocommerce
  • compatible with ios and android
  • helps manage risk and prevent fraud
  • powerful and secure payment gateway that supports a wide range of cards, wallets and bank transfers and debits

why should i use woocommerce & line?

woocommerce stripes plugin comes with tons of useful features that can help you easily accept and manage payments:

  • directly accept credit and debit card payments
  • accept apple pay payments
  • accept alipay payments
  • pay on site for a better user-experience
  • simple payment structure and low transaction fees
  • a secure and reliable payment channel trusted by thousands of customers

stripe is clearly a great partner for your online store. that’s how easy it is to connect stripe and woocommerce using a wordpress plugin.

how to add stripes to woocommerce

Before we dive into the actual setup process, please make sure you have configured ssl on your woocommerce store. ssl provides a secure encrypted tunnel for data transfer that is vital for sensitive customer information.

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cloudways customers can add free ssl via let’s encrypt directly from their platform.

To integrate stripe with woocommerce with the stripe wordpress plugin, first create an account with stripe. then follow the steps below.

step 1: get fringe api keys

the stripe api keys will be used to integrate the stripe wordpress plugin in step 2.

login to your stripe dashboard and navigate to the get your api keys section.

copy and save both the publishable key and the secret key for later use.

step 2: install stripe woocommerce plugin

login to your wordpress dashboard, go to plugins → add new and search for “stripe woocommerce”.

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install and activate the plugin. once the plugin is activated, go to its settings for configuration.

this will take you to the woocommerce payment settings.

step 3: configure the stripe woocommerce plugin

Inside the payment settings tab, add the publishable and secret keys copied above from the raid control panel. additionally, generate the webhook secret key by adding the webhook endpoint within your raid control panel.

after adding the endpoint, copy the signing secret from the webhook and add it inside the woocommerce fringe plugin configuration.

You can also define the text and color of the payment button here, enable payments from apple pay and enable error logging.

now click the save changes button to activate the payment gateway in test mode.

step 4: test the woocommerce stripe plugin

let’s test our stripe integration with woocommerce. I added a product from my woocommerce store and proceeded to checkout.

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Here I can see the options to pay with credit and debit cards. right at the bottom, it shows that I’m in test mode. it also provides test card information to test the entire payment process.

let’s pay for our product with the test credit card provided.

I also checked the save payment option. the next time I visit this store I won’t have to fill in my card information again.

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a receipt confirms that my order was successful.

Inside my woocommerce → orders, I can also see the payment details and transaction ID for reference.

To switch from test mode to live mode, simply go to the plugin settings and disable test mode.

update secret and test keys with active keys.

more ways to add stripes to woocommerce

many plugins allow you to easily add fringes to your woocommerce store. some of the plugins are available in wordpress repository, codecanyon and github. each plugin offers almost the same steps to integrate or add the stripe to woocommerce.

here are some stripe plugins you can use as a fallback option:

  • wordpress repository
  • codecanyon
  • github

final thoughts

stripe works great with woocommerce to provide the online payment gateway for your customers. you can also further explore the stripe wordpress plugin to integrate it.

in addition to woocommerce, you can also use stripe with other solutions, such as learning management systems, to sell digital products and charge customers for personal training sessions.

frequently asked questions

Q: can I use both stripe and paypal on woocommerce?

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answer: yes! you can use both stripe and paypal in woocommerce. you can easily install stripe and paypal plugins to instantly add two payment methods for your woocommerce store.

Q: Does woocommerce work with stripe?

answer: yes! there are various plugins (wordpress repository, codecanyon and github) through which you can integrate stripe with woocommerce.

Q: Which payment gateway is best for woocommerce?

answer: well, it depends on your requirements. stripe offers better services when it comes to card payments and established online businesses. As for PayPal, it is better preferred by freelancers, SMEs and agencies.

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