How to Connect an Echo Dot to Soundbar - The Home Theater DIY

How to Connect an Echo Dot to Soundbar – The Home Theater DIY

Whether you’ve had yours for a while or it’s a new device, Echo Dots are popular smart home devices that come with Alexa and are made by Amazon, but lack sound power. To amplify the sound of your echo dot, it’s a great idea to connect it to your soundbar for a higher quality sound experience.

To connect an echo dot to a sound bar, you can either pair the devices via bluetooth or connect them with an auxiliary cable (3.5mm). both types of connection they’re simple and straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

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once you connect your echo dot to your soundbar, you can enjoy hands-free music, audiobooks, alarms, information and more with a robust set of speakers. what could be better?

different methods to connect an echo dot to a soundbar

When it comes to connecting your Echo Dot to your soundbar, there are two options: wired or wireless. if you want to go wireless, you’ll want to use bluetooth over wifi. if you want to have a wired connection, you can use an auxiliary cable (3.5mm).

These are the most common ways to connect your echo dot and soundbar, and most soundbars are compatible, coming with bluetooth, an aux-out port, or both.

how to connect via bluetooth

Soundbar to Receive via Bluetooth

The Echo Dot can use a Bluetooth connection to pair with your soundbar, as long as your soundbar is Bluetooth-enabled. Most soundbars are, so this is an easy way to connect your Echo Dot to your soundbar. Here’s how to get started:

  1. make sure your dot is set up correctly and connected to your home wifi network
  2. put your soundbar into bluetooth pairing mode
  3. open the app amazon alexa on your smartphone
  4. navigate to ‘main menu’ then ‘settings’
  5. select ‘device settings’
  6. select your echo dot by name
  7. select ‘bluetooth’ which will show current pairings
  8. select ‘pair a new device’ and you will see your soundbar appear
  9. select your bar of sound to match it
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once this is done, your echo dot and your soundbar will connect wirelessly via bluetooth. your soundbar will be your echo dot’s speaker as long as it’s turned on and both devices are connected to your network.

If for any reason you want to disconnect your soundbar and your dot’s bluetooth wireless connection, you’ll follow the same process:

  1. open the amazon alexa app on your phone
  2. navigate to ‘main menu’ then ‘settings’
  3. navigate to ‘your devices’
  4. select your echo dot by name
  5. select ‘bluetooth’ which will display your current pairings
  6. remove your soundbar by selecting it and then clicking ‘forget device’
  7. li>

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This method can be used to remove the bluetooth connection between your echo dot as well as any other device of yours.

how to connect using an auxiliary cable (3.5mm)

Aux Cable.

Echo Dots can also be connected to your soundbar through an AUX (3.5mm) cable. This is because Dots are equipped with an AUX output port, and most soundbars have an AUX input. This is an easy, wired connection that is possible with a soundbar, as long as your soundbar and Dot are near one another (or you have a long AUX cable).

Here’s how to make the wired connection via an auxiliary cable:

  1. get a 3.5mm aux cable. make sure it’s a good length
  2. open your amazon alexa app on your smartphone
  3. select ‘devices’ in main menu settings
  4. select your point by name
  5. select ‘aux audio’, then ‘line in or line out’
  6. connect the aux cable to your echo and your sound bar

You’re now connected via your aux cable (3.5mm), and any streaming or listening to your echo dot will come through your soundbar as long as both are turned on. If you ever want to hear your echo dot through another device, simply unplug the aux cable from your soundbar.

what if the soundbar only has a digital optical input?

Optical Connector

In some cases, like the higher-end Sonos Playbar (on Amazon) which is discussed more below, you may not have an AUX input on your soundbar, and if you want to make a wired connection, you may be wondering if you can use your soundbar’s digital optical input.

There is a big difference between auxiliary audio and digital optical audio, and ideally you should use the same inputs when connecting devices. attempting to connect an auxiliary input to an optical audio input may result in a less than satisfactory audio experience.

Auxiliary inputs support an analog audio connection and digital optical inputs support a digital audio connection. digital and analog audio signals are completely different. In short, an analog signal is continuous and a digital signal is non-continuous.

You may be able to find cables that can help you make this connection. however, the best thing to do is opt for a bluetooth connection. If you don’t have access to a bluetooth connection, you can try a digital aux-to-optical cable, or you can find another speaker to connect to your echo dot.

some soundbars have alexa built in

As Amazon Alexa has become more popular, many sound bars are now equipped with Alexa. Some soundbars say they are Alexa compatible, but some actually have Alexa built in. This means you can access Amazon Alexa on your soundbar by itself, as well as through your Echo Dot.

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You can enjoy hands-free listening, streaming, watching and more on soundbars with alexa built-in. If this is something that interests you, here are some of the best options to look at on the market right now.

sonos beam

Sonos makes some of the best soundbars on the market, and Beam is a leader in the mid-price range, which includes Amazon Alexa built-in. It’s a compact soundbar and it has top-notch sound, which is what you can expect from Sonos. it is minimalistic and easy to use. check out sonos beam on amazon.

and if you’re wondering if there are more reasonably priced options, rest assured that sonos has several quality soundbars that we have in a comparison article.

yamaha yas-209

yamaha is also a leader in the sound bar market, and the yamaha yas-209 differentiates itself from other brand sound bars by the addition of built-in alexa voice control. Additionally, the Yamaha YAS-209 comes with a wireless subwoofer for deeper bass and the ability to place it wherever you like.

It’s also the best option in the mid-price range. It comes with dts virtual:x 3d surround sound, enhanced dialog clarity, and more. check out the yamaha yas-209 on amazon.

bose 700 sound bar

The Bose 700 Sound Bar is a quality option at the higher price point. It has both Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, and comes with a wide range of capabilities. It has a sleek design with two color options (black or white) and high-performance sound, including support for high-quality Dolby Digital and DTS audio.

check out the bose 700 sound bar on amazon. And if you’re intrigued by the Sonos vs. Bose options, we’ve got a comparison article for you to check out.


It’s easy to connect your echo dot to your sound bar, as long as it has an aux input or bluetooth pairing option. You can upgrade the echo dot’s low-power speaker with your high-power soundbar speaker system, as long as both are connected and turned on.

Happy connection!

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