How do you attach shapewear to a bra? | Elle Courbee

How do you attach shapewear to a bra? | Elle Courbee

One of the most failsafe ways to keep your high-waist control briefs or shaping shorts in place is to attach them to your bra. Shapewear that rolls down or moves about ultimately defeats the object of wearing it in the first place. Your intention is to smooth your line and refine your silhouette and instead you’re left with bumps in places you never intended. So with this extra security you’re free to be active, shop til you drop or dance the night away! But why does rolldown happen, and how do you attach shapewear to a bra?


First, it’s important to understand why shapewear can roll down in the first place. Garments that initially feel like they fit you perfectly may start to shift or roll up as you go about your business, which is not ideal. The main reasons for the rolldown are:

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The best fitting girdles are less likely to come down, a fact! Resist the urge to downsize thinking this will be more effective. in fact, it tends to have the opposite effect. a small sized item is actually more prone to rolling and creating bumps.


Good quality fabrics are less likely to curl. This is because they retain their compression properties for longer and through more cycles of use. buying cheap ultimately results in less durable garments that will eventually fail you!


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Yes, there is a correct way to put on girdles! after a shower, take the time to make sure your skin is dry. This is because as excess moisture dries, it changes where the fabric sits on the skin.

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Your body has natural anchor points when it comes to dressing. your shoulders are a great anchor, so when it comes to keeping your girdles in one place, use them! Straps are essentially the part of your bra responsible for fighting gravity.

wearing your bra

So how can you use your bra to keep control briefs and shapewear shorts in place? your bra is already quite secure from your shoulders and around your ribs. so the secret is to use the bra band to create a seamless line of waist compression.

putting in

Use your bra as a layering tool over high-rise control briefs. simply tuck the top line of your tummy control under your bra band for added security against slipping down briefs or shorts.


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Physically attach the top of your high-waisted shapewear to your bra in a minimum of three places. Some shapewear is made with straps that hook onto your bra. or for a quick fix, safety pins will do. however, if you have more time to play, you can get specifically made straps that double as mini braces. they fold over the bra band and clip onto the top of shapewear.


Alternatively, use the old dresser trick of taping down. bandage tape is a reliable piece of equipment to have on hand for those times when you want extra stability. either tape it to your body under your bra or use the tape for extra security between the bottom of your bra and the top band of your compression briefs.

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prepared option

Of course, for the ultimate in stable shapewear, you can combine a bra and shapewear panties in one garment. look at a shapewear camisole or body suit. these all-in-one garments anchor at the shoulder straps and benefit from the stability of the side panels. this allows them to lift the breasts and shape the tummy, butt and hips at the same time. and definitely no movement!

at elle courbee we want to fight rolldown! that’s why we strive to guide our customers to the correct sizes in beautifully tailored, high-quality garments. From wearing your bra for extra stability to buying a full shapewear camisole, we want to help you get the best look and maximum confidence!

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