How To Buy Starlink Accessories - Starlink Hardware

How To Buy Starlink Accessories – Starlink Hardware

The starlink kit that customers purchase for $599 includes a temporary mount, a standard length starlink cable, and the wifi router. This is all the hardware you need to get started, but StarLink accessories enable permanent installation, increased home Wi-Fi coverage, and more.

There are different options for many of the accessories you might want for your starlink system. For example, mounts can be obtained from third-party stores such as Amazon, in addition to the official Starlink store.

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note: You need an active starlink account that is logged in to view the official store. If you don’t have an account or are not eligible for a full order, the store link above will not work!

In this article, we will explain the difference between oem starlink accessories and third party aftermarket accessories. We will also explain the ordering process for the starlink store and why you may not be able to purchase anything yet. finally, we will explain the difference in accessories between the old round starlink coil and the new rectangular starlink coil.

starlink accessories: official vs aftermarket

You can order accessories from aftermarket sources, such as amazon, or from the official starlink store. Starlink makes the dish and wifi router, but they also make their own mounting and networking accessories.

The option you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including price, availability, and features. For example, you may choose to purchase an aftermarket mount due to some options in the Starlink store being out of stock.

mounting accessories

The most common starlink accessory people buy are mounts. the base that is included in the starlink kit is not suitable for permanent installation in most cases. If you plan to mount your satellite dish on your roof, wall, or other angled surface, you’ll need a mounting accessory that rotates so that the dish’s mast is nearly vertical.

we recommend aftermarket mounts for starlink because they are cheaper and more widely available than official starlink mounts. The best mounting accessory for most installations will be a j-mount, due to its versatility. The winegard ds2000a j-mount, shown above, is a near perfect fit for the starlink cymbal mast and includes u-bolts to fully secure the two together for quick and easy installation. Another popular aftermarket mounting option is the commdeck flasher mount, which is equivalent to the official starlink flasher mount, both illustrated below:

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The starlink official store is another option for mounting accessories. Starlink manufactures various types of mounts. the pivot mount is their version of a j mount. long wall bracket and short wall bracket are popular brackets for exterior walls and roof overhangs. If you want a sleek looking mount that matches the color of your Starlink chainring, official OEM mounts are the way to go. They are more expensive and have suffered from supply issues, but are more compatible with Starlink out of the box compared to aftermarket mounts.

for more details on mounts, please see our starlink mount options guide

network accessories

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Most homes will require more Wi-Fi coverage than a single Wi-Fi router can provide. When you order the StarLink kit, you get a very capable Wi-Fi router, but many customers will need to expand their system to provide better Wi-Fi coverage and reliability. you may also want to connect directly to the router via ethernet. that’s where starlink network accessories come in.

starlink ethernet adapter

The most common networking accessory that people will want for starlink is the ethernet adapter. This official Starlink accessory is a patented design, which means you can only get it from Starlink, there are no aftermarket versions. the ethernet adapter is applicable to newer rectangular starlink systems. the older round dish came with a wifi router that featured an ethernet port. To reduce costs and limit hardware delays due to supply chain issues, Starlink has removed the Ethernet port on newer Starlink routers. customers who want to connect with ethernet will need adapter from starlink store.

starlink mesh nodes

If you need to expand your Wi-Fi signal to more areas of your home, you’ll want to set up a mesh network. You can use aftermarket mesh products, but Starlink also has an official version of its own that is compatible with the current rectangular chainring. This Official StarLink Mesh System will compete with existing aftermarket mesh networking options to provide better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

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Aftermarket mesh systems are ideal for their lower price, better features and better compatibility with the stock round chainring. We recommend trying something like the Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System, pictured above, if you want a cheaper, better performing alternative to the StarLink option. If you need the highest level of Wi-Fi performance, consider the TP-Link Deco Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System.

Be sure to check out our full article on starlink and third-party mesh Wi-Fi systems.

starlink rv cases

with the launch of starlink rv service, many people are taking starlink on the go. It’s important that you protect your Starlink hardware, which is why protective cases are a must for commuters, van dwellers, and commuters.

starlink has its own case, called the starlink travel case. At this time, Starlink is limiting orders to select customers. To check if it’s available for your account, visit the starlink store.

if you’re interested in learning more about starlink cases, check out our starlink rv cases guide.

where can I order accessories?

Official starlink accessories are only sold through the online starlink store. If you are interested in purchasing Starlink accessories, you will need an active account. more on that in the next section.

For aftermarket accessories, various retailers sell the mounts and other products you may need for your system. We recommend searching for the specific product in your favorite search engine and then selecting the best price from a trusted retailer.

how do i order official starlink accessories?

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In this section, we will explain how the official starlink accessory ordering process works. One of the most common questions we get involves people trying to order their mounts or ethernet adapters and can’t access the starlink store.

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pre-order deposits

If you make the $99 deposit to be included in the starlink waiting list, you will not be able to order official accessories from the starlink store. once your order becomes a full order, your account will be activated and you will be able to access the online store to purchase accessories.

full orders

customers who qualify for the full starlink kit order will have access to the starlink store. You can purchase stands and other accessories during or after your initial hardware kit purchase.

existing customers can always come back to the starlink store at any time and purchase additional accessories.

round plate vs rectangular plate

When the starlink beta was first released in 2020, the dish and router that customers received in their kit were different than those made today. the original plate was round and the current plate is rectangular.

It is important to note that the official starlink accessories for the original coil are not compatible with the accessories of the newer coil. aftermarket accessories, on the other hand, are generally compatible with both versions.

As for the difference between the round and rectangular plate, the router/power supply was changed to an all-in-one unit, the starlink cable was designed to be detachable, the ethernet port was removed from the router, and the additional hardware/software changes to increase manufacturing and energy efficiency. and of course, the shape of the plate was changed!

You can see the accessories for each version of the chainring by going to the starlink store chainring selection page. be sure to select your plate to see which accessories are compatible.

final thoughts

There are many options to choose from when shopping for starlink accessories. For some things, like the starlink ethernet adapter, you will need to buy it from the starlink store. For other options, like mounts or mesh Wi-Fi systems, Amazon and other retailers have plenty to choose from.

we advise people to look at all their options and choose according to their own needs.

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