How To Link Origin To Steam Easily [2022 GUIDE]

How To Link Origin To Steam Easily [2022 GUIDE]


origin is a digital distribution platform much like steam. Owned by ea, many games developed by ea were only available exclusively at origin. popular free battle royale apex legends is one of origin exclusive for a long time.

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but recently origin and steam announced that users can now link their steam and origin accounts, which makes the origin library accessible on steam.

linking steam and origin accounts will allow game data to be shared between them as well, so you can transfer game saves or items purchased on your origin apex account to your apex account from steam apex.

In this article, I have discussed how to link origin to steam in some easy steps. I’ve also discussed how linking from origin to steam will work and all of its details that should be relevant to you.

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Important details about linking steam and origin

When you link your steam account to your source account, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) One thing is that you will not be able to transfer existing games from your ea/origin account to your steam library.

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2) If the purchased game was included on steam, prior to your purchase, only data will be shared and you will be able to access the game from both platforms.

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3) ea also offers its new ea play program on steam, which offers all the benefits on both accounts.

4) the ea play program provides access to a wide range of games developed by ea, and these games can be played through the steam client.

how to link origin with steam?

there are 2 ways to link steam and origin. here we have mentioned both ways, so try both and see which one works for you.

method 1: link steam and origin from ea website

The easiest way to link your steam account with origin is to sign in to the ea website with your steam account.

This is how you can do it:

  1. open your internet browser and visit the official ea website.
  2. click the profile icon and select the create account.


  1. select the steam option in the create your ea account section.


  1. enter your steam username and password.


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this method will only work if you are creating a new ea account and linking it with steam.

To link an existing account, please refer to the following method.

method 2: link origin and steam through the newly purchased game

To link your steam and origin accounts, follow the steps here:

  1. Open the steam client on your pc and log in.
  2. Install any games you’ve purchased on steam.


  1. will ask you to install the source client on your pc, assuming it is not installed yet. if it’s already installed, the client should open.
  2. install origin and wait for it to start.


  1. Sign in to the origin client with your ea account username and password.


  1. after logging in, steam will proceed with the installation of the game. the game will appear in your steam client from now on.

this is how to link accounts on steam. a similar process is to link your ubisoft account to steam, the only difference is to install uplay on origin while installing a ubisoft game.


so there you have it. now you know how to link origin to steam. play your ea games through the steam client. If you have any questions related to this topic, please ask them in the comments section below.

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